The left media distorts New York mass graves


Posted on April 16, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The left viral media recycles the propaganda in the Vietnam War into the global biological warfare terror of China. Unfortunately, the phony psychological warfare is obsolete in the high technological communication with the multiple information sources, social media debunked the animal’s instinct of the left media or the viral media in Western. The common formula of left viral media is 3F = False poll + Fake news + Fabricated story that has never changed from the Cold War. Nevertheless, the picture, the scene showed on the television screen deeply influenced the public, those are the actual tool applying into the propaganda. Therefore, the golden time of the left media is gone after Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975.


The left viral media, the leftists plus the communist’s undercover activists and the communists like Jan Fonda, John Kerry, Bill-Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and other high profiles of Democrats maximally pushed the psychological warfare by the propaganda, so the Vietcong was an early terror’s organization won the war.


In the Vietnam War, the innocent people became the victims of the left viral media infected the mind, and they acted as the human-robot. The protests with violence often occurred in the US, and the countries were sending the troop to help Vietnamese people fighting against Vietcong terror. Nevertheless, the pictures were effective propaganda, in the Tet offense 1968, casually, the US photographer Eddie Adams who caught a picture of Major General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan shot dead terrorist Bảy Lốp (Vietcong’s captain non-uniform). The left media has used this picture to propagate without explanation. Indeed, terrorist Bảy Lốp executed one by one the family members of South Vietnam Lieutenant Colonel Nguyễn Tuấn because he didn’t do as terrorist Bảy Lốp required. Nowadays, the world knew the truth about the picture of Eddie Adams, the US photographer repented his picture by an apology, the toxic propaganda of left media in Vietnam War removed. Moreover, a boy survived from the massacre who lives in the US, now he is the US Navy, Rear Admiral Nguyễn Từ Huấn. In the Tet offense 1968, the left media used the casualties of the US soldiers for propaganda and they deceived the innocent people, instead, they concealed more than 100,000 Vietcong killed in the battle and the People’s Army of Vietnam disabled.


The Western country always respects the life of its people, the communist develops the deaths and injures to win the Vietnam War or any conflicts. China launches biological terror worldwide, the Chinese Virus comes from China’s Communist Party, the culprit of biological warfare. During the world and the US are fighting against the biological war, in the US, Democrats use the death toll and infected cases to attack President Donald Trump. China attacks the US by a biological weapon, therefore Democrats stand alongside China by skewing the death toll and infected cases to mislead the public and avoid the enemy is China’s Communist Party, however, everyone knows China is the culprit. President Donald Trump commands the US to fight the Chinese Virus and behind the biological warfare terror is China, but Democrats stab in the back of the United States of America. The comrade of China appeared the treasonous face as Governor Andrew Cuomo who added more death of New York residents by hiding the ventilators, his heartless attitude is discovered. The left viral media helps China into the media pandemic, the vapid reprise repeats on the television” the death toll in the US surpass China” but, no one can not know exactly the death toll and infected population in China, the propaganda is vain. The reports based on fake news are fake news, it is like Evil praises Satan is a saint or Barrack Obama applauds comrade Joe Biden.


The left viral media in the US and Australia as ABC, Channel Seven (prominent left viral media den), Channel Ten, Channel Nine, SBS apply the picture and live scene to propagate. The mass graves show in New York that proved the high death toll rise, indeed, the mass graves in Hart island of New York city expect as the cemetery island to deserve for the dead people without a relative, homeless, the pandemics including AIDS have buried from 150 years ago. This island buried more than a million deceased people, the left viral media uses the scene of mass graves in Hart Island to propagate the death toll rises in New York. Commonly, a picture is worth more than a thousand words, initially, the mass graves in New York (Hart Island) just cheat the innocent audience including the children. Therefore, everyone can access the other information sources, the truth can not hide, the lie can not cheat, the bullshit propaganda of the left viral media can not cover the real face of the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media.


Every nation applies isolation to prevent COVID-19 spread and finding the vaccine. The people can apply the isolation to eliminate the left viral media, every audience, a reader has the self-isolation from the left viral media. Do not access the left viral media and the concerned businesses stay away from the viral media’s den by stopping the advertising. /.







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