The left parties and communist advocate the violence


Posted on August 8, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The real face of Democrats party exposed to the public, the communist parties in China, Vietnam, North Korea and the other communist countries are the siblings of Democrats, the violence is the character of Karl Marx’s pupil. On the other hand, communist and the left parties in Western are like the tiger snake and cobra. The innocent pest lovers could make the wrong judge when they consider the kind of venomous snake called NUA (Vietnamese people call), it is like the python but its venom can kill the people as a tiger snake. The Western people wrongly believe the left parties as Democrats, Labor party are progressive parties, indeed, those are the communist parties call the different title. Therefore, the left parties couldn’t hide the communism character when inside the parties have the left-wing, central left-wing (Bill Clinton is the central left-wing).


The so-called class struggle has applied flexibly into multiple circumstances, whatever, the class struggle couldn’t hide the violence despite the communist regimes and the left parties in the Western have used the demagogic tactic to cheat the people.


1-In the communist countries: the violence becomes the backbone of the most policies to remain the authoritarian government ruled by the Ape super gang. The so-called revolution, class struggle, socialism, social reform, communist paradise are just a pie in the sky. The communist parties expose the super gang’s character. The communism is the culprit of the most genocide occurred on the planet with more than 100 million people killed more than a billion people enslaving. Therefore, the communist pride and enjoy the serious crimes opposing humanity. On the other hand, communist has never repented instead they consider the killing, robbery and enslaving the people are the morality. In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh and its communist party killed 1,700,000 people into the landlord reform campaign, beaten the capitalist campaign and social purge campaign, but Vietcong praises the title of revolutionary morality.


2-In the democratic countries:


-The left parties couldn’t apply the inhumane policies as the communist regime, therefore, the left parties apply the demagogic policy to win the election and control the government. The common formula of the left parties is 3D=Deception+Demagogy+Destruction. The left parties have no policy on national security, border protection, and national interest, so they cover the fallen policies by the same-sex-marriage legislation, the hoax climate change, actually the human rights has exploited to support the asylum seeker or illegal migrant that helps the left parties gaining the ballot from the ethnic. Its reason, the left parties are such as the Australian Labor Party, the UK Labor Party, Democrats Party in the US, Socialist Party in France, Greens Party always endorse the asylum seeker despite they knew the illegal migrant conflicts against the law and national security. (the asylum seeker is the illegal intruder into the other country).


-The left media is the culprit of social complication. Since the Cold War, actually the Vietnam War, the left media knew communist is inhumane regime, but the left media has transformed the communication to business, the media career belongs to the payment, so China and the other communist countries should hire the left media into psychological warfare to propagate into the Western countries. The Vietnam war misled by the left media, the innocent people in the Western to be brainwashed and became the human-robot. The protests with violence to support Vietcong terrorist and distorted the war to fight against Vietcong terrorist of South Vietnam government, the US and allies. After the Vietnam War ended by the unpredictable victory of Vietcong on April 30, 1975, the world recognized Vietcong regime caused a million Vietnamese people fled for freedom and more than 90,000,000 Vietnamese people lost the freedom.


Nowadays, the left media has continued to mislead the public, actually, after the loss of presidential election in 2016, Democrats and the left media have excited the fan, the innocent Democratic supporters to protest with violence against the US President Donald Trump. So the left media is the thug of people, the foe of communication. The left media has never changed the character with the common formula is 3F=3Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story.


Democrats and the left media just excite the people creating the violence, but when their tool arrested or getting the legal trouble, the perpetrator hides and escape the responsibility. The coward could abandon the supporters as a saying:” throwing the lemon skin after the juice emptied”.


Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) raises the aggressive speech:” “What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box, and now there’s the momentum to be able to do this”. The US people have no surprise Mr. Tim Kaine who was the vice-presidential candidate of Hillary Clinton in the election 2016.


Since President Donald Trump getting the office on January 20, 2917, Democrats always attack the commander in chief by the cunning tactics. The impeachment failed after the legal terrorist Robert Mueller concluded the report and resigned the head of Special Counsel. Obama’s judges issued the court orders to block the travel ban’s executive order and border protection orders, the Democratic thug is led by the lawmaker terrorist and commander in the Nancy Pelosi currently opposes the national security policy of government and recently, the legal thug failed to block $USD 2.5 billion of the defense fund to complete the wall. Senator Tim Kaine excites the violence on the street, what does he do for the country? /.







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