The left icons have driven Hollywood to Hollytrash


Posted on July 7, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Hollywood is the center of the movie in the US and the world’s recognition where is the movie stars, filmmakers have made a lot of money and also the place of fame. Unfortunately, the left icons of Hollywood have driven the well-known and famous place has been distorted into the political purpose that causes the prestige destroyed. The left movie stars are arrogant and they have exploited the public figure to propagate for Democrats by driving the entertainment to psychological warfare. The politics share with entertainment transforming the art becomes the implement of the treason when the left icons in Hollywood stand alongside with Democrats, the party opposes the national interest and the border protection, national security.


The left Hollywood’s icons have the historical record to endorse the finance and the propaganda for Democrats Party. Its reason, the art has strayed into psychological warfare. In the passage of time, the left movie stars and left filmmakers produced biased films to support the communism since the Cold War. Actually, the Vietnam war, the filmmakers produced many films propagated for Vietcong terrorist, so Hollywood rarely made the films telling about the genocide of Vietcong, Ho Chi Minh…moreover, they concealed the massacre of Tet Offensive at Huế in 1968 as Tiennamen Square massacre and the worst treatment of Vietcong applied the dried bloodbath’s revenge policy to more than 800,000 members of the South Vietnam army and public servant after Vietcong invaded Saigon on April 30, 1975, Vietcong killed more than 165,000 political prisoners. The prominent movie stars were as Jane Fonda who prides the nickname is Hanoi Jane, the traitor harmed the US government and the P.O.W detained at Hanoi Hilton or Hỏa Lò Prison camp during the Vietnam War was occurring. The concerned people could realize the wrong and right, but the leftists assimilate the good and bad are the same, so they ignored the truth and respect the fake. The fake news, fake morality are the character of left media, left icons of Hollywood and the left parties. The mind replaced by instinct that ruined the center of entertainment in the US.


Besides the concerned movie stars and filmmakers, the left icons in Hollywood made the shame of Hollywood line. In the presidential election 2016, the left Hollywood’s movie stars and the pop singers absolutely supported their comrade Hillary Clinton from the finance and performance in the campaign. Therefore, the entertainers performed the wrong place, the election campaign, not a concert. Moreover, the left media have the Democratic fan, actually, the left movie stars, the pop singers received the anesthetic of the false poll, almost the left media released the so-called opinion polls to confirm Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump from 4 to 12 points that guaranteed Madam Hillary Clinton would be the first female President of United States of America. Even Hillary Clinton believed to win the presidential election, so in the debates, Hillary Clinton showed the arrogant behaviors as the US President, she labeled Donald Trump unfits the commander in chief. However, the night of November 8, 2016, transformed the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton to a nightmare, she knew” what happened” but it was too late and she has no opportunity to repeat the dream again. Certainly, the left Hollywood movie stars officially vowed to leave the US if Donald Trump wins the election, the prominent movie stars were Whoopi Goldberg, Lena Dunham, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, George Lopez, Raven Symone, Amy Schumer, Cher, and the others promised to leave, and it made the public. Moreover, the arrogant icons were George Clooney, Robert,  De Niro, even jealous Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger often mocked President Donald Trump. The deposed T.V host Oprah Winfrey did the same but she broke a promise, a movie star Meghan Markle vowed to leave the US and migrate to Canada, eventually, she moved to the United Kingdom after married to Prince Harry, if not, she still lives in the US and broke the promise as her colleagues.


The male icons in Hollywood have struck the Sexual Harassment Bomb, the case highlights mogul filmmaker Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob. Following the list of sexual harassment and misconduct are Ben Affleck,  Nick Carter, Louis C.K, Andy Dick,  Richard Dreyfuss, Gary Goddard, David Guillod, Dustin Hoffman, Ethan Kath, Andrew Kreisberg,  John Lasseter,  Benny Medina, Murray Miller, Jeremy Piven,  Brett Ratner, Twiggy Ramirez, Chris Savino,  Mark Schwahn, Steven Seagal, Russell Simmons, Tom Sizemore,  Kevin Spacey,  George Takei, Jeffrey Tambor,  James Toback,  Bob Weinstein ( a film producer and brother of Harvey Weinstein), Harvey Weinstein, Matthew Weiner, Ed Westwick…The left movie icons destroyed the prestige of Hollywood, they transformed Hollywood to Holly trash with many cesspools hid behind the most famous entertainment’s center in the US. Behind the left icons are the mess, behind Democrats are treason, behind Clinton are felons.


The left Hollywood’s icons are a saga, Jane Fonda’s brother is Tony Fonda attacked the youngest son of President Donald Trump, his bad behavior is condemned by the public. Nowadays, Hollywood becomes the hub of scandal as Clinton’s family, Nancy Pelosi’s family. Pornstar Stormy Daniels went too far, she and an illiterate law was lawyer Michael Avenatti conspired to remove President Donald Trump by the false accusation, she must receive the consequence, therefore, Hillary Clinton and Democrats stayed away after the dirty conspiracy failed.


The US people voted President Donald Trump, but have never voted the left icons of Hollywood. Therefore, the ill-concerned icons misunderstand about their position, so they talk as the US president that makes the people laugh, the disgraced clowns couldn’t convince the public ./.







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