The funeral of China giant’s company Huawei has come


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The giant telecommunication company owned by the People’s Liberation Army is Huawei returned to the communist paradise to reunite with its great leader Mao Tse Tung, Karl Marx, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, and the other evil comrades after the US commander in chief Donald Trump granted the Death Certificate 3 months ago.


The world and user knew Huawei is dead despite it still remains the body to somewhere else, actually, the homeland in China’s stores referred the death’s devices to its people. The domestic market couldn’t help Huawei makes the profit, therefore, Huawei became the telecommunication ghost, China communist and its owner is the People’s Liberation Army has tried to revive the dead body by any cunning tactics including hiring the left media to mislead the public. Unfortunately, Huawei is just a body without a soul, so the magician Xi Jinping surrenders to do something that he can not prove the potential leader of the Ape super gang, even he failed to make Huawei becomes a zombie. Moreover, the disgraced magician Xi Jinping faces the democratic movement in Hong Kong, actually, his actual zombie Carrie Lam is useless to impose the extradition bill, it causes Hong Kong’s unrest.


The world unmasked deposed magician Xi Jinping after his poor performance failed in the trade trap, debt trap, and the other cheating shows are one belt and one road, the piratical stations illegally built and militarized into the disputed waters ruined. The left media and the profit lover’s academics have tried to advertise the worst shows of magician Xi Jinping to the Western people, therefore, the world’s audience boycott when they discovered magician Xi Jinping and his deceived business is China communist appeared the real face of the Ape performers or circus performance with the monkey’s show.


Xi Jinping does nothing to revive Huawei and now, the burial time has come, China communist prepares to attend the funeral for their beloved child Huawei, the funeral function grieves the farewell of the child of technologic thieves and the thug of cyber. The honest people welcome the death of the thief but its owner loses the profit and the base of cyber spy that is well-known unit 61389. Certainly, China and its tool are Huawei always denied the cyber spy, therefore, at court, a criminal has never pleaded guilty until the judge and jury found guilty. Huawei has carried out the cyber spy from many decades, Huawei threatens the counterpart’s security, so the nation invited Huawei operates to spend money on fighting cyber spy. Annually, the Australian government must spend a hundred million dollars on national security. Huawei spread the cyber spy worldwide from Asia, Europe, America, Australia, and Africa being spied in the politics, actually, Huawei helped the pro-Beijing leaders spying the opponents.


After the deadline 90 days waiting for the miracle and the capacity of magician Xi Jinping who can deal. China’s telecommunication’s companies would only be permitted to buy the America parts before the ban, so any new products purchase must have permission from the US government. After the time expired, the US extends some parts to November, therefore, the global user doubt Huawei because of the uncertain future, it totally belongs to the US’s government, actually, the technology and the telecommunication providers as Google, Facebook and the others.


Eventually, the funeral of Huawei sets on August 19, 2019, with more than 70 affiliates deceased with Huawei including the other giant telecommunication ZTE owned by China government. However, the US government gives more time to bury to November 2019, but Huawei couldn’t revive. In the telecommunication’s history, it is the big funeral of China communist and its hand is the People’s Liberation Army. While the funeral is preparing, Miss Meng Wanzhou can not attend because she is detaining in Canada and waiting for extradition to the US.


The death of Huawei means the cyber spy network crippled and China loses a huge profit. Huawei’s body has been rotten while the major technologic companies in Western cut the chip supply. Huawei is the telecommunication’s ghost although the People’s Liberation Army launches the propaganda about the high technology and trying to cheat the customer, Huawei periled when its Smartphone P9, P10 has no internet access even connected to WI-FI, it is deep trouble, so the users are no longer trust Huawei.


The funeral of Huawei proved the failure of global hegemony and the cyber spy. The hoped fades after the time expired and the supporters are such as Senator Penny Wong who leads the Australian Labor Party vowed to permit Huawei operates 5G in Australia if Labor wins the federal election on May 18, 2019. Unfortunately, Labor lost the most hopeful election, so Huawei can not enter the Down Under.


The death certificate of President Donald Trump granted to Huawei that eliminated the giant telecommunication company owned by the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. The death of Huawei marked the end of China’s dream plus the profit lost and cyber spy declined./.







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