The left media escalates fake news while China periled


Posted on August 17, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The world can measure the potential damages of China when the left media escalates the fake news plus the fabricated stories published about the economic war affected the US and the stock market, actually, Wall Street and Dow Jones, and the Western being downed. Instead, the left media is trifling to conceal the damages of China after the US imposed 25% tariffs of $USD 250 billion on China products and goods. Nowadays, the multiple informationís sources and the social media debunked the thug of people, the foe of communication, the malfunction of mainstream media. Everyone knows China has been faced the economic disaster, therefore, the left media currently issued a different view that conflicts with the public, the reason should be involved by money, actually, China communist, undercover activists, and China espionage agents secretly pay for the left media to propagate in Western while the economic battle is losing.


The phenomenal fake news and fabricated stories speed up for every time the stock market in the US lost a little bit then rebounded promptly, while the left media distorts the information about Chinaís loss, it is the phony propaganda of the henchmen of China snubs the public in Western. Therefore, the old fashion of psychological warfare is no longer exist after the Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975. The left journalist and fake news commit suicide the career and the people trust. The people judge the news or an article and discovered the lie, so next time, they donít want to read, actually, the media company receives the damages. The left media causes media companies to lose profit.


On August 15, 2019, the global stock market shocks and shaking Wall Street including the losses of the countries deeply involved the trade ties and free trade agreement with China communist since the rogue state joined the free trade market, actually the WTO. Before the visit of the US President Richard Nixon in 1972, China isolated by the embargo, but the world developed, therefore, since  the presence of China communist in the global market, the democratic countries is complicated by the bush law and the cunning conspiracies of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. The economy of China unfits the free market as a gang lives with the people in society or the evil lives with the angels.


There is not a first time, the global stock markets lose, on August 15, 2019, Dow Jones dropped 800 points that pull Europe, Australia following. Therefore, there is just a day, Dow Jones rebounded on August 16, 2019, reached nearly 26,000. The trade ties of Australia with China causes the loss of Australia, on August 6, 2019, ASX of Australia wiped out $AUD 90 billion and on August 15, 2019, Australia has lost $USD 63 billion in the market value. The left media maximally launches the phony psychological warfare to appall the world in Western, actually, the US people. The scare campaign focuses on using the public to pressure President Donald Trump stops the war fights against the global economic terror has struck the world from many decades ago. The phony propaganda misleads the world by the unqualified economists are the journalists. Even 370 economists including 8 Nobel Prize of economyís winners in the US wrongly predicted the US economy from the presidential electionís campaign to Donald Trump getting the office, so the journalists lie and mislead the public. The global stock marketís shaking comes from China, not President Donald Trump, the recent loss of stock markets causes by China using their currency to retaliate the fallen tariffs that are vain. China devalued Yuan harmed the counterparts are Australia, Europe, and the other countries.


However, China should hire the left media launching the propaganda to frighten the Westernís people. The left media has tried to shift the stock marketís loss to President Donald Trump despite the 10% new tariffs has not applied yet and China devalued its currency, the culprit is China, not the US.


The biased news escalates from the left media, the so-called recession in the US exposing the lies. There is no sign of the US economy is going to down, instead, the economy thrives and continues to improve. Before the recession, the economy weakens on the impacts below:


-The US currency stabilizes while China currency devalued that conducts Chinese people in the mainland rushing to keep the US dollar and buying the gold.


-The US unemployment rate is 3.6% hits the lowest record since 1969 while China faces massive jobless after the export sector ruined by the offshore market lost.


-The US companies restored and the giant companies repatriated to the homeland, China also loses the foreign companies, even China companies moved out to the other places for the tariffís avoidance.


-The US paid the debt from $USD 19.84 trillion to $USD 16.1 trillion within 2 years after President Donald Trump swore on January 20, 2019, while Chinaís debt increased without control from $USD 23 trillion to $USD 34 trillion and in 2017, the mountain deficit was $USD 40 trillion and the debt increases while the economy worsens.


The left media concealed the recession being occurred in China and straying the recession in the US plus the Western. However, the left media couldnít hide the truth as a person who uses the palms to cover the sunlight. Despite the new tariffs have not imposed yet 10% of USD 300 billion on the remaining products and goods of China, therefore, Chinaís factories hit lowest in 17 years, actually, the annual growth is 4.8% on July 2019 that conflicts the figure released 6.3% on June 2019. The economic situation of China worsens and it will continue to peril.


The left mediaís journalists are not economists, even 370 economists and 8 Nobel Prize of economyís winners wrong predicted the US economy in the presidential electionís campaign and after President Donald Trump getting the office. All the worst news deserves for Donald Trump that completely overturned, so the left journalists have no qualification to tell about the recession and the disaster of the US, instead, the left media carries out the propaganda for China. Therefore, the psychological warfare is vain, but the people know China being faced the deep troubles on economy and finance. Certainly, the left media reflects the woe of China that exposes the potential damages are inevitable. So the fake news and fabricated stories speed up that means China received the big damages./.







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