The high-level terrorist Sadiq Khan attacks UK interest


Posted on June 4, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The United Kingdom’s history has never humiliated until UK Labor Party (UK Leninist Party) promoted and the donkey-goon Labor voters blindly elected the first Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan in London. If Mr. Sadiq Khan didn’t have UK Labor Party recruited and the stupid supporters endorsed, certainly, British have never had an ugly and bullshit mayor who often brags in London, the heart of Great Britain, Mr. Muslim London Mayor Sakiq Khan acts like a kid, but a stupid kid often talks garbage to the public.


The first Muslim London Mayor Sakq Khan believes himself as the national leader, he often raises the loud voices as UK Prime Minister and his power covers up the UK, he snubs the Queen and Royal family. Indeed, the London Mayor mandates the head of a local government to take care of the parks, shopping centers, the council rate, dog registration, and rubbish collection. Almost, the city council’s authority is limited in a small region, the mayor and councilors have no rights to take over the authorities in the national interest and nor touching the Constitution, neither making the law as a parliament. In Australia, there are some mayors didn’t understand or illiteracy’s Constitution, the mayors, and councilors voted to remove or scrap the Australia Day, it becomes the controversy in Down Under. The Western lawmakers may have the law to force the mayors and councilors must pass the test of the Constitutional knowledge before they get in the office and impeach whoever breaches the Constitution.


The democratic countries, actually the Western always respect human rights including the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Sharia Law conflicts against human rights, gender discrimination, actually, the female is victimized by the bad treatment of Sharia Law, moreover, the child bride, polygamy is illegal in the UK and the Western. Therefore, Mr. London Mayor Sakiq Khan acclaims the inhumane culture, he opposes against British society. The presence of Mr. Muslim London Mayor insults the United Kingdon, nevertheless, he doesn’t represent the British and London, but the Muslim in London.


The especially national guest are the US President Donald Trump visits the United Kingdom, UK government and the national symbol of Great Britain is the Queen and Royal family. Mr. first Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan has no authority to ban President Donald Trump who visits the UK and discusses the relationship between two countries, not London and the United States of America.


Mr. Sadiq Khan has shown the brazen attitude since billionaire Donald Trump was campaigning the White House race until he elected the US President, but London Mayor always raised the voices to ban the visit of Donald Trump. Moreover, Mr.first Muslim London Mayor encourages the bigot Muslim, the leftists to protest for every visit of Mr. US President in the U.K.


On June 2, 2019, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have three days visit the UK government and the Queen. Therefore, Mr. London Mayor Sakiq Khan criticizes and exciting the ill-concerned component to protest in London. His brazen attitude turns ugly, he is just a mayor, not Prime Minister or the Queen of England, even Meghan is a fresh Duchess of Sussex, a new granddaughter in the law of the Queen who will not attend the event of the Queen Elizebeth II warmly welcomes the especially national guest President Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace. The reason is simple because while Meghan Markle was an actress in Hollywood, she blindly supported Hillary Clinton as the leftist in Hollywood, she vowed to leave the US and move to Canada if Donald Trump wins the election. However, the US election overturned the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton and the supporters, almost the left actor, actress, left pop star absolutely believed” Madam President: Hillary Clinton’s historic Journey to the White House” so they promised to leave the US if Donald Trump becomes the US president, almost, they broke the promise. Actor Meghan Markle didn’t move to Canada, therefore, she moved to the UK after married with Prince Harry, certainly, she doesn’t like President Donald Trump, but the Queen represents the Royal family, British to welcome President Donald Trump, so Duchess of Sussex attends the event or not, it doesn’t matter. Therefore, the people recognize the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle doesn’t grow up yet, now she is a member of the Royal family, not the leftist Hollywood’s actress.


President Donald Trump works with United Kingdon government and the national interest, therefore, Mr. Muslim London Mayor attacks the especially national guest President Donald Trump who fetches the interest or trade, national security, and the other national issues. Certainly, Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, the terrorist, and the extremist hate President Donald Trump. Mr. Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan has the same stance as the terrorists, actually, he attacks the United Kingdom’s interest.


The terrorism exposes into multiple forms, normally, the bombing, stabbing, shooting, ramming the vehicle into the crowd to create the bloodshed. Therefore, the high terror levels are such as media terror to mislead the public, global economic terror carrying out from China, legal terrorist as Robert Mueller, lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi…despite those high terror levels above have not created the bloodshed but those make the unmeasurable damages the country and people. Mr. First Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan has attempted the high terror level, he attacks the United Kingdon’s interest and British. Whatever Mr. first Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan is the loser, he has never banned the visit of President Donald Trump, instead, he falls into the state of howling at the moon.


In the future, Mr. Sakiq will have a seat in Parliament House, Labor Party favors because Sakiq Khan can woo the Muslim voter plus the Labor’s donkey supporter. A day, Labor Representative Sadiq Khan should be the leader of UK Labor as a communist Jeremy Corbyn leads its party. If Labor Party wins the election, Mr. Sakiq Khan should be the first Muslim Prime Minister of United Kingdon and he will accept the massive migrant invade the UK, so Great Britain should change the national title is United Islam of England./.








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