The ill ghost Robert Mueller confers with daydreamers


Posted on July 26, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Democrats totally have fallen into the hopelessness after the potential loss of election 2016. Therefore, Democrats have not learned yet the failure, instead, they become the daydreamers to retake White House by the cunning tactics. So-Called Russia meddled the US election in 2016 has developed maximally as the legal strategy. The presidential impeachment has performed into multiple conspiracies including the cheat medical assessment of 27 dogtors come from Harvard and Yale University destroyed the prestige’s universities, the law professors of Harvard distorted the career. The senior lawyers and attorneys of Democrats expose the real face of dishonesty, they act as the robbers with the paper-knife to insult the US legal system and the law school plus the honestly legal servant line.


The presidential impeachment is the main agenda of Democrats, the sharp tactic carried out the mission was former FBI director Robert Mueller, the conspiracy arrayed by Hillary Clinton who paid $USD 168,000 for a former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele to fabricate the fake dossiers and Hillary Clinton also paid $USD 1.02 million for Perkins Coie Law Firm. Obviously, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s pointed Mr. Robert Mueller set up the Special Counsel. The fake dossiers passed to a turncoat Republican is Senator John McCain and he became the undercover activist of Democrats in Senate. The witch hunt’s investigation on Russia meddled the US election in 2016 that took 22 months and the US taxpayers wasted $USD 34 million, Mr. Robert Mueller made $USD 3.5 million or more than 11%  from the Special Counsel and the cheat investigation. Eventually, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller must conclude the most cheat investigation in US history after passing over the conclusive report to Attorney General William Barr. The 448 pages report just briefs a phrase” no collusion, no obstruction”, so President Donald Trump vindicated, he wrote:” Nothing changes from the Mueller Report. There was insufficient evidence and therefore, in our Country, a person is innocent. The case is closed! Thank you.”. Mr. Robert Mueller misled the public, government, Congress and Constitution plus Department of Justice after the investigation ended, there were 35 persons and three companies charged, but no members of President Donald Trump’s family indicted. Certainly, Democrats and henchman Robert Mueller did want to charge President Donald Trump and his family members and the impeachment will process. Therefore, the domestic thugs did nothing because the investigation was baseless, instead of the deception performing by the cunning conspiracy.


The Special Counsel closed and Robert Mueller resigned on May 29, 2019, the Special Counsel buried in the legal cemetery and Robert Mueller became a ghost. However, the ill ghost Robert Mueller still appears on the left media companies and abuses the people, the ill ghost Robert Mueller has the Democratic daydreamers favor and support. After the Special Counsel ended, Mr. Robert Mueller becomes the ill ghost, but he tries to impeach President Donald Trump because:’


-The presidential election will be held in 2020 while Democrats have no candidate peering with President Donald Trump. The brilliant candidates as socialist Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden will receive the loss as Hillary. They should know” what happens” in 2020.


-Comrade China has been faced the potential damages by the adjust tariffs of President Donald Trump, so China and Democrats focus to remove President Donald Trump before the election 2020, if not, they will face the disaster, moreover, Republicans will control the Senate and Congress…The people doubt behind Democrats and Robert Mueller is China communist. In the passage of time, China intervened the US elections, in 1992, China’s espionage agent John Huang financed candidate Bill Clinton and Al Gore, once again, China’s espionage agent Charlie Trie illegally funded for the second election of Bill Clinton in 1996. The hard evidence of China intervened the US presidential election ignored but the fabricated story of Russia meddled the US election has highlighted, it is the legal disaster in the US.


Democrats rush to overthrow President Donald Trump as soon as possible but the impeachment is impossible after Mr. Robert Mueller concluded the report without a clue of Russia intervened the US election while the time is not much. Behind the ill ghost, Mr. Robert Mueller is Democrats, but Democrats are the comrade with China. The law, actually the law school, court consent a case without evidence to be dismissed, actually the wrong justice must exonerate totally and the government has to pay the compensation. However, Mr. Robert Mueller ignored the legal system and he also humiliates the knowledge of law school.


Everyone knew the impact of Russia meddled the US election is a cheat and the case is over. Therefore, Mr. Robert Mueller applies the bush law of communist regime, despite the conclusive report confirmed” no collusion, no obstruction” but Mr. Robert Mueller still remains the unlawful practice” no exoneration”. It is the communist bush law applying in China, Vietnam, North Korea, and the other socialist regimes. After an innocent person cleared at a people court but there is no exoneration because this person comes from the counter-revolutionary family that based on three generations, so there is no collusion and no obstruction, but President Donald Trump is an opponent of Democrats and he makes America great again, the allies trust and enemies fear. Certainly, Democrats and the ill ghost Robert Mueller apply the socialist law into the US legal system.


Despite the deceived investigation is over but Mr. Robert Mueller still terrorizes the US president and Constitution, he colludes with Democrats to abuse President Donald Trump by the personal issues, it is his option without the consent of Department of Justice, so the private works of Robert Mueller are lawless. Therefore, Democratic Congress admits Mr. Robert Mueller testifies while Robert Mueller doesn’t authorize to release anything after the conclusive report passed over to Attorney General and Special Counsel closed.


The ill ghost Robert Mueller confers with the Democratic daydreamers in the Congress. After two Congressional hearings, the impeachment is like a kid game losing the lolly, unfortunately, the kids are adults and the Democratic politicians. The testimony is nothing to change, but it makes the world laughing, President Donald Trump mocked” this was a great day for me”. President Donald Trump twittered on July 25, 2019:” The kind of questions the White House Correspondents were asking is almost like they didn’t see what went on at the hearings!” @JesseBWatters The hearings were a disaster for Robert Mueller & the Democrats. Nevertheless, the Fake News Media will try to make the best out of it!”. And he criticized:” The Democrats lost so BIG today. Their Party is in shambles right now…”


Whatever, the witch hunt’s investigation of Robert Mueller damaged the legal system, Constitution and Department of Justice. The cheat investigation is like the legal terror to attack the US, national interest and the US President plus the government, so FBI and Department of Justice need to prosecute Mr. Robert Mueller, his crime is treason, actually, the national audit can overhaul the spending of $USD 34 million, the US people are waiting for the justice coming to the wrongdoer and the public exculpated President Donald Trump after the conclusive report, but Mr. Robert Mueller still shows the obstinate attitude of a fallen legal terrorist that is no exoneration of President Donald Trump./.







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