The hidden invasion of red empire China


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The industrial revolution in the 19th century urged Europe to find the materials, and the offshore colonies were interested. The European countries occupied the colonies by military strength. Therefore, after the Second World War, the European countries returned the independence for colonies, British recognized the colonial era was gone, but France still wanted to remain the colonies until the occupied countries stood up and expelled. British proved an open mind, so after the colonial era ended, the Commonwealth gathered 54 nations, but France lost the sympathy of colonial people. If the British occupied Vietnam, the Vietnam War didn’t happen because the British returned the independence, so Hồ Chí Minh and its communist party didn’t have an opportunity to appeal the so-called fighting against colonial France for independence. Mostly, French colonies fell into a communist, but the British colonies became the democratic countries like India, Malaysia.


The Red Empire China is malicious, the hidden invasion has carried out from the Cold War, actually, after the historic visit of the US President Richard Nixon in 1972, China’s communist regime grabbed an opportunity to carry out the global hegemonic ambition. However, China couldn’t use the People’s Liberation Army to occupy the lands, the last military invasions occurred in 1950, the victim countries are Tibet and Sinkiang Uighur. China has exploited the diplomatic relationship and the innocent leaders plus the profit lover’s investors in Western to conspire the hidden invasion by the soft army. The tactics of trade trap, debt trap, and government trap have steadily colonized the counterparts including the US, Europe, and Australia. China has colonized the world by economy and finance:


- China bought the national assets: the port, airport, companies as milk, cattle and the lands, energy. Many countries lost the sovereign after China controlled the major economic facilities like Italy, Australia.


- China sowed the espionage agents into multiple levels of parliament, government and the media in Western


- China-Town grew in Western countries and China’s communist government silently supports the cultural activities as Confucius Institutes including the spy networks.


- China’s students become the propaganda activists in Western high schools and universities, moreover, China’s students are the high-level of technological burglar. The profit lover’s Vice-chancellors transformed the education to business, it created an opportunity for the communist countries like Vietnam, China to destroy the Western’s education and intoxicated the native students.


- China has conspired to develop China’s territories inside the Western countries like the retired villages or resort centers invested by China’s government. Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad rejected the hidden invasion of China by the investment cost of $US 100 billion to build the Forest City in Malaysia. Therefore, Vietnam sold three special economy zones Vân Đồn, Bắc Vân Phong and Phú Quốc for China.


In the shadow, the offshore territories of China controlled by China’s embassy and consulate-general, moreover, China undercover activists and espionage networks stand behind China’s territories. Chinese migrants increased the population and China has its members in parliament into multiple levels including the city councils. The electorates changed forever, China’s communist cornered the government by Chinese politicians.

China silently created the colonies inside the US and others, the China-towns expected as  Chinese territories overseas. The important commercial states in Western became China’s colonies as in the colonial period, the British had Hong Kong, Portugal had Macau. Nowadays, China’s communist empire has:


- New York City: the stronghold of Democrats, Governor Cuomo who uses the medical supplies made in China, so New York becomes the deadly place in the US. Governor Cuomo uses the high death toll and infected cases for political purpose to take down President Donald Trump in the next election and also supports China into the global biological warfare terror. Governor Cuomo aims to kill more US people as far as good.


- Melbourne (Victoria state of Australian): Melbourne is the commercial center in Australia, Labor Premier Daniel Andrews is like China’s executive, he secretly signed the deal with China. Victoria’s state hung China’s flag across Melbourne such as the Arts Center, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne Town Hall…It is a new deal with China while Coronavirus outbreak. Victoria’s state becomes a station of one belt and one road. In 2019, the red flag of China hung at Box Hill’s Police Station to celebrate 70 years of China’s foundation day despite the residents of Melbourne outrage.


In 2008, under the rule of Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, China’s communist flag dyed the red’s color in the Australian capital Canberra to welcome Olympic’s torch. China seems to control Australia after more than two decades falling into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap.


When China’s Towns, Chinese villages, Chinese communities grew enough, the Red spots threaten independence, Chinese politicians and henchmen (left party) control the government. The hidden invasion of China will take a long time, the Western and democratic countries are sleeping with the dangerous enemy, instead, they have enjoyed the multiple cultures until the country becomes China’s colony, it is too late.


The Coronavirus or Chinese Virus wakes up the world, the hidden colonies of China appeared like Italy and the offshore territories of China have a high death toll plus infected cases, mostly, the unofficial territories use the medical supplies provided by China./.







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