The left media propagates for China in economic war


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The most important decision holds in hand of China communist party, actually, the political bureau is the powerful body in the communist regime. The top secrets and government plan are confidential, certainly, the foreigners, including left media couldn’t access the secrets. Therefore, after President Donald Trump increased the tariffs to 25% on China’s product and goods are worth $USD 200 Billion and it affected from May 10, 2019. China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang promptly reacted and told to media:” We have said many times that adding tariffs won’t resolve any problem. China will never surrender to external pressure. We have the confidence and the ability to protect our lawful and legitimate rights”. The anti-communist experts have never listened to the communist talk, let’s watch what they did and a communist is born, firstly, a midwife sees the mouth. However, the left media practices the career as a parrot, so the au published an article written by Ben Blanchard of Reuters on May 13, 2019:” China will never surrender in trade row”. How come journalist Ben Blanchard know China will never surrender in the economic war?”. This article wrote:


China will never surrender to external pressure, the government says, though it stopped short of announcing how Beijing will hit back after Washington renewed its threat to impose tariffs on all Chinese imports in an escalating trade dispute.

The trade war between the world’s top two economies jumped up a gear on Friday, with the United States hiking tariffs on $US200 billion ($A285 billion) worth of Chinese goods after President Donald Trump said Beijing “broke the deal” by reneging on earlier commitments made during months of negotiations.

Trump also ordered US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to begin imposing tariffs on all remaining imports from China, a move that would affect about an additional $US300 billion worth of goods.

Beijing has vowed to respond to the latest US tariffs, but has announced no details yet”


China’s economy is like a train, but the locomotive crippled after a year suffered the tariffs imposed by the US government. Behind China’s train is the wagons, those are the nations deeply involved the economy and finance with China communist by the trade ties, the free trade agreement, and the currency swap agreement as Reserve Bank of Australian signed with the People Bank of China in 2012 under Labor government, so RBA stuck $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan. When the economy of China plunged, the national wagons must slow down, even stop and become disabled. While the US economy is strong and flexible, nevertheless, the US experienced the economic crisis and the recessions since 1929. When two trains collide, the weak train must damage, so China just retaliates the new tariff are worth $USD 60 billion from 5% to 25% will validate on June 1st, 2019. President Donald Trump said:” I love the position we’re in”.


The economic battle occurs between the US and China communist worries the countries linked with China. The retaliatory tariffs of China are negative during the US has the lowest unemployment’s record in 50 years with 3.6% and the numerous jobless continues to reduce, the US’s GDP   grew 3.2% in quarter of 2019 and the US dollars is the global standard. While China faced a big problem when the export sector declined badly, it conducts hundreds of million people loses the job by the offshore market lost, China became the most debt’s country in the world, it is up to 300% GDP and the debt continues to grow. Moreover, the rapacious ambition calls China dream carrying out by the one belt and one road plus the quagmire of illegally artificial islands built and militarized in the disputed waters, all aggravate China’s economy and finance, the giant has the feet of clay couldn’t move further into the economic war with the strongest economic country in the world.


China couldn’t win the war, Beijing will face the peril when the economic war endures and the potential damages will cause the Red Dynasty collapsed or China communist party should dethrone Red Emperor Xi Jinping any time. So, China uses psychological warfare as the Global Communist Bloc applied in the Cold War, actually the Vietnam War.


The left media is the communist’s sibling and China’s comrade, so Beijing easily hire the comrade left journalists, reporters, columnists, T.V hosts, and the left media’s terror bases into the propaganda. China is the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat, so the steal is professional. China copied from A to Z of the Western, including military uniform, and China also copies the media method of the US is Voice of America (VOA), it is the VOICE OF CHINA founded. China created a giant media outlet” Voice of China” operates in the mainland and aiming to overseas on the radio, television networks.


The so-called” Voice of China” globally propagate with $USD 6.6 billion, the Red Emperor Xi Jinping follows the ambition of former Red king Hu Jintao who started the Voice of China from 2009 and nowadays, Xi Jinping uses the media weapon replaces the economic battle’s loss. The Voice of China merged the giant state media’s propaganda machine includes the English media companies are The China Daily News, The People’s Daily and the Global Times. All the outlet media has operated. Nevertheless, China Central Television (CCTV) stationed the agencies at Kenya (homeland of President Barrack Obama) and in the US.


China globally pushes the propaganda, actually, the democratic countries including the US are the targets. The CCTV expanded and operating in 140 countries with multiple languages. There is just China Radio International broadcasts at least 65 languages. However, China communist strictly bans Twitter, Facebook, Youtube in the mainland, so the Chinese people have only accessed the propaganda.


China couldn’t apply the propaganda in the Democratic countries, actually in the Western, therefore, China is keen to attract the profit lovers in Western serving for the offshore propaganda machine of China, so the large numbers of foreign professionals, the academics, actually, the left media and the commercial media companies work for the psychological warfare of China, they have poisoned the people and misleading the public. Moreover, the left media being engaged into the difficult time, because the fake news is the media’s suicide, actually, the high technological communication and the social media defeated the media companies, so the journalists, reporters, columnists must find the way to survive while the US’s job booming, but the media’s job declined, last year, the well-known media companies axed a thousand jobs, actually, Reuters will cut at least 3,200 jobs to 2020. Its reason, the left media, and the commercial media become the propaganda machine of China in the Western, it is the media for hire, not communication.


The economic war is the war fights against the global economic terror comes from China. The role of left media could help China bluff the Western people, actually the innocent national leaders and the naïve politicians. After President Donald Trump imposed the new tariffs 25% are worth $USD 200 billion on China’s products and goods. The left media misleads the public, ABC (Australia Broadcasting Communist) in Australia released the news about the stock market, after China retaliated $USD 60 billion, Dow Jones lost 600 points. Therefore, ABC didn’t tell the damages of China after the US imposed $USD 200 billion. Moreover, President Donald Trump ordered Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer begins imposing the tariffs on all remaining the goods and products import from China that will add $USD 300 billion and it is possible to reach $USD 325 trillion. The economic war escalates, it could affect China’s import is more than a half trillion dollars. The 25% tariffs affected the labor market in the mainland, but the US develop and employ more job when the US consumer buys the US American made.


President sent the clear message to the Red Emperor Xin Jinping on May 13, 2019, after China exposed the obstinate attitude by retaliatory tariffs are $USD 60 billion.


-There is no reason for the U.S. Consumer to pay the Tariffs, which take effect on China today. This has been proven recently when only 4 points were paid by the U.S., 21 points by China because China subsidizes product to such a large degree. Also, the Tariffs can be…..


-completely avoided if you by from a non-Tariffed Country, or you buy the product inside the USA (the best idea). That’s Zero Tariffs. Many Tariffed companies will be leaving China for Vietnam and other such countries in Asia. That’s why China wants to make a deal so badly!…

-There will be nobody left in China to do business with. Very bad for China, very good for the USA! But China has taken so advantage of the U.S. for so many years, that they are way ahead (Our Presidents did not do the job). Therefore, China should not retaliate-will only get worse!

-I say openly to President Xi & all of my many friends in China that China will be hurt very badly if you don’t make a deal because companies will be forced to leave China for other countries. Too expensive to buy in China. You had a great deal, almost completed, & you backed out!


The world recognized the US easily to take advantage of the economic war by comparing the imposed tariffs of both sides. However, the left media has tried to lie the public, they apply the old tactics as in the Vietnam War. The common formula of left media debunked the 3F=3Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story. Unfortunately, the high technological communication plus the social media destroyed the left media, so they failed to help China carries out the psychological warfare in the economic war. China wasted money into offshore propaganda because the Western people have no trust the left media and the dishonest academics







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