The hidden potence of Western aftermath


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The world’s history proved Western and democratic countries rapidly recovered after the natural disasters (earthquake, storm, bush fire, volcano, tsunami, flood, tornado ) and the wars.  Two Second World Wars devastated Europe, but the Western rebuilt the countries faster and stood up the aftermath. Particularly, the democratic countries recovered faster than the communist countries.


After the Second World, Western German recovered while East German lagged the economy, and recovery when the people lived in poverty. Japan suffered the damages by the atomic bombs dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, therefore, Japan rebuilt the country from the disaster and later Japan becomes the developed country.


Geneva Conference signed on July 20, 1954, to end of the Indochina War, South Vietnam developed faster while North Vietnam ruled by the communist regime, the people lived in poverty. The Korea War ended in 1953, Southe Korea joined the line of Asia’s dragon while North Korea has never changed since leader Kim Il Sung. After Mao Tse Tung and China’s Communist Party robbed the authentic government of Chinese people, Maoist transformed the country into poverty but Taiwan developed, even Hong Kong people lived with the British in 99 years but, this territory became the wealthy place.


Commonly, the communist countries recovered slowly after the wars, natural disasters. The global biological warfare terror of China hit hard the communist paradise in Wuhan by the socialism manner, the biological accident. The Coronavirus leaked and killed massive Chinese people, moreover, a large population infected the mainland. There is no safe place in China, but the communist government conceals and the left media in Western misleads the information, the propaganda offshore of China always released the fake news, the fabricated stories, and biased reports. It is very hard to believe China prevents 95% Coronavirus as the report of China’s communist officials on March 21, 2020, while the pandemic spread worldwide, the death toll skyrockets in Italy, Iran ( there is one person dies every 10 minutes in Iran, the close comrade with China since 1979) and the world locked, the travel ban. Do not listen to what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did. Despite, China reports the death toll and infected cases shrink, but China silently built more than 40 cremation sites in Wuhan and the container hospitals built in Shanghai and somewhere else in the mainland. The lying report of China that matches a saying” when a communist is born, initially, a midwife sees the mouth”. No one believes China can prevent properly pandemic while the vaccine has not found yet. Therefore, the Ape super herd acquires the magic skill of Monkey in Buddhism’s fable is”  Journey to the West” of author Wu Cheng’en. The Monkey Magic King Xi Jinping who wears the face mask made in the US when he gets out, but China provides their face mask to Italy.


China varies the broken biological terror by concealment and the World Health Organization appeared the actual tool of China, the medical cheater of W.H.O is director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus helped Xi Jinping delaying the Coronavirus, so many countries become the victims of the medical deception like Japan, South Korea. After the Coronavirus spread more than 100 nations, W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus declared the global emergency. The world complicated, the continents locked, the situation predicts at least 6 months. The world knows China is the culprit of the biological terror, so  President Donald Trump calls the Chinese virus and the social media explains COVID 19 is CHINA OF VIRUS IN DECEMBER 19, it coincides after the World Health Organization dubbed Coronavirus is COVID 19. Nevertheless, China should inform their comrade Democrats about the biological warfare is going to attack the world, but the Coronavirus accident occurred at Wuhan, so Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein in California and the other senate colleagues are Richard Burr, Kelly Loefffeler should know and they sold off stocks before the days the Coronavirus outbreak. (China’s espionage agent worked in the office of Senator Dianne Feinstein more than 20 years).


China, Vietnam, and other communist countries just locked down the infected population without government support, the people live in the communist paradise must suffer the deadly virus and the government’s oppression. However, the Western countries respond to the peril, the US releases $US 1 trillion economic stimulus, the government helps a family dealing the hardship while the biological terror striking, the payment is $US 1,000 for an adult and $US 500 for a child. Australian government releases a $AU 17.6 billion stimulus package to help the people, businesses and waiting for the pandemic over, the country gets back the normal life. Canada does the same with the stimulus package is $CA 82 billion, the French stimulus package is 49 billion euros, the United Kingdom releases 39 billion pounds. Japan’s Congress approved 26 trillion Yen to help the people and economy, Malaysia injects 20 billion ringgits…


China helps nothing the victims of 780 million people locked, instead, the communist regime terrorizes the people, particularly, whoever criticizes the government and leader Xi Jinping to be arrested. Vietnam’s communist regime is the same treatment as great master China. Vietcong’s government wants to make a profit from the death toll and infected people by foreign aid. Moreover, Vietcong’s Prime Minister calls Vietnamese people to contribute the money to fight against Coronavirus, therefore, Vietnam aids $US 500,000 to China.


The dark sky of the pandemic made by China will pass over and the Western the democratic countries will recover faster than the communist countries. The hidden potential economy and strong fundamental finance that guarantee the World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund) trust, the Western and democratic countries can borrow when dealing with the disaster. So the Western and democratic countries are generous to release the rescue package while the country facing the peril. The hidden potence’s economy of Western and democratic countries is the national strength. China virus pandemic unmasked China terrorizes the world by a biological weapon and the domestic thugs appeared the betrayal faces in Western.


The Western and democratic government takes care of the people, so the China virus pandemic will take over and the country will get back the normal facilities. Instead, the communist countries like China, Vietnam, the economy disabled, the recovery is slow./.







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