The legal terror mission of Robert Mueller failed


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The Special Counsel of former FBI director Robert Mueller is the most legal deception in US history. It is the political dirty game of Democrats carried out after the presidential election’s loss in 2016. The perpetrator is former first lady, Senator and the fallen presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who hired the former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele to write the fake dossiers and the turncoat Republican, Senator John McCain promoted in Senate and Congress.


The cunning conspiracy arrayed well and it has the strong ground support from the Democratic Congress and Senate plus the left media currently launching the propaganda. The essential subject aims to impeach President Donald Trump. The fake news and fabricated stories currently released about the bad news for President Donald Trump, instead, the left media exaggerated the absolute power of Mr. Robert Mueller who could remove President Donald Trump anytime. The left media snubs the public, they supposed the people are stupid, indeed, the Special Counsel belongs to Department of Justice and President Donald Trump can disband Special Counsel, actually, Mr. President authorizes to sack Mr. Robert Mueller anytime.


Obviously, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein pointed Robert Mueller who was in charge of the Special Counsel. Certainly, Mr. Robert Mueller knew the investigation on Russia meddled the US election based on the fabricated documents. Therefore, he exploited the attorney power to make a profit and also responded to the revenge tactic of Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump by the 25th Amendment. Nevertheless, Mr. Robert Mueller is a senior lawyer and he also experiences on the investigating job of former FBI boss. So Democrats believed Mr. Robert Mueller could apply the malicious skill of the legal experts to transform the wrong to right, the fake dossiers to real and Democrats would remove President Donald Trump out from the office. The dirty ruse also carried out by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who conspired with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to use the intelligence tool records President Donald Trump and make a coup.


However, the dirty political game of Democrats failed after Robert Mueller must conclude the report after 22 months cheated the public. The malicious conspiracy of Democrats cost the taxpayers $USD 35 million, Mr. Robert Mueller acted as the legal terrorist, he currently terrorized the commander in chief and the US government by the taxpayers in 22 months. President Donald Trump vindicated when the conclusive report released on the first day” there has been no collusion or obstruction of justice”. Therefore, Democrats and Mr. Robert Mueller still try to mislead the Americans, but the people knew all cheats unmasked and the political dirty game is over.


On April 18, 2019, Attorney General William Barr transmits the report copies to the Congress and late, it will release to the general public through the Justice Department’s website, certainly, the US people want to know the truth and the taxpayers spent.


The cheat investigation debunked and it becomes the disaster of Democrats, actually, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller completely failed the suicide mission. The target missed out as a boomerang hit back the thrower. After 675 days, Mr. Robert Mueller did the odd investigation, he issued


- 2,800 subpoenas from the Special Counsel’s office, almost the persons were not related Russia meddled the US election: the coffee boy in the campaign was George Papadopoulos cost $USD 24 million of taxpayers, he was sentenced 12 days in prison. The lawyer 30 Michael Cohen (*), the short term campaign manager Paul Manafort and the others.


- There were more than 500 witnesses interviewed for nothing, but Mr. Robert Mueller exploited the unrelated witnesses to perpetuate the tax worms job.


- There were more than 500 a search warrant carried out the investigation.


- 230 communication records to support the cheat investigation.


The function of Special Counsel to investigate Russia meddled the US presidential election in 2016, therefore, Mr. Robert Mueller strayed to criminal investigations applying on the personal frauds as tax evasion, he stole the job of FBI and police. The US people question the cheat investigation and $USD 35 million wasted. The US government FBI, Audit may investigate Mr. Robert Mueller about the spending, he must receive full responsibility.


Despite the legal terror’s mission of Robert Mueller failed after the conclusive report, therefore, Democrats still oppose the truth, some Democrats claim the report wasn’s enough, but it took 22 months. The disgraced deception is enough to end, Vice President Mike Pence said:” While many Democrats will cling to discredited allegations, the American people can be confident President Trump and I will continue to focus where we always have, on advancing an agenda that’s making our nation stronger, safer, and more secure”. The witch hunt is over, the dirty political game of Democrats is no longer exist and now the time to clear the most legal cheat in the US history./.


 Notes (*) the lawyer 30 is the title of write to define the changeable face of a lawyer, a client paid 29 days, but the day of 30th doesn’t pay and lawyer betrays the client







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