The left journalists could not survive by the fake news


Posted on July 16, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Nowadays, the media job is due to the difficult situation when the communication developed high technology and media socialized, so everyone could create a blogger, website and publicize online by the amateur journalists sending the articles without payment and the world could read. Actually, the internet exposes into multiple forms with the giant companies are Google, Facebook, and the others eradicated the newspapers, television, radio, commercial media, including the left media companies. The social media plus the multiple sources provide the information costs nothing while the media companies do need the money to run the business and pay for the journalists and the editorial staff. The golden time of the left media is gone, moreover, the left media committed suicide by the fake news, fabricated stories, and the false polls. The media prestige harmed by the dishonest media workers and the profit lover’s media companies.


After the US presidential election in 2016, the people have no trust the left media, the phony psychologic warfare completely failed on the false polls and propaganda debunked after November 8, 2016, the credit of left media ruined from the grassroots. Actually, President Donald Trump granted the death certificate” fake news” to the left media companies like CNN, the Washington Post, The New York Times and the others.


There are currently about 44,700 journalists in the US, but the media job expects to shrink 10.1% from 2016 to 2026 while the other labor market fields in the US increased the job, the unemployment rate is 3.6% that hits the lowest record since. The fake news causes the media job to declined and committed suicide. The income of Freeland journalist recorded 40%  earn under $USD 20,000 (before tax) a year,  18% earn from $USD 20,000 to 30,000, 12 % get from $USD 30,000 to  $USD 40,000 or $USD 50,000. But there are just 2% earn $USD 100,000 or more. The number of famous journalists is many, so the major journalists must survive, they must find how to make money and remain the job. China communist knew the journalists in Western has faced hardship, so Beijing easily hires the Western journalists into the propaganda. Nevertheless, the profit lovers attract the payment from China espionage agents and undercover activists hidden under the business, companies or the China companies operating in the Western. So the left media has propagated and has misled the public since the Vietnam War. The low-income earners rush to survive, so the left media often published the fake news, they wrote as someone ordered and paid. The honest media respects the truth, but the dishonest media concerns the media as a kind of business. Certainly, a business must serve the customers and respond to the request of whoever pays for. The mainstream media in Western assimilated as the propaganda machine in the communist countries by the dishonest journalists and the left media companies. China communist has destroyed the Western’s mainstream media by the money since the Cold War.


The hard evidence proved the left media serves for the customers than national interest, they transform the communication field to the business. After the terrorist attacked the US on September 11, 2001, while the US was leading the allies to fight against the den of Al Qaeda at Afghanistan, there was a Vietcong Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh traveled from France to New York, on October 25, 2001 he paid $USD 45,000 for The New York Times published full-page A5 and A 22. This article criticized the US and allies attacked the Al Qaeda and Taliban, Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh distorted the truth by comparing the US bombarding the Al Qaeda bases as the US Airforce bombarded 300,000 houses at Bến Tre province in Tet Offensive battle 1968. Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh was the disgraced liar because the numerous house at Bến Tre province didn’t have 300,000. The New York Times supported Al Qaeda by Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh’s propaganda.


The media line has been engaged in the hardship, actually the journalists while the media companies want more reader and making a profit. The competitive time rushes the journalists attract the reader. Therefore, they couldn’t win the social media and multiple sources of information. Its reason causes the left journalists wrote the fake news and fabricated stories as President resigns, Robert Mueller impeaches President Donald Trump, the false polls always raised the lowest poll for President Donald Trump…the biased article propagates the economic war has no winner while China received the potential damages. Moreover, the hungry money’s journalists promote China has the develop weapon as a Laser gun, aircraft carriers, the People’s Liberation Navy can destroy the US aircraft carriers, China acquired the high technology and advances the US…However, the people laugh when the left media released the garbage news, fake news and fabricated stories as a kid telling about the lolly and chocolate. The left media snubs the public but they have tried to create the fake news to attract the reader for keeping the job. The dangerous game is like a boomerang hits back the thrower, the people distrust the fake news wrote by the poor level’s journalists, they wrote the themes without knowledge as a mechanic tells about the medical field, so the readers stay away that causes the media companies to lose more reader. China should fail the propaganda in the Western because the left journalists are useless when the public distrust and boycott the fake news./.







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