The hidden motive of Meghan Markle Megxit


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There are many beautiful young girls in the United Kingdom were waiting for Prince Harry, therefore, he fell in love and hurriedly married Meghan Markle, a married woman, she married with film producer Trevor Engelson and lived together from 2004 to 2013. Nevertheless, movie star Meghan Markle is a leftist in Hollywood, she strongly supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential election 2016, moreover, Meghan Markle was among the Hollywood icons honorable announced to leave the US if billionaire Donald Trump wins the election. However, the victims of left media have not kept the promise, almost the left Hollywood movie stars and pop singers including deposed T.V host Oprah Winfrey didn’t leave the US, instead, they often attack a man who makes America great again. Do not listen to the leftist talks, let’s watch what they did. The people surprise the gap of age between Prince Harry and the leftist Hollywood movie star Meghan Markle who was born on August 4, 1981, and Prince Harry’s birthday is September 15, 1984.


However, the young couple hurried to get married and they also rushed to have a little Prince Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and recently, the young royal couple becomes the prominent scandal, they announce to split from the royal family. Eventually, The Queen solved the problem and Duchess Meghan Markle can live in Canada with the security’s protection and services that cost Canadian taxpayers about two million dollars a year. The future of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle are uncertain while the scandal still remains. The controversy being spread in the public, actually, the young royal couple interests the media for every move.


National File published an article of Lionel Du Cane on January 12, 2020, titled:” FLASHBACK: MEGHAN MARKLE COMMUNITY KITCHEN MOSQUE LINKED TO 19 TERRORISTS”. Among the terrorists, there is a famous terrorist is Jihadi John who released a video to behead the hostages. According to Islamic State Watch, New Zealand released an article on November 24, 2018:” MEGHAN’S MOSQUE HAS LINKS TO 19 TERROR SUSPECTS INCLUDING JIHADI JOHN”. The people don’t know how long the left movie Hollywood stars related to the terrorists.


The people also question the hidden motive that Meghan Markle entered the royal family for safety? Moreover, the landslide victory of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson should worry Duchess of Sussex who relates the terror suspects, nevertheless, the first Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan can not raise the mouthful voice as the Great Britain leader as before. Moreover, the relation between Duchess Meghan Markle and the terror suspects released on media, she should be anxious if the intelligence investigates and discovered something.


The reason proposes about the private choice of Meghan Markle who wants to live in Canada that should hide the mysterious motive. After married, Meghan Markle has attended some T.V shows without a problem, the Queen didn’t say anything about the free choice of Duchess of Sussex. Therefore, she declared the Megxit from the royal family, the private choice’s reason is not convincible the public. The people believe Meghan Markle should sun the eye on the United Kingdom’s intelligence and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can deserve the facilities including the investigation for Meghan Markle, so Canada is a safer place than the United Kingdom and the US.


If the UK intelligence discovered something that Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle related the terrorist, she will be charged and the royal family, actually, the Queen will not inevitable potential damages. Obviously, her Majesty agreed Meghan Markle lives in Canada that is better than in England. However, on January 19, 2020, The Queen announces Harry and Meghan are no longer to use the royal title and the public fund. It means Harry loses his Duke’s title and Meghan Markle is no longer the Duchess of Sussex. Moreover, Harry and Meghan Markle have to pay the Frogmore Cottage’s renovation that costs 2.4 million pounds or $US 3.1 million.


The Megxit hides the mysterious reason while the terror relation becomes the big problem of the royal family, actually, the Queen acts to protect Britain Monarchy after discovering a stranger infiltrated under the marriage. Actually, the stranger linked to terror suspects that will endure the potential damages to the royal family in the future.


The people can recognize Meghan Markle who found any way to penetrate legally and becomes the global public figure. It should be the Royal Shield tactic to escape the terror’s link. Therefore, Meghan Markle failed and she loses the title, actually, Harry loses the Duke’s title but he still remains the Prince and he loses the royal duties.


The United Nations has the hardcore communist Antonio Guterres holds Secretary-General, he drives the UN into wrong direction, actually, the hoax climate change turns nasty after Mr. Secretary-General applied the Khmer Rogue method to use the 16-year-old Swedish teenage girls teaching the world about the field that she has not enough knowledge to preach everyone, actually 30,000 scientists confirmed the climate change is not real. The first Muslim and communist stormed White House in 8 years, the high-level terrorist Barrack Obama destroyed the US from A to Z and now, the left Hollywood movie star Meghan Markle infiltrated Britain’s royal family and made the damages, The Queen acts./.






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