The funeral of George Floyd defies morality


Posted on June 12, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Black man George Floyd dealt with the suspicious forgery $US 20, he was arrested by police,  but he resisted and Police officers struggled. Before the incident, Mr. George Floyd contracted Conoravirus,  moreover,  the alcohol and drug addict should contribute his death” I can’t breathe”. Democrats and the left media have used the phrase” I can’t breathe” to propagate the hatred and exciting the protests. Initially, the death of George Floyd needs to investigate and the forensics and coroner, so four police officers are innocent. Therefore, the left media sentences guilty the police officers before the investigation and launching the propaganda campaign to excite the protests.


Democrats appall the lesson of Hillary Clinton will repeat on November 8, 2020, the hopeful candidate Joe Biden turns hopeless by the corruption and sexual harassment. Nevertheless, China’s communist regime wants to stray the lawsuit on Coronavirus pandemic to George Floyd’s epidemic as a stratagem of Sun Tzu” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west”. The massive compensation predicts a hundred trillion of US dollars that obsesses China.


Unfortunately, Democrats and China’s Communist Party wrongly chose the death of a serious criminal George Floyd who was convicted by a dozen crimes as drug traffic, robbery, burglary, particularly, he spent 5 years in prison and the last offense is a forgery. Democrats and China rush to save themselves, therefore, the death of  George Floyd is like a rotten float, so China and Democrats can not escape the disaster, even the salvor George Floyd aggravates the worst situation. Nevertheless, the main forces are Antifa and Black Lives Matter protested with riots, the public abominates when the protestors looted, burned down the businesses, killed the police, and the people. Moreover, the Black Lives Matter spread to Europe, Australia, Canada, they apply as Culture Revolution of Mao Tse Tung in China with the Red Guard. Nowadays, the BLACK GUARD downed the historic relics, destroyed the statues, vandalized (defaced) the statues in the US, the United Kingdom including the statue of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill. In Australia, the Black Lives Matter requires removing all the statues around the country. The protests turn thuggery, President Donald Trump calls  Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the terror’s organizations.


The protests cost billions of dollars, national security threats, the society complicated in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada. Moreover, the Coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, certainly, the protests can cause the second wave of COVID-19. It is a farce when Health Minister Roger Cook calls the Western Australian people do not rally, but his wife attended with protest with Black Lives Matter. Democrats defy the US people and the world by the greatest funeral on the planet of a serious felony George Floyd, his funeral is like the US president without half-mast flag, but the mourners of a presidential funeral didn’t kneel. Instead, the funeral of a serious felon showed the ugly attitude, mostly, the high profiles of Democrats like former President Jimmy Carter, former President Barrack Obama, candidate Joe Biden paid the deep respect. The left media praises and polishes George Floyd as a great hero, even George Floyd becomes an angel. In the Vatican, on June 3rd, 2029,  socialist Pope Francis prays for George Floyd. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knelt to pay the respect of George Floyd. The high profiles of Democrats are led by Nancy Pelosi took a knee in honor of a serious felony George Floyd in Congress. In the UK, the English Premier League with the footballers takes a knee to respect felony George Floyd. The world watches and laughs the ugly scenes that occurred in the US, the United Kingdom, and somewhere else. It is the first time in world history, the greatest funeral on the planet of felony George Floyd celebrates in the US and Europe, Australia. His funeral is greater than the funeral of Mao Tse Tung, Lenin, Stalin, Hồ Chí Minh, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, those funerals occurred in the communist countries, but the funeral of felony George Floyd celebrates outside the US. The morality and social valuation overturned, a felon honored and the famous people adore George Floyd. The supporters of George Floyd encourage the criminal by the greatest funeral on the planet of George Floyd.


The racial label loses the signification, so the Black Lives Matter represents the BLACK SUPREMACY, President Barrack Obama promoted and activated the black discriminates against the white in 8 years and now, the Black Supremacy globalizes. Racism caused 6,000,000 Jewish deaths by Third Reich, certainly, the Jewish didn’t permit to protest against Hitler’s regime. Therefore, the Black Lives Matter protests in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada without a problem. Moreover, the US elected the black president Barrack Obama, so the label of racist is just the shield of the domestic thugs in Western.


However, the mind discrimination is very dangerous, the Communism represents the mind discrimination. Whoever doesn’t have the same thinking of communists, they are the enemy, the vague crime that calls counter-revolution equals treason. Its reason explains the Communism killed more than a hundred million people after Lenin applied Karl Marx’s theory to reality in Russian in 1917 and the communist movement spread worldwide. The communists always concern the stance is the priority, so the left parties in Western put the comradeship above the national interest, the people. Democrats in the US, Labor Party in the UK, the Australian Labor Party are the siblings with China. When the left party rules the government, China gains the best policy.


The communists are genocide, the left parties are the den of corruption, so they respect a serious felony George Floyd, it reasons Democrats celebrates the greatest funeral on the planet for George Floyd. His funeral humiliates the morality, insults social valuation, certainly, George Floyd’s funeral can not save Joe Biden plus Democrats and China. The US people and the world oppose the criminal while Democrats praise a serious felony George Floyd./.







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