The left media could not spook public on the shutdown


Posted on January 22, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The US government’s shutdown is the routine in US politics, from 1976 to 2019, there were 18 times. Almost, the shutdown belongs to the Congress and Senate using the political pressure to the incumbent government, mostly, the shutdown comes from conspiracy or the dirty political game. Sometimes, the opposition politicians want to abuse the government, actually, the annual budget is the target for revenge or misusing the lawmaker’s power to blackmail the government. Therefore, this time is the longest shutdown in history, Democrats expose the hostile attitude, they have exploited the authority of Congress to revenge after the loss of election 2016. The main culprits are Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer. Both misuse the lawmaker’s function to the terrorization on the national interest, the target is the wall, the border protection relates the national security and the social safety. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and her faction transform Democrats to the terrorist party. Democrats ignore the vital existence of a political party that is the people, a party has no people support is like the fish has no water to live. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer have conducted Democrats to the political suicide. Actually, Nancy Pelosi exposes the arrogant, brazen and obstinate attitude into the lawmaker’s career. The US people recognize Nancy Pelosi is the low-gear politician, unfortunately, she is the leader of Democrats, so she is derailing Democrats into the disaster. The cheating policy couldn’t help Democrats exist, but the people will decide the fate of Democrats in the future. The walk away movement of Democratic fan that signals Democrats is going to ruin.


The wall just costs $USD 5.7 billion but Democrats eliminate instead, they increase $USD 12 billion for the foreign aid, mostly the Muslim countries will receive the US taxpayers. Nevertheless, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promoted Muslim congresswoman Ilha Omar into the most powerful body in the House of Representatives, leader Nancy Pelosi granted the Allah certified Congress when she selected Ilham Omar into the House Foreign Affairs Committee, so in the future, Representative Ilhan Omar will misuse the authority to pour the US taxpayers to the Muslim countries and she will deserve the facilities and the privileges to the Muslim countries. It is like President Barrack Obama did in 8 years, now Representative Ilham Omar. The Democratic donkey voters helped the thug destroy the country.


Despite President Donald Trump has tried to end the standoff and he does want nearly a million government workers to get back the job. Unfortunately, Democrats rejected the deal, actually, lawmaker Nancy Pelosi snubs the public interest and the people. Her arrogant, brazen attitude costs more time the government’s shutdown, the US people have never tolerated Democrats and the culprits Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and her faction in the House of Representatives and Senate. The people knew Nancy Pelosi acts as a gang leader to seize the Congress then she considers the taxpayers are her possession.

The government’s shutdown has been politicized by Democrats and the left media launching the psychological warfare to slam President Donald Trump and Republicans. However, the phony propaganda doesn’t work, instead, it counteracts Democrats. It becomes the disaster for Democrats and the damages are inevitable. The next Congressional and Presidential election will answer the treasonous attitude of Democrats. In the passage of time, the previous presidents built the parts of the wall and now President Donald Trump wants to complete the border protection, therefore Democrats and Nancy Pelosi prevent while the felons, terrorists and the illegal wave are going to shatter the US as they did in Europe.


The selfish and low gear patriotic concern of Democrats, actually Nancy Pelosi threatening the national security and the US economy, they have the worst cheat to pay $USD 155 billion for asylum seeker a year, but the wall just $USD 5.7 billion cuts. There are many countries built the wall at the border, Israel, Turkey, India plans to build 1,864 miles, 2.7 meters high between China and the India-Bangladesh wall…after the Second World War, there were 77 walls built between the nations. So President Donald Trump continues to complete the wall at Mexico-US border that does need for the national security.


Democrats and lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi oppose against the US people willing, actually the social safety. The demagogic rhetoric of Nancy Pelosi cheats the people by the label of HUMAN RIGHTS, but it unmasks the HUMAN WRONG, the thugs and people smuggling develop the Human Rights shield to invade the US, Nancy Pelosi lies the people on the immoral wall that is a farce. The aliens killed the American, is it moral?. The government’s shutdown is the normal impact, before, the shutdown could affect while the unemployment rate hiked. Therefore, President Donald Trump created the job, cut the individual tax and company, the unemployment hit the lowest record 3.9%, but under the era of the president” yes we can” Barrack Obama, the jobless hit to 9%. During the government’s shutdown, the other record hit the veteran unemployment reached the lowest in 18 years, the annual employment of veteran was 3.5% in 2018 and now, it is the good news.


Whatever, the effort of Democrats and the phony propaganda of the left media couldn’t deceive the people, everyone knew who are the culprits and the wall’s support increases, instead of the people abhore and condemn Democrats, actually, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi becomes the most hated face in the US.

Democrats are obstinate, actually, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi rejected any options of President Donald Trump to end the government’s shutdown. However, President Donald Trump has many solutions to build the wall:


-President Donald Trump authorizes to deport 11 million illegal migrants, they are the Democratic supporters.


-The White House swamp is going to drain out, so the felons appall with the foolish reactions while the wall’s standoff. The panic station exposes on the hopeless reaction Robert Mueller when he brought the deposed witness Michael Cohen to the Congress but it is useless, the anger of Nancy Pelosi and her faction to reject any proposal of President Donald Trump, actually, Nancy Pelosi lost the luxury overseas vacancy with the family finances from the taxpayers during the government’s shutdown. Nevertheless, her son is Paul Jr Pelosi charged with fraud by the Exchange Commission, it causes the company suspended, so Nancy Pelosi lost the money, in 2009, she had $USD 10 million shares and now, the money would be adding more.


-The dire weapon of President Donald Trump is $USD 17 million silently paid for the victims of Congress’s sexual harassment. President Donald Trump has not used this weapon yet, because he wants to deal first. If this Intercontinental Ballistic Sexual Harassment launches, Democrats will be devastated.


-President Donald Trump authorizes to declare the national emergency while the illegal migrant’s wave threatens at the border, the commander in chief has the rights to use the defensive budget to build the wall.


The wall has to build despite Democrats and leader Pelosi are attempting to prevent by the cunning tactics plus misusing the congressional power, the lawmakers become the terrorists on the border protection. The US people decide to build the wall, so Democrats and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi couldn’t oppose against the people. Actually, the left media failed to tell a lie about the government’s shutdown with the false polls, the fake news to excite the public to pressure President Donald Trump gives up the wall. Democrats and the left media made the critical mistake by the phony propaganda doesn’t work and now hitting back the left media with Democrats. Whatever, President Donald Trump has many solutions to build the wall while Democrats just reject without a right reason, but the hypocritical speech of Nancy Pelosi couldn’t convince the public. Democrats and Nancy Pelosi couldn’t use the palms to cover the sunlight. The people will say goodbye Democrats in the next congressional and presidential election ./.







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