The legal thugs distort the career of judge in Western


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The United Nations rejected the proposal of Saudi Arabia to consent the Sharia Law, the wealthy Muslim country in the Middle East conspired to use the oil weapon and the money to impose the Sharia Law into the world. Nevertheless, the Sharia Law radically conflicts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The Sharia Law has brought by the Muslim migrant including the refugee to the Western Countries, the negligent immigration policy plus the funny human rights’ supporters helped the human rights violation’s activists operating the Sharia Law into their country.


The hard line’s culture of Allah adherent causes social complication into the adopted countries. Muslim has the particular practices strictly applies to the Allah certified food, Burqa being controversial between the religion and national security while the terrorist could attack everywhere and any time.


The Muslim faith discriminates to the other religions, somewhere, Muslim’s parents succeeded to ban the pork in the Western country’s school and Muslim requires to remove the Catholic’s symbols including Father Christmas and Easter. Nevertheless, the Muslim has activated and referred to the” blasphemy law” in the United Nations under the era of Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.


In the United Kingdom, the blasphemy law being debated and it is possible applying. In Australia, Labor Party’s Representative Anne Aly (Western Australia’s electorate) activates the blasphemy law to protect Islam and opposition leader Bill Shorten promised to support. Almost, Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Judaism and the others have never required the blasphemy law to protect their religion, there is only Muslim promotes the law to protect the Allah adherent.


The gender discrimination opposes the Western people and destroys the social valuation while the Western people respect the gender equal opportunity but the Sharia law admits the male could beat or violate the female. Nevertheless, Western law just consents a couple, not polygamy, therefore, the Sharia Law advocates a man could have many wives and the child bribe raises the moral concern of human rights.


In the United Kingdom, despite the Muslim’s population is just 5% but Muslim has Labor Party supports, the Muslim politicians joined the House of Representatives, actually, the heart of England is London holds by the first Muslim Mayer Sadiq Khan who is prominent of Sharia Law’s activist. According to the report from Oxford’s Migration Observatory warns one in five non-UK born in Great Britain comes from the Muslim’s countries.


The United Kingdom has been applied and inserted the Muslim’s cultures into the society, actually, the Sharia Law. The legal system has been ruined by honest lawyers and judges. The dishonest lawyers carry out the legal practice as the robber with the paper knife and the dishonest judges are like the robbers with the wooden hammer. The corruption could conduct the judges, lawyers bent the law, the justice into the client requires. The character of the lawyer could stand alongside a plaintiff or a defendant, the lawyer has two faces and the judges are the senior lawyers, they could have the same concern.


It is very hard to believe the Sharia law recognized by the United Kingdom’s High Court, the judges made the history in the legal system. It is the first time ever, Islamic marriage and divorces could be reviewed in the court of law. The Sharia law’s recognition consented from the era of Prime Minister Theresa May during she was holding Home Secretary, the complaint made about many Muslim Woman didn’t protect under the UK law while the British promote the term of lady first in society.


The Muslim succeeded to imposed the cultures into the adopted countries. The Allah certified food, Allah certified media in Australia (mostly, the television network as ABC, Channel 7, 9, 10, SBS) have deserved the Muslim activities for religious propaganda, the prominent Sharia Law’s activist is Mr. Waleed Ali who is the host of Project’s show on Channel Ten. Actually, the Sharia law has referred to the screens of major television companies, nevertheless, the media often promoted Muslim leaders as the national leaders.


Recently, after the shooting at Christchurch, in New Zealand by the leftist Brenton Tarrant (not right-wing or far-right as the left media and the left parties misled the public), Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern seems to drive New Zealand to be a first Christain country converts to Islam. Moreover, the Anzac Day in New Zealand certified by Allah when the commemoration plans to invite a Muslim cleric to pray that causes 2/3 RSA canceled the Anzac Day 2019 after New Zealand government supposed the security fear. So New Zealand police, security may disband because they couldn’t protect the people, actually the Anzac Day. It is a shame of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Labor government.


The High Court in Victoria state (Melbourne) to be Allah certified, so the judge Cameron Macaulay ordered the Australian government compensated $AUD 70 million for the Allah asylum seekers in Nauru and law firm Slater & Gorden earned $AUD 20 million of legal fees.


The Allah certified Australian Labor Party when its party has the Muslim politicians, they should introduce the  Sharia law’s bill, if Labor controls both houses, the sharia law will impose on the country.


The Allah certified High Court in the United Kingdom raises the concern about the judges, they are not an angel, but the human being, so the judges could distort the career, actually, the corruption should occur, the bribery doubts the judges to issue the court orders conflict the social valuation, the legal system and the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The legal servants are the judges have not authority to order the government to do something conflicts the social valuation and human rights. The Allah certified High Court is the failure of the legal system in the United Kingdom when the country deserves much power to the judges who represent for themselves but they labeled and covered under the justice. The legal thugs sit above the law and destroy the legal system by the court order that is like a decree of the king in medieval. The lawmaker may have the law to limit the power of judges, actually, the tough punishment deserves to the judges turn to legal thugs to drive the country into the wrong direction./.







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