The left media in Western failed to help China Growth


Posted on July 9, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Nowadays, the phony propaganda doesn’t work as the left media succeeded to mislead the public and poisoned the people in the Cold War, actually the Vietnam War. Nowadays, the high technological communication carrying out by social media and the multiple information sources defeated the dishonest media, so any media company or an article describes the US damaged in the war fights against the global economic terror comes from China that is totally the fake news because the left media couldn’t conceal the potential damages of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat.


The disgraced deception of left media couldn’t trust, the thug of people and the foe of the public has tried to lie about the damages of the US and Western after President Donald Trump imposed the tariffs on China goods and products. Everyone could recognize the US imposed the tariffs are up to 25% on China products and goods are worth $USD 250 billion while China retaliated $USD 60 billion, the tariffs exchanged between the US and China that proved the US wins the economic war. The outcome exposes China communist couldn’t conceal the panic station that conducts China is the loser of economic battles:


-The export sector is the vital existence of China growth and surplus. The bonanza of economic boom, China employed more than 120 million workers. Nowadays, China communist faces multiple hundred millions of people have been threatened the jobless, actually there are multiple hundreds of million peasants repatriate their home after China companies shut down and foreign factories returned the homeland or moving to the other Asia countries as India.


-The domestic, the jobless, corruption and Chinese people consider China communist party is the real enemy,  the genocide happened from 1949 to 1976 of Mao’s era that caused the deaths of 65 million people, actually, Tiananmen Square massacre of Deng Xiaoping have never forgotten. On the other hand, China communist is the global enemy and also Chinese people abhore the inhumane regime.


-The global market: China lost the important consumption in the US, actually, Huawei crippled after President Donald Trump banned. Huawei is the giant telecommunication of China dropped the revenue at least $USD 30 billion and next year it will lose more than 4USD 100 billion. Huawei is dead, the giant telecommunication owned by the People’s Liberation Army becomes the ghost in the global market when the consumer stays away.


The left media and dishonest academics completely failed to mislead the public. They couldn’t convince the people to believe the economic war damaged the US but China growth. During President Donald Trump imposing the tariffs, actually, the US’s unemployment rate is 3.6%, it hits the lowest record since 1969 while China faces the massive jobless that should reach hundreds of million workers lose the job when the export sector declined, more than 20,000 foreign companies return to homeland or moving to the other countries to avoid the tariffs, nevertheless, China’s private companies leaving to somewhere else, actually, the US is the promised land. The US job grows while China’s job declined.


The US economy is stable, the currency is strong, but China currency devalued. Moreover, the US reduced the debt during China increased the deficit reached $USD 40 trillion, how could China manage the crippled economy?. The ugly and stolen economy’s pattern of” capitalist” called” the free market is led by socialism” pushing China to the disaster.


China couldn’t find the money to cover the disabled economy except Beijing could borrow and pays the interest. Moreover, China does need the US dollar to pay the interest and buying the oil, materials, and trade with the other countries, certainly, the world has not interested Yuan. In October 2016, China’s foreign exchange reserves $USD 3.12 trillion, but in 2015, the foreign reserves $USD 3.51 trillion. In 2019, the foreign currency reserves dropped to $USD 3.090 trillion. The economic war perpetuates, China will face a big problem.


China communist exhausted the financial tactic so Beijing aims to rob the assets of Hong Kong by the extradition bill introduced by China’s female henchman Carrie Lam has met the strong reaction of Hong Kong people with more than two million people protest. Hong Kong’s incident and unrest aggravate the worst situation for China communist. Certainly, China couldn’t conceal the truth and the left media plus the lover profit’s academics couldn’t distort the information, the fake news has no room to exist into the high technological communication and the social media debunked the deceitful media and dishonest academics. On the other hand, China wasted the money for hiring the henchmen in Western to propagate the damages of the US and Western, but they couldn’t hide the potential damages of China. Nowadays, the situation changed, the propaganda cannot save China while the peril is waiting ahead and the inhumane regime panics the old lesson should repeat from multiple thousand years of Chinese history when the massive jobless plus the corruption and the people’s abhorrence has built up into Chinese people after Mao Tse Tung and his Ape communist party ruled the mainland from 1949. The collapse obsesses China regime, actually, the Ape Emperor Xi Jinping fears his regime and assets should lose any time./.







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