The illiterate lawmakers of Democrats issue subpoena


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The subpoena is a high level of the US legal system, it is higher than a court order, so the agencies authorized to issue the subpoena is Congress or Senate, either the high court, supreme court, and Special Counsel. Unfortunately, the illiterate lawmakers of the Democratic Party transformed the subpoena to the invoices of business including a supermarket’s docket. The illiteracy of Democrats humiliates the Congress, Constitution, and the US legal system including the law school and the legal services line. On the other hand, the Democratic Party destroyed the most respectable place in the United States of America.


After the potential loss of election in 2016, Democrats have acted crazily as a mad dog bites and barking in hollow space. Nevertheless, the Democratic Party has deserved the most time to remove President Donald Trump from the office, they have served nothing the country, instead of the legal terror abuses commander in chief and attacking the national interest. The US taxpayers wasted money to pay for the treason and the wrongdoers in Congress and Senate. The Democratic politicians have acted as the domestic thug, the most dangerous enemy in the country.


The impeachment has promoted as the most major policy of Democrats, the cunning tactic is the only solution to retake the government without an election. Moreover, the lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi focuses to remove President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and she will be the first President without election as Constitution. The deep conspiracy is just a dream, therefore,  the greedy power urges Nancy Pelosi and her Donkey’s Head Party have plunged into the crazy impeachment’s campaign. The impeachment’s quagmire is the death trap of Democrats, any new impeachment’s conspiracy costs more damage. Nevertheless, the second term of President Donald Trump will be possible to claim the landslide victory and also the disaster of Democrats in Congress facing the losses both Senate and Congress plus the state’s government.


Unfortunately, the presidential impeachment turns nasty by the folly’s action plus the illiterate lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff (the lying king in Congress), and the Democratic Committees. The impeachment becomes the crazy campaign that causes Democrats falling into the hopelessness of the futuristic elections. The panic exposes on the uncontrolled attitude of Democratic Congress, they rush to impeach President Donald Trump, therefore, every new plan that worsens the situation.


Recently, Ukraine’s incident hits back Democrats, the presidential impeachment turns wild, but Democrats received more damages, actually, the most hopeful candidate Joe Biden ruined by the scandals, the US people question about China communist provided $USD 1.5 billion for Hunter Biden, it probes about China awarded the actual henchman Joe Biden who held Vice President in 8 years. Certainly, China made a huge profit from Joe Biden, he sold the US interest to China.


The corruption of Biden doesn’t stop after the impeachment’s conspiracy failed when the new incidents released as Chairman of Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff who sold the military hardware and corruption in Ukraine. Now, the lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi links Ukraine’s corruption, actually, the laundering money syndicate of Hunter Biden operating into multiple nations are Ukraine-Latvia-Cyprus probe. Moreover, Nancy Pelosi and her son involved an oil import from Ukraine. A turncoat Republican Mitt Romney who co-operated the business with Hunter Biden, so Mitt Romney exposes the treachery, he stands with Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump. Ukraine’s cancerous spot spreads to the high profiles of Democrats and the related persons.


Democrats face the peril after Ukraine’s incident failed the impeachment as all kinds of insect struck by the pesticide that conducts the physical reaction until the body fell into the motionless state.


It is incredible when the top lawmakers and lawmakers of Democrats are the illiterate law. The rash subpoena issued to Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are the garbage orders. Therefore, Democrats conceal a hidden face’s whistleblower, they have not issued a subpoena to the key witness called whistleblower, the disgraced sitcom debunked, the people can know Democrats are the center of a cheat with the bullshit representatives. Nevertheless, Democrats just reveal the first and now the second whistleblower hides the face, their lawyers represent and Democrats use the hidden faces’ witnesses to make the inquiry. Before, Democrats hired a former  British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele to write the fake dossiers about Russia meddled the US election in 2016, the perpetrator was Hillary Clinton who paid $USD 168,000 and $USD 1.02 mullion for Perkins Coie Lawfirm. So Democrats can deploy the whistleblowers to impeach President Donald Trump, it is the phony inquiry.


As the legal routine’s processive stages must respect the rules. Obviously, a case must phase to the Police or FBI to investigate. After the conclusive investigation ended and handing over to the prosecution’s body, then the court issue an order, the legal process takes more time, initially, the trials before the court’s appearance. Therefore, the impeachment probe doesn’t enough the members in Congress, so Congressional speaker Nancy Pelosi demoted the impeachment to an inquiry after the plan failed. Before the Special Counsel of Robert Mueller was in charge of the inquiry, not Congress, so the Democatic Congress is not Special Counsel. Moreover, the impeachment investigation is the career of the FBI, not Congress. Therefore, the chairs of the committee issued the subpoena to someone while the inquiry has not completed yet. The illiterate law of Democratic lawmakers create the world’s laughing, it overturns the legal system and also conflicts the function of a lawmaker. The illiterate law of lawmaker is like a medical doctor who doesn’t know the pathology, virus. The US people review the ballot in the futuristic elections. Now, the people recognized the useless politicians and also the legal terrorists have attacked the national interest and commander in chief from January 20, 2017./.








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