The juridical bight tightens the gangs of Barack Obama


Posted on February 17, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Everyone knew the Democratic President Barrack Obama’s government is the hub of corruption and treason, President Barrack Obama characterizes a communist, he talked a lot but did nothing, the demagogic slogan” yes we can” is a farce of Karl Marx’s pupil. Mr. Barrack Obama is the worst president in US history, but he is the prominent icon of the left media and the wrongdoers and the lawbreaker component. Certainly, Mr. Barrack Obama is the hero of corruption. Nevertheless, Obama is the global thug, he ignited the racial war, gender war actually, he used $USD 400 million of the US taxpayer to provide for the terrorist that labeled a hostage exchange. He did the will of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden by withdrawing the US troop in Iraq that created an opportunity for Islamic State founded.


In the domestic, President Obama and his gang arrayed the legal safety net into the legal system with Obama’s judges deployed from Supreme Court Justice to the district judges. Obama’s judges appeared the face after releasing the court’s orders against the travel ban and border protection’s security order of President Donald Trump. Obama’s judges are the legal thugs and the viral judges abused the courtroom and ruined the legal system. Nevertheless, the investigating body as FBI, CIA, National Intelligence Agency’s directors are the henchmen of President Barrack Obama and Democrats.


Under the rule of the first US communist and Allah president in White House, the justice protected the felons, actually, the high profiles sitting above the law. The people suspected a hundred mysterious deaths of the persons worked, collaborated, friends and the others linking with Clinton’s family. The deaths have never solved while the investigating agencies’ bosses pointed by Democrats. So FBI director James Comey didn’t indict Hillary Clinton twice despite FBI held the hard evidence about 33,000 emails. The legal and investigating agencies ruined in 8 years, President Barrack Obama and his Democratic gang devastated the US legal system.


President Donald Trump vows to drain out the White House’s swamp, it causes Democrats to fear and they have tried to impeach President by the cunning conspiracies, they exhausted the tactics:


- The medical terrorist carried out by 27 democratic medical doctors of Harvard and Yale University distorted the medical career to disqualify President’s health by the bizarre medical assessment’s statement despite they have never diagnosed President Donald Trump. Rear Admiral Doctor Ron Jackson debunked the distorted doctors. The Harvard and Yale DOGTORS released the bullshit medical assessment based on 25 amendments, not medical experience and knowledge.


The legal terror performed by the law professors of Harvard created the bush law to impeach President Donald Trump, but it doesn’t work.


- The left billionaires are George Soros, Tom Steyer…are keen to use the money to remove President Donald Trump.


The actual henchman Robert Mueller has applied the legal terror to abuse President Donald Trump by the investigation on Russia meddled the US election in 2016, that based on the fabricated dossiers wrote by a former British intelligent agent Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton paid. Former FBI boss Robert Mueller knew the cheat investigation since he just got the job of Special Counsel. The taxpayers wasted more than $USD 34 million for the dirty political game of Democrats. Mr. Robert Mueller didn’t have a clue to prove Russia interfered the US election, instead, he waived Hillary Clinton who sold 20% national Uranium to Russia.


The secret plan to remove President Donald Trump to be arranged inside the Justice Department and FBI: Recently, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe confessed the secret discussion between former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Mr. Andrew McCabe after President Donald Trump fired James Comey, they conspired to impeach President Donal Trump by the 25th Amendment. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein prepared the cunning plan, obviously, he pointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller that was the tactic. Nevertheless, the wife of McCabe is Jill McCabe, she is the high ranking member of Democrats. However, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein denied the information to make the coup between FBI and Justice Department after, Mr. Andrew McCabe said Deputy Attorney General offered to secretly record President Donald Trump.


The legal and investigating plus intelligence’s safe networks of President Barrack Obama to be eradicated after President Donald Trump getting the office, the White House’s swamp is draining out and the monsters appearing under the light of justice.


The investigation silently has performed to Barrack Obama’s gang that has started by the US Attorney for the state of Utah is John Huber. Obviously, Attorney General Jeff Session pointed over a year ago to investigate the most corruption in US history. The subjects are the corruption, abusing the power and the other crimes hid into the highest level of the State Department, FBI and Justice Department, mostly, the suspicious felons are the Democrats.


The investigation of Attorney John Huber remains in the shadow, not leaked, but now, the public could know the most wanted icons area Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director James Comey, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, CIA Director John Brennan, Associate Deputy Director Bruce Ohr, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Christopher Steele, and several other principals of Uranium One, The Clinton Foundation…The indictment will be made the public within the next 60 days.


The main suspicious persons couldn’t lie or conceal the truth, actually, the investigating agencies have the hard evidence to bring the wrongdoers to justice. Certainly, behind the main persons, there are the other high profiles of Democrats related. The reason that causes Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi always abuses President Donald Trump, she attacks the wall, stealing the job of IRS to require the tax return of President Donald Trump…therefore, the impeachment is impossible although Democrats to control the House of Representatives. The gang of Clinton and Obama are facing the juridical bight tightens./.








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