The impeachment turns mad to trash Democrats


Posted on December 19, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Donkey’s Head gang or the Democratic terror organization has stormed the White House by using the US taxpayers and the Congressional authority’s weapon to terrorize the potential commander in chief Donald Trump. The lawmaker terrorists failed to strike the wall’s fund, they also held 850,000 government workers, the hostages had no money while the government shut down. The US people have watched every action of the high-level terror group attacking the US people.


After the lawmaker terrorists elected by the donkey voters after the mid-term’s Congressional election in 2018. US democracy has been driven by high-level terrorists in Congress. The lawmaker terrorist leader and also the commander in thug Nancy Pelosi has led her Democratic terror’s group to attack the US interest and targeting the potential commander in chief Donald Trump who makes America great again, the offshore enemies fears, allies trust, and the domestic thugs appall the White House’s swamp is underway to drain out and the felons plus traitors will be found.


The legal terror’s mission has carried out from President Donald Trump getting the office on January 20, 2017. The Special Counsel became the active terror cell to use the Justice Department as the treadle to terrorize President Donald Trump. The legal terror’s leader was Robert Mueller who used the fake dossiers to carry out the greatest witch hunt in US history. The investigation of so-called Russia meddles the US election in 2016 based on the fabricated documents. The cunning conspiracy debunked, the fake dossiers wrote by the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele, mastermind Hillary Clinton paid $USD 168,000 and $USD 1.02 million for Perkin Coie law firm then turncoat Republican John McCain developed in Senate to impeach President Donald Trump. Eventually, the fraud’s investigation unmasked, the legal terror’s mission completely failed and legal terrorist Robert Mueller surrendered the odd job, he must hand over the conclusive report to Attorney General William Barr. Therefore, the legal terror’s mission of Robert Mueller wasted the taxpayers $USD 34 million after 22 months cheated the Constitution, misled the public. The Justice Department needs to indict the legal terrorist Robert Mueller and the audit can investigate the spending of $USD 34 million. Certainly, Robert Mueller can not sit above the law, he must pay the crime after the court found guilty.


The Democratic Party becomes the terror organization in the US, the high-level of terror has attacked the US interest and as also trying to escape the serious crimes, actually the treason. However, Democrats appeared the real face of the hidden communist party and the terror organization, so the US people boycott Democrats after the leaders are Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler have attempted the impeachment’s terror mission aiming to the commander in chief Donald Trump.


The impeachable terror mission reflects the extreme panic of the felons, the treason, the corruption to be unveiled after Ukraine’s scandal publicized. The corruption links to the high profiles of Democrats like the former Vice President Joe Biden with his son Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi and her son Paul Jr. The circumstance of Democrats is like all kinds of insects struck by the pesticide react physically before falling into the motionless state, the unlawful and ugly impeachment reflects the panic, therefore, the negative reaction distances more gap from Democrats and the US people.


President Donald Trump volunteers to serve the country without the salary, his patriotic heart conducts the lowest unemployment record from 1969 with 3.5%, the economic growth, the US dollar restores the valuation and Stockmarket increased, Dow Jones passed over 28,000 despite the war to fight against the global economic terror makes the den of thieve, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat crippled the economy, financial system is in the brink of collapse.


The farce of impeachment distorts the Constitution, skewing the justice and snubbing the public. The Democratic Party and China panic the second term of President Donald Trump will not be inevitable, certainly, the landslide victory of President Donald Trump and Republicans in the election 2020 that obsesses China and Democrats. Unfortunately, the hopeless coup has never done because of President Donald Trump does nothing wrong, instead, his great achievements digging up the grave of Democrats in the election 2020. The Democratic Party knows the landslide victory of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom will repeat in the US 2020 election. The worst situation is waiting for Democrats, actually, every impeachable process in Congress carrying out by its party that aggravates the futuristic outcome’s election. Democrats negatively react by the obsolete weapon of the Intelligence Committee led by Adam Schiff and the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler and its gang creating more the people’s abhorrence. The hopeless attempt of Democrats can not save the fate of Democrats, actually, the felons will not sit above the law when the justice bight comes closer to the wrongdoers. The unconstitutional impeachment of the Democratic terror group in Congress is like using a stone to down the fighter Jet F-35.


The garbage and unconstitutional impeachment becomes the suicide mission after all the cunning conspiracies failed. Democrats are swimming in the quagmire of the garbage impeachment, every impeach, inquiry or the sole resolution worsens the situation. After the sole impeachment concluded in the Democratic gang, the disgraced playwright also takes the acting roles in the Impeachment comedy that can not attract the people and bend the Constitution. Despite the left media launches the campaign to mislead the public about the impeachable process, therefore, the people have never trusted the fake news. Moreover, the Senate is controlled by Republicans, and the Supreme Court will dismiss the unconstitutional impeachment’s decision of Obama’s judges in a high court. Certainly, the terror with the wooden hammer can not apply the bush law after the high-level terrorist Barrack Obama left the White House.


The unconstitutional impeachment is a farce of Democrats while the people feel so sick for every time that word repeats and appear on the left media. On the other hand, the Donkey’s Head gang is shameless and tireless to develop the obsolete weapon to terrorize the US interest while the impeachment is impossible. Therefore a gang member of Democrats is Congresswoman Karen Bass confirms Democrats will impeach President Donald Trump again, even Donald Trump wins the second term. The US people recognize the terror mission of Democrats continues to strike the US. Unfortunately, after the election of 2020, Democrats will lose the Congress and Senate, how will Democrats apply the bush law to impeach President Donald Trump? The impeachable boobs are like former New York Mayor, businessman, and author Michael Bloomberg promises to donate $USD 10 million to Democrats if they vote to impeach President Donald Trump. The crazy fan of Democrats rallied with a few hundred protestors to ask the presidential impeachment versus the US population is 329. 45 million and they also launch the petition with a few hundred thousand signatures online to fight for nothing. Certainly, a very small numerous Democratic fan has never impeached President Donal Trump by the bush law, the election is the people’s opinion. After the Democratic gang voted to impeach President Donald Trump in the Congress, what will the next step proceed? And what will Democrats do after Senate trashed the impeachment’s resolution in Congress?. The US people will impeach Democrats in the election 2020. The Democratic terror group in the Congress can impeach President Donald Trump by their bush law and also they can select leader Nancy Pelosi to be the first female president as the sole Congress of  China Communist Party selected leader Xi Jinping becomes the life president. Unfortunately, the US Constitution and the people have never admitted the unconstitutional impeachment, the US has no place for bush law./.






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