The internal thugs appeared in Republicans


Posted on December 28, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The presidential impeachment is the dirty political game of Democrats using the taxpayers and the Congressional authority to remove the patriotic President Donald Trump by the cunning tactics. The treasonous action of Democratic Party responds to China’s interest and the offshore enemies want to take down a man who volunteers to serve for the country without a salary, he makes America great again, the allies trust, the enemies fears, and the domestic thugs appall the White House’s swamp-draining out then the felons, treason plus the corruption to be found.


The unconstitutional impeachment is the negative defense of Democrats when the high profiles deeply involved the serious wrongdoings. On the other hand, Democrats have no choice to react as all kinds of insects are struck by the pesticide. They have tried the find the way to escape. Unfortunately, the garbage impeachment has fallen into the quagmire without exit, every impeachment aggravates the worst situation. Democrats made the failures following the disaster that trashed the hidden communist party in the US.


The malicious impeachment has started since President Donald Trump inaugurated on January 20, 2017. The major plans to remove President Donald Trump that failed, so-called Russia meddled the US presidential election in 2016 based on the fabricated dossiers wrote by the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton paid. The deep conspiracy of Hillary Clinton and Democrats couldn’t win the law and Constitution, despite President Barrack Obama left in the robbers with the paper-knife in the legal system and the investigating body as FBI, therefore, the justice defeated the cheaters. No-one can drive the Constitution and sit above the law.


The legal terrorist Robert Mueller spent $USD 34 million for the most witch hunt in US history, his legal terror’s mission ended after 22 months lied and cheated the Constitution, plus snubbing the US people. The tax-returns didn’t affect when the Constitution consent the sitting president can not show the tax-returns. The guerrilla’s tactic used pornstar Stormy Daniels and lawyer Michael Avenatti failed, no-one can bring the sitting president at a court. The illiterate lawyer and false accuser must receive the consequence. Nevertheless, Democrats exhausted the tactics, the also used 27 medical Dogrors from Havard and Yale university to distort the medical assessments that based on 25 Amendment, not medical practices or medical lesson.


Democrats and China obsess the second term of President Donald Trump will come. Possibly, the landslide victory will be inevitable after President Donald Trump achieved the major promises to make America great again. China does fear the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariff Missile that crippled the economy, the financial system is on the brink of collapse, actually the massive jobless is the death vulnerability of China’s communist regime.


The peak of impeachment occurred before Christmas 2019, the last effort and also the politically disgraced game loses the power, actually, the unconstitutional impeachment hit back Democrats. The lawmaker terror’s leader Nancy Pelosi completely failed the impeachment, she knew it is impossible because Republicans control the Senate. Nevertheless, 67 votes in the Senate can not reach. Democrats separate the Senate line by using the turncoat Republicans as they used Senator John McCain before in Russia intervened in the US election. There are three turncoat Republicans support Nancy Pelosi to impeach President Donald Trump. The fallen president’s candidate Mitt Romney who holds Senator of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Despite three traitors stand with Democrats, but they have not enough the number to impeach.


The US people and Republicans have no surprise the traitors appeared in the scam’s impeachment. Senator Mitt Romney hates President Donald Trump by envy and he also links the business with Hunter Biden in Ukraine. Senator Susan Collins supported China revalued Yuan, she called it is the good first step in fair trade. Moreover, Senator Susan Collins condemned President Donald Trump talked about the investigation of  $USD 1.5 billion that China provided for Hunter Biden (the people believe China rewarded former Vice President Joe Biden who served for China’s interest in 8 years). Recently, Senator Murkowski supports Democrats in the scam’s impeachment, she reasons the tariffs that affect the seafood in Alaska (her electorate), the people doubt Senator Lisa Murkowski should have a business linking China.


The separative tactic of Democrats creates the disorder in Republicans and also aiming the election 2020. The Republican supporters will abandon three Republican Senators and Democrats shall again more the seats in Senate. Nevertheless, three turncoat Republicans become Democratic undercover activists, the domestic enemy will harm the US policy, actually the second term of President Donald Trump.


The Republican electorates of Mitt Romney, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski may choose the other candidates in the election 2020. The electorate’s president can eliminate the turncoat Republicans to avoid the damages. The traitors will harm the country more than the outside enemy, actually, the traitors will sabotage the policies of President Donald Trump in the second term. The internal enemy can undermine the national interest for their favor and the boon granted by China or the foreigners.


President Donald Trump can file the lawsuit, White House, and Justice Department can prosecute Robert Mueller, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and the left media (accomplice) by the convictions:


- Defame the US President plus the compensation the prestige’s damage


- Snubbing the Constitution with the cheat impeachment


- Lie the Congress and Senate


- Harming the national interest


- Mislead the public


- Override the Congressional power


- Obstruct the Congress


- Treason


Democrats exploited the subpoena and humiliate the high-level of the legal order like an invoice of supermarket, so Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney ignored the garbage subpoena, former national security John Bolton intends to fight a subpoena at court while turncoat Republican Lisa Murkowski incites Democrats should use the court to force whoever disobeys the Congressional subpoena. Democrats commit suicide with the scam’s impeachment and Republicans can recognize the traitors stabbing in back its party. Certainly, the turncoat Republicans couldn’t avoid the condemnation of the US people and criticism’s history./.






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