The law needs to identify the crime of fake news


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The multiple levels of court and the different fields of justice could help the victim solves the crime and also punish the conviction. The International court decides the international tribunal and also bring the genocide to the justice. Therefore, the media terrorists are the serious crime opposing against humanity, but the crime has not appeared the court yet.


The law and legal system deserve the suitable sentence for the criminal after the judge found guilty. Even the civil law protects the personal righteousness despite its court doesn’t decide the jail term but whoever harms the other, they must pay the damages to the victim. The law recognizes the defamation’s case based on the civil damages account the compensation and the judge deserves the heavy payment for a victim. The most defamation’s case occurred in the media, therefore, the victims of defamation must prove the material damages.


The terrorist is a serious crime, actually, the national security and the law have not tolerated the culprits created the bloodshed or even conspiring to attempt a terror, helping and finances the terror’s organization. The terrorism comes from the psychological warfare, the arrogant clerics plus the Muslim community leaders and bigot preachers carry out the hated propaganda against the non-Muslim and the other religions. They are the mastermind of the terror or the perpetrators of the terrorist.


The extremists hide into the Muslim religion, the mosques and Muslim communities, they killed and injured the innocent people including the material damages, the outcome also appalls the people.


The left media terrorists stationed and rooted into the mainstream media. The left media is the thug of people, the foe of communication and the enemy of the truth. The left media is the high level of terrorism, the left media terrorists attack the people mind by the fake news, fabricated stories and created the false polls to rig the election. The crime of left media terrorist created more serious than the extremist. Therefore, the law has not recognized yet the dangerous terrorism has appeared and activated in the Cold War, actually, the Vietnam War.


The left media targets the people mind, it is the most important part of the human body. Nevertheless, the mind is like a headquarter of the human body, the mind commands the action or reaction, the left media terrorist creates the mental damages. The psychological warfare is the mind’s terror method and the propaganda carries out the terror’s practice. When the people mind to be attacked by the fake news, fabricated stories, the victims become the Human Robot, the remote control holds on hand of the left media terror’s companies. The left media terrorist misleads the public and urges the violence. The social mayhem, the national security being unstable and the hatred of each other currently occurs, all come from the left media terrorism.


The Vietnam War recognized the role of left media terrorism, the left media terrorists were the reporters, the journalists, the columnists, and the photographers, they worked for the left media terror bases. The left media terrorists and its bases covered up the serious crimes against the humanity of Vietcong terrorist’s organization. The terror’s scenes of Vietcong to be concealed, so the Hue’s massacre in the Tet offensive in 1968 to be demoted, even the left media avoided to release the information about 7,200 people including students, women, and foreigners killed by Vietcong after 25 days occupied Hue, the bodies of victim buried at the mass graves around Hue. Instead, the left media repeated and propagated the incident at Mỹ Lai where was among the Vietcong’s stronghold from the Indochina and Vietnam War. Nevertheless, after Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975, the inhumane regime applied the cruel revenge policy, it was the dried bath bloodshed, Vietcong concentrated more than 800, 000 members of South Vietnam Army and public servants, the hell of prison camp as Hitler camp killed about 165,000 people, therefore, almost the left media shunned to release the news and the barbarous policy of Vietcong.


In the Western countries, the left media terrorists often attack the people mind by the fake news, fabricated stories and cheating the election by the false polls. The victims of left media are the innocent people, actually, the young people, their mind replaced by the wrong information, so the rallies protested against the government as in the US, the protests oppose the government and attack commander in chief is Donald Trump, all turn crazily, because the victim’s mind filled full by the fake news and the fabricated stories.


The victims of left media terrorist are plenty, there is just Vietnam war, the victims are more than 90,000,000 Vietnamese people lost freedom after Vietcong won the unpredictable war and the Vietnam Veteran with family. The left media terrorist prominent bases were the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, CBS…BBC in the United Kingdon, ABC, Channel Seven and the others in Australia. Nevertheless, the Western society currently complicates by the fake news and the public misleading. The serious crime of left media terrorist has not indicted yet, despite the victims could reach a hundred million people, actually, the Western people are also the victims of the left media terrorism.


The law of Western needs to identify the serious crime against the humanity of the left media terrorists, actually, the left media terror bases are the den of fake news as the bases of Islamic State, Al Qaeda….the legal system needs to recognize the crime of the left media terrorists and bring them to justice after a fake news and fabricated story or the false poll released to the public. The lawmaker may introduce the bill to deserve the heavy sentence to whoever works in media but breaching the law by releasing the fake news. The honest and concerned media worker need to protect the career, so the Committee to Protect Journalists Prestige (CPJP) needs to establish to respond to the media being lost the people trust./.







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