The justice Bight comes closer Joe Biden and Democrats


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The Donkey’s Head gang has been faced the peril as a proverb quotes” burn not your house to fright the mouse away” after the scandals discovered when the blatant evidence follows, and the wrongdoers will not escape the justice, actually, the people’s judge will decide the futuristic elections and the fate of Democrats. The people’s verdict is the heavy punishment affecting Democratic in the long term including the treasonous politicians will pay the prices when the people want them to retire from the Congress and Senate.


The impeachment is just a physical reaction like all kinds of insects struck by the pesticide after the incident of Ukraine burst. The call carried out between the US President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is just a diplomatic conversation. Therefore, the high profiles of Democrats panic when the corruption being hidden behind the shadow of former Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her son Paul Jr, turncoat Republican Mitt Romney.


The impeachment is a tactic as a stratagem of Sun Tzu:” make a sound in the east then strike in the west”. So the impeachment attempts to bar the corruption probe during finding the way to escape, it is the negative defense. Nevertheless, Democrats know the impeachment is impossible to be after the Special Counsel of the legal terrorist Robert Mueller failed the greatest witch hunt in the US history, certainly, the fake dossier couldn’t cheat Republicans and the Consitution. Moreover, the impeachment based on a call of President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has nothing to hide, nor pressuring Ukraine’s government to investigate Joe Biden’s corruption. The Donkey’s Head gang has no choice while the disaster is waiting for them, it urges Democrats to launch the full-scale attack President Donald Trump by the hopeless impeachment’s battle.


The commander in thug Nancy Pelosi and her lieutenant Adam Schiff lead the Donkey’s Head gang encounters President Donald Trump and the Constitution, they apply the obsolete weapon’s impeachment as the negative retaliation, but the situation worsens for every tactic, actually, the solo revolution to impeach President Donald Trump is a farce while Senate is the final place with major Senators are Republicans. The impeachment has fallen into the deadlock when Democrats have tried to cheat the Congress and the people by using the hidden whistleblowers as the witnesses. Moreover, the” robbers with the paper-knife” represent the whistleblowers working with Democrats in Congress for the legal fees, not justice. The legal system respects the witness, so an anonymous witness can not apply at a court hearing, actually, the Congress where is not only Democrats but Republicans. The Donkey’s Head gang couldn’t apply the bush law as China, Vietnam, and the other communist regimes to impeach President Donald Trump without a reason. The key witnesses are designed by Democrats like Mr.  Bill Taylor who confessed using the information from the den of fake news is The New York Times and Obama’s Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch who made the false statements in the closed-door testimony of the Democratic House on October 11, 2019, she lied with Congress, it should face the criminal charge. The self- designed impeachment hits back Democrats, the lawmaker terrorists have been pushed back the impeachment’s battle, Democrats lose the power and credit after Republican Representative Jim Jordan moves to Intelligence Committee and he is in charge of the impeachment committee. Obviously, Representative Jim Jordan demands the list of 8 witnesses for impeachment’s hearing are:


- Devon Archer

- Hunter Biden

- Alexandra Chalupa

- David Hale

-Tim Morrison

- Nellie Ohr

- Amb. Volker

- The “Informant” and their sources.


Recently, Republican lawmakers are preparing to call Hunter Biden who is a key witness in the upcoming public impeachment hearing plus the so-called CIA whistleblowers (the people will know who are they, if not showing the whistleblowers, Adam Schiff lies to Congress). House Intelligence Committee ranking member is Devin Nunes wrote a letter sending to the chairman of Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff to call the witnesses to testify. Actually, Hunter Biden related the business in Ukraine and served on the board of Burisma Holdings that is a major Ukraine natural gas. The testimony of Hunter Biden is the worst news for Democrats, the chain of corruption appalls the high profiles of Democrats, actually, Hunter Biden will clarify $USD 2.1 billion provided by China, what is the money? The laundering money ring linking Ukraine-Latvia-Cyprus and the other corruption have become the subjects of the Justice Department plus the Congress and Senate’s inquiry. Certainly, the robbers with the paper-knife will not protect their client when the blatant evidence testified, the robbers with the paper-knife will not help their client to escape the crimes by the loopholes and the legal skill.


The US people are waiting for the wrongdoers to pay the prices, actually, former Vice President Joe Biden and his family can not sit above the law. Certainly, his presidential nomination ruined, he will not beat President Donald Trump like a drum as he raised the mouthful speech. The justice net is coming closer to Joe Biden’s family and the Donkey’s Head gang ./.






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