The left media has propagated for China in Western


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The lesson of Vietnam War waked up the world, actually, the Western countries. The psychological warfare carried out by the Western left media, the actual hand of communist was the domestic thug, the dangerous enemy reflects as a saying of the anti-communist experts” eating the democratic bread but adoring communist”.


In the Cold War, the Global Communist Bloc led by the Soviet Union and China exploited the free speech by using the Western left media and commercial media into the psychological warfare’s mission because the communist couldn’t apply the propaganda in the Western. The communist undercover activists, espionage agents could hire the lover profit journalists, reporters, columnists, T.V Hosts as the propaganda’s tool and China, Soviet-Union to pay the left media, the commercial media companies for misleading the people and poison the public. The Vietnam War created by Global Communist Bloc. Vietcong carried out the order of their great masters China and the Soviet Union. Therefore, the left media lied the conflict occurred between South Vietnam and North Vietnam was the civil war, they concealed the truth, actually, North Vietnam communist regime used the weapon, military equipment provided by the Global Communist Bloc. Everyone recognized, but the left media avoided telling the truth. Certainly, Ho Chi Minh and the People Army couldn’t fight with the archery, the bamboo cutting sharp head, instead, the Global Communist Bloc provided A.K 47, B-40, missile 107, 122, heavy artillery 130, tank T-54, PT-67, anti-aircraft missile SA-7, and SA-10…


Since the US president Richard Nixon visited Beijing in 1972, China communist grabbed an opportunity to invade the free market and carrying out the global hegemony. Nevertheless, China used the money to buy President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore by illegal funding into the presidential election in 1992 and 1996, so China grew faster in 8 years from 1992 to 2000. President Bill Clinton ruled the US as China’s executor and Vice President Al Gore was Lieutenant executor. The Most Favored Nation’s policy deserved the facilities for China occupied the US market and the hoax climate change curbed Western productivity while China freely released the dioxide.


The hoax climate change has propagated by the Western left media and the left academics, China could pay for the propaganda of climate change to tie the Western’s development. The left media is the mind terrorist, the thug of people, the foe of mainstream media, actually, they have exploited the media to propagate for China since the Vietnam War. The domestic thug caused the mayhem, social disorder, the violence, the people misunderstanding each other. On the other hand, the left media terrorist is the most dangerous enemy in the Western. They are the perpetrator of the complication on the planet.


The war fighting against the global economic terror comes from the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of cheat damaged the largest communist country. President Donald Trump adjusts the tariffs and preventing China terrorizes the US, the Western by the economic weapon.


The Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile has affected China economy and the currency Yuan devaluated. Therefore, all the tariff’s retaliation of China failed, the agricultural product’s tariff is useless. China applies the old tactic is using psychological warfare, so the left media is the actual hand of China to propagate in the US and Western, it aims to influence into the people and they pressure the US government to stop the tariffs impose or deal with China. The phony propaganda appalls the people the Third World War should happen if the US pushing China into the corner. Nevertheless, the inexpert military reporters, journalists plus the low-knowledge academics exaggerate the modern weapon of China to frighten the Western people. Indeed, China worries the airforce of Taiwan, so Beijing bought $USD 3 billion for the air defense missile S-400 from Russia.


The obsolete propaganda debunked and doesn’t work in the high technological communication’s era. The people easily recognize the fake news, fabricated stories and the false polls released by the left media terrorists and the left media terror’s based as CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the other prominent left media companies in the Western countries.


President Donald Trump knew well the essential tactic of communist is talking during the fighting. After the negotiation’s time is gone, but China didn’t respond to the deal, even Beijing applies the buying time’s tactic to cheat the US. On April 5, 2019, President Donald Trump announced to increase the new tariffs imposing on China’s import goods were worth $USD 200 billion, it is going to apply on May 10, 2019, to 25%. Last year, the tariffs were 10%.


After the new tariffs are going to impose, the Senior disordered Columnist Rick Newman has published an article to distort the US:” Trump is losing his trade war with China”. Everyone reading this article, it is like the left media propagated in the Vietnam War. The war fighting against the global economic terror has started after President Donald Trump getting the office. During the US being stood in the upper hand and controlling the economic battle, but China being weak and the signal of social disorder appeared in the mainland, how can President Donald Trump lose the war? The argument of a senior disordered columnist is baseless, it proves the columnist doesn’t know the situation or this columnist propagates for China communist?


The phony propaganda of a senior disordered columnist Rick Newman lie about” the Trump tariffs are punishing Americans”. Everyone, including columnist Rick Newman, must know the China products meet the poor quality, poison, contamination, actually the short life products have not convinced the global consumer to favor China made. The US consumer can buy the US product has the same price as China, so the US companies boom and employ more worker. The senior disordered columnist Rick Newman wrote:


“Trump faces many problems domestically, including those stemming from the Mueller report and House investigations that will intensify through the rest of his term. His approval rating is a weak 43%, despite a solid economy and booming job market. If China is, in fact, slow-rolling Trump on trade, it makes sense: Trump’s trade policy is unpopular in his own country and his own party, so why make a deal if Trump’s support at home is on the verge of crumbling”


The disgraced cheat of the bullshit and garbage left media represents into the article of the so-called senior columnist Rick Newman who contradicted himself” His approval rating is a weak 43%, despite a solid economy and booming job market.”. President Donald Trump achieved the major promises in the election, he makes America great again, the border protection, the enemies fear, the allies trust, actually, the unemployment rate hit the lowest record in 50 years (3.6%), how could President Donald Trump have the approval rating a weak 43%?. Moreover, the suicide mission of legal terrorist Robert Mueller is over after 22 months lied the public, cheated the legal system. Eventually, Mr. Robert Mueller surrendered the wicked hunt’s investigation on Russia meddled the US election. The dirty political conspiracy of Democrats wasted $USD 35 million of the taxpayers. The new tariffs have not linked with Robert Mueller. The communist, the left media, left parties are the sibling, a joke quotes” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”. Do not read, listen to what the leftist tell, let’s watch what they did. So the people must stay away from the left media, they distort the communication to propaganda, actually, the left media has propagated for China communist in the West since the Vietnam War./.







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