The left media turns daydream to nightmare


Posted on January 28, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The left media professes on the false polls, fabricated stories and the fake news that conceals and kills the truth, the thug of people, the foe of communication, the media’s function straying the wrong direction, so President Donald Trump granted the death certificate of the professional lie. The left media suits the formula is a 3F=3FRAUD=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story.


The golden age of left media was dominating during the Vietnam War that is gone, the high technologic communication defeated the sole media. Nowadays, the left media is no longer favor the public, instead, the social media and the people media reflects in the bloggers become the impartial news and credible providers. Everyone could be an editor of a blogger and the reader, the audience has many places to find the truth.


The left media is the sibling of the left parties and the communist, they meet the formula is 3D=Deception+Demagogy+Destruction. The left media, communist and the left parties are the pupils of Karl Marx who titled the Ape in the Historical Materialism. Certainly, the ape is not a human being, the human mind replaces the ape’s instinct. The people live on the planet has faced the abuse of Karl Marx’s followers.


The left media is keen the lie and cheat, they think the people are the kids, so they published the fake news, distorting the career that conducts the misled public. President Donald Trump launches the campaign against the left media terrorism, the left media terrorists attack the people mind and transforming the victims to the human robot, the remote control holds in the hand of the left media companies. The left media terrorist is the high-level of terrorism, the crime opposes against humanity. They are the masterminds and the culprits of the social complication. The misled public comes from the fake news that causes the misunderstanding to conduct the social disorder.


The presidential election in 2016 was an opportunity to create the daydreamers, almost, the left media believed Hillary Clinton would be the first female president. The daydreamers elected Hillary but after November 8, 2016, the US people decided President Donald Trump who vows to make America great again. The daydream crashed but the left media still dream. The original dream comes from Democrats, the presidential impeachment becomes the essential operation of the Donkey’s Head Party. Once again, the daydreamers revive, so the left media continues to release the fake news about President Donald Trump as


- The Newsweek published an article of Tim Marcin on January 19, 2019, the title is” Donald Trump will resign the presidency in 2019 in exchange for immunity for him and his family, former Bush adviser says”…In the presidential election of 2016, the Newsweek throned Madam President Hillary Clinton, they prepared 125,000 copies but President Donald Trump destroyed the dream. Once again, the Newsweek repeats the dream.


- The Daily Beast published an article: Al Gore’s adviser to President Trump: resign”.


- At Davos, Switzerland, The Washington Post published an article of Heather Long on January 22, 2019, former Vietnam war’s traitor John Kerry gave one word to President Donald Trump” resign”.


- The Washington Post on December 21, 2018, released an article of columnist Jennifer Rubin predicts President Donald Trump will resign 10 minutes.


Recently, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller who saves and lingers the tax worm’s job by arrest a lobbyist Roger Stone. The indictment is not new but a new arrest that could remain the Council Special having a new case. Therefore, Russia meddled the US election makes the history. It is an opportunity for the daydreamers, among the daydreamers is MSN published the hottest news:” Prepare to die: Trump longtime ally Roger Stone arrested in Russia probe”.


Every move of President Donald Trump, family and White House’s administration to be snooped by the left media and they image the fate of Mr. President who makes American great again, and he also makes the felons plus the corruption frighten again. He achieved the major promises within 2 years and now the wall has to build despite Democrats hampering by lawmaker Nancy Pelosi who leads Democrats to the terrorist party. Whatever, the patriotic wall has to build by the people want. There is just the employment, there are  156,945,000 people have the jobs, the jobless rate hit the lowest record since 1973. Therefore, the left media often released the false polls showing President Donald Trump’s poll hit the low record and President Barrack Obama is the best US president.


Whatever, President Donald Trump serves for the country without the salary while Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and her faction paid during there were nearly a million government workers were suffering the hardship. President Donald Trump serves for the people, so the people support. Nevertheless, the left media has the rights to dream, even the daydream turns the nightmare. The presidential impeachment is impossible, whoever published the fake news about the impeachment and President Donald Trump” resigns”, they snub the public and the people have never trusted the left media anymore./.







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