The greatest witch hunt in US history unmasked


Posted on November 4, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The deep conspiracy’s presidential impeachment well prepared by the Donkey’s Head gang or the political terror’s organization occupied the Congress, presented in the Senate, plus legal system (Democratic judges are the legal terrorists), moreover, the Democratic gang has media’s force always abuses the public by the fake news, fabricated stories, and the false polls. The perpetrator is former Secretary of State is Hillary Clinton who paid $USD 168,000 for the former British Intelligence Christopher Steele to fabricate the fake dossiers about Russia meddled the US election in 2016 and Hillary also paid $USD 1.02 million for law firm Perkins Coie. Certainly, so-called Russia intervenes in the US election 2016 that is the designed conspiracy of Democrats and some turncoat Republicans with the propaganda of the left media. Therefore, China intervened in the US presidential election was blatant, in the election 1992, China’s espionage agent John Huang provided the finance for candidate Bill Clinton- Al Gore and in 1996, the other espionage agent Charlie Trie illegally financed for Bill Clinton’s second term in 1996. Democrats and the left media always dodged China intervened in US politics, instead, they maximally develop impeachment to remove President Donald Trump that is based on the fake dossiers and clueless.


The Donkey’s Head gang is malicious, they used a turncoat of Republicans is Senator John McCain to proceed the impeachment as a fable of Buddhism describes the lion is invincible in the jungle, even lion died, no animal dares to eat its meat, but the worm can. Senator John McCain was the domestic enemy, the worm in Republicans, he undermined President Donald Trump. The most witch hunt’s investigation in the US history unmasked, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller surrendered the deception after 22 months wasted $USD 34 million of the taxpayers. The phony impeachment has dug a hole to bury Democrats, actually, the fake dossiers wrote by Christopher Steele couldn’t conceal. Recently, the court’s record has released Senator John McCain who pushed the Trump-Russia dossiers to FBI. The incident revealed by the former counter-intelligence FBI agent Bill Pristap who confirmed the FBI received a copy of the first 33 pages of dossiers. Nevertheless, Senator John McCain associated with the former State Department official David Kramer who also was an executive at the McCain Institute. Mr. David Kramer provided the fake dossiers to the left media. Moreover, Mr. David Kramer handed over the fake dossiers to the prominent journalist of CNN is Bernstein who involved the media campaign to bring down President Richard Nixon with Watergate’s scandal. The fake news campaign misled the public by transforming the fake to real, the wrong to right. There are 14 journalists and left media companies involved in fake news to abuse the US people and terrorized President Donald Trump. The witch hunt unmasked that appeared the media’s thug in the mainstream, the media’s terrorists are:


ABC News: Brian Ross, Matt Mosk

BuzzFeed: Ken Bensinger

CNN: Carl Bernstein

The Guardian: Julian Borger

McClatchy: Peter Stone, Greg Gordon

Mother Jones: David Corn

NPR: Bob Little, Rachel Martin

The Washington Post: Tom Hamburger, Rosalind Helderman, Fred Hiatt

The Wall Street Journal: Allan Cullison


However, the left media’s companies responded to the impeachment’s campaign, certainly, the New York Times in the US often attacked President Donald Trump by the fake news. Despite Australia has not involved the US President’s election, but the most left media of Down Under are ABC, SBS, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten and the newspapers developed the impeachment based on the fake dossiers as the dog’s herd barking together. The left media destroyed the mainstream, they transformed the communication to propaganda like  China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba…the left media has exploited the free speech to free fake news.


The Donkey’s Head gang couldn’t deceive the US people anymore, despite the cunning conspiracy that has not given up yet. Every new impeachment’s plan aggravates the worst situation. The key to impeachment that based on the fabricated dossiers, so Democrats lost the battle from the grassroots. The collapse of Christopher Steele’s documents means Domorats totally lose the conspiracy to bring down President Donald Trump, so any effort is vain. Once again, the incident’s Ukraine proved the Donkey’s Head gang failed the impeachment, actually, the gang leader Nancy Pelosi and congressional villain Adam Schiff with its members in the House of Representatives have been boycotted by the US people. The disaster of presidential election in 2020 is waiting for the Democrats, they will be trashed from the White House to Congress, Senate and governor./.






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