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The left viral media is like the viral code NH as Bird flu H5NI, and Swine flu H1NI transmitted from the pig to human. The left viral media formulate 3F= False poll +Fake news +Fabricated story, the left viral media has transmitted from the dens of fake news to the innocent people and has infected their minds. The victims of left viral media couldn’t distinguish between the wrong and right, the good and bad, they have acted by the virus of left media’s dens command. The left viral media has infected the mainstream media for a long time. In the Vietnam War, the innocent people infected by the left viral media, so they blindly supported Vietcong, the terror organization as Islamic State, Al Qaeda.


The left viral media has spread from the Cold War, the prominent left viral media are CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, NBC, CBS, MSNBC….in Australia has ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten, SBS…The dens of left viral media have become the chronicle pandemic, the virus silently has infected the world, particularly, the innocent people in Western. The left viral media infects the human minds and the victims act like human-robot, so the Western’s society often complicated by the protests that come from fake news and concealment. The Coronavirus pandemic outbreak worldwide and the left viral media companies the global biological warfare terror of China’s Communist Party.


The flu H1N1 is also known as Swine Flu had started from April 2009 to April 2010, the population infected from 700 million to 1.4 billion people (its time, the world’s population was 6.8 billion). Therefore, the left viral media downplayed, concealed to broadcast the pandemic. Particularly, in the US ruled by the first US Muslim-Communist President Barrack Obama, so the left viral media avoided to broadcast about 68,000,000 infected- 274, 304 hospitalized and 13,036 deaths in the US. Nevertheless, the left viral media didn’t release about the death toll and infected cases, because, they prepared for the second term for President Barrack Obama who sold the US interest to China and leading the US to be China’s vassal.

The Coronavirus outbreak turns economic pandemic and the left viral media supports China’s Communist Party into psychological warfare. On April 5, 2010, the US officials report 8, 452 death, 331,357 infected, recovered 14, 825. New York has a high death toll is 3,565 and 100,732 infected. Democratic heartless Governor Cuomo who plays the inhumane political game. Initially, he hid the ventilators in a warehouse and on April 4, 2020, he plans to use the National Guard to raid the private hospitals and confiscate the ventilators, the personal protection equipment (PPE) and getting 1,000 ventilators aided by China’s Communist regime, the culprit of biological warfare terror. (1,000 ventilators provided by China, those can not guarantee the hygienic standard, even the second hand). China’s aid is the phony propaganda while million Chinese infected people do need the ventilator.


Governor Cuomo humiliates the United States of America while the US government provided medical supplies. Possibly, the death toll and infected in New York escalated that cause Mr. Governor Cuomo does love China’s medical supplies as the false face masks made in China. The life of New York resident is endangering by Governor Cuomo, murder, he did. The people believe Democratic Governor Cuomo favors China’s medical supplies, the death toll, and infected cases escalated in the US matches China’s biological warfare terror and it is also the dirty political game of Democrats in the presidential election 2020.


The Coronavirus’s death toll and infected cases in the US and the world are not high than Swine flu N1N in 2009, but the left viral media appalls the world. The virus of mainstream chimes the propaganda of China, the vapid reprise has repeated into television” the death toll and infected cases of the US surpass China” but the left media conceals China’s death toll and infected population, moreover, the second wave of Coronavirus starts in the mainland. The left viral media based on the false report from the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of cheat and the lair of biological terror. Nevertheless, Democrats and left media to politicize the pandemic aiming to take down President Donald Trump. Moreover, the presidential election in 2020 that fears China and comrade Democrats have tried to win the election. Nevertheless, the loss of both Congress and Senate panic Democrats and China and after January 17, 20201, the lawmakers of Republicans will introduce the bill to sue China, the compensation will seek $US 20 trillion and the world can follow the plaintiff line, the compensation should reach $US 100 trillion.


Nowadays, people identified the left viral media’s dens, so the audience reduced when the high technological communication vaccinates the left viral media. Certainly, the multiple information sources and social media are the right places to access. Almost, the major television companies are the viral media dens, so the people distrust any news broadcast. The left viral media’s vaccine formula is 3S=Search+ Share + Socialize. The golden time of viral left media is gone.


The Coronavirus pandemic transmits to the economic pandemic and the propaganda pandemic. The death toll and infect the population of Coronavirus is less than the flu in 2009, but the left media frightens the world by the psychological warfare tactic that applied from the Cold War. China’s Communist Party aims to destroy the US economy and the world, so intimidation’s Coronavirus creates a panic state. Do not fall into the trap of China again./.







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