The left media terror commits suicide by its fake news


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In the Cold War, actually, the Vietnam War was the golden time of left media terror attacked the people mind by the fake news, fabricated stories. The left media terror advocates to mislead the public, concealed the truth, the domestic thug of people, the foe of mainstream media. It is the dim time of free speech to be humiliated by the dishonest media workers who have strayed the communication to propaganda like China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba and as the era of Soviet Union, Eastern Europe Communist Bloc applied before the collapse.


The left media terror has activated the psychological warfare into the people in the Western countries with the common formula is a 3F=3FRAUDS=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story. As a saying:” a needle in the cover will come out”, after a long time deceived the people, now the left media must be debunked and appearing the real face after many times lie and cheat the public.


The timeline of the left media terror ended after the US Presidential election in 2016, the people knew the left media companies, the left journalists, the left reporters, the left T.V hosts misled the public by the biased articles, T.V shows lied, actually, the false polls released as a form of the rigged election to influence the undecided voters. Almost, the left media companies confirmed candidate Hillary Clinton wins the election. The false polls certainly supposed Hillary Clinton always led the opinion polls from 4% and the highest score was 12%. Nevertheless, before the election’s outcome, the Newsweek printed 125,000 copies appeared at the front cover:” Madam President: Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House”. Unfortunately, after November 8, 2016, the obstinate faces of the thugs of people have no shame, they have still appeared into the public, but the people disdain and have not to trust the thug of mainstream media.


Despite President Donald Trump achieved the most major promises in the election, he makes America great again, the enemies fear and allies restored the trust, but the left media terror’s companies snub the people with the false polls, almost, they left media always released the worst news for President Donald Trump. The incantation of the left media has repeated the phrases are:- President Trump’s approval rating for his first year in the office is the worst record of any of the most recent seven presidents-Trump approval hits lowest in over a year amid shutdown-Donald Trump’s disapproval rating hit a record high-Donald Trump’s presidential approval ratings hit another all-time low…even after the legal terrorist Robert Mueller completely failed the legal terror mission, he passed the conclusive report to Attorney General William Barr and Congress then publicized on the website of Department of Justice, the left media still cheated the public by the disgraced poll of the Inquister with an article written by Nathan Francis on April 20, 2019, has the headline:” Donald Trump’s approval sinks to year-long low after the release of the Mueller report”. The Inquister has no shame with the fake news below:


The president’s approval rating fell to a low for 2019 after the report went public, sinking 3 percentage points according to a new Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll. The poll was conducted entirely after the release of the report, surveying voters on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and finding that Trump’s approval rating stands at 37 percent, falling from 40 percent in a similar poll conducted at the start of the week.


However, everyone knows it is the phony psychological warfare, the kid game has not interested in the high technological communication era, so every false poll harms the prestige of the left media.


The prominent propaganda is the hoax investigation on Russia meddled the US election to carry out by Special Counsel of Robert Mueller. The propaganda currently cheated the public in 22 months, therefore, after the legal terrorist Robert Mueller failed, the presidential impeachment’s mission is over, eventually, Mr. Robert Mueller must conclude the wicked hunt and the report also vindicated President Donald Trump. As the outcome of the presidential election in 2016, the incident of Robert Mueller’s report aggravates the prestige’s potential loss of the left media terror’s bases. The consequence has to happen, it marks the worst time of the enemy of people comes. The well known left media terror’s companies have been suffered the potential loss:


-Totally, CNN is the Communist New Networks lost at least 47% of its primetime audience, the numerous audience continues to drop. Daily, CNN lost about 41% viewers, actually CNN has been faced the financial problem.


-MSNBC lost at least 28% of viewers. Daily, this left media was down 20% viewers.


The left media is a business as a supermarket does want the customers to visit, the law firm company needs the clients, even a medical doctor has to have the patients, so the left media does need the advertising. Therefore, the audience lost that means the advertising loses the money, almost the advertising customers want to know the numerous audience equalizes with the payment. The hard time of left media occurs when the audience reduces that affects the advertising.


Nowadays, for all of the program, Fox News takes the first place with 2.438 million primetime viewers, MSNBC is second with 1.6 million and CNN dropped 15th place with 690,000 average primetime viewers, indeed, the Food Network attacked more than CNN. Certainly, the people abandoned the major left media companies because they committed suicide by its network with fake news, fabricated stories, concealed the truth, released the false polls.


Daily, the Fox News currently takes the first place with 1.346 million viewers, but second place MSNBC just reaches 899,000 viewers while CNN struggles a half million viewers. In the passage of time, CNN was the number one television network, actually, in the First Gulf War, almost, daily, the US and the world watching CNN.


Nowadays, the business of left media is uncertain, the television’s audience plunged that conducts the profit following to lose. President Donald Trump granted the Death Certificate” Fake News” for the left media and the hoax investigation of Robert Mueller added more fake news plus the fabricated stories. There are just two television networks CNN and MSNBC lost the audience plus the profit, the other left media companies are such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and others face the same fate. The left media line has been suffered the financial problem, some left media are such as The New York Time trying to make money by the trifling method to require whoever pays a few dollars if they want to read online. Certainly, the readers access the other sources, moreover, the left media is the hub of a cheat.


Nowadays, the social media eradicated the prominent left media companies, the social media is the genuine place for the opinion polls and the people could find the impartial information with the cost nothing, but be helpful./.







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