The freedom scientist acquired anti-Communist vaccine


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The flu pandemic notices the culprit is the viral type HN, the virus activates flexibly by changing the bird flu accords the highly pathogenic influenza A with the virus subtype H5N1 or Swine flu H1N1 and H3N2. The virus HN affects the human being and animal, so the scientist discovered the vaccine to prevent the deadly virus.


Commonly, the viral communist has the political code ML that comes from the name of Marxism- Leninist. The deadliest ML’s virus has appeared on the planet by the original virus Karl Marx was outbreak from the 19th century and October 1917, viral Lenin transformed Karl Marx’s virus to the reality in Russia. Since 1917, the viral communist has the common name is Marxism- Leninist or ML has become the most dangerous pandemic affecting the human being, actually, the human brain infected by the propaganda and the victims become the human- robot losing the mind, the action to be controlled by the virus Marxist- Leninist. The massive killing labeled revolution, socialism comes from the Marxism- Leninist virus and the Western countries complicated by the left media’s virus infects the society with the fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls. The protests with violence cause the left media’s virus in Western countries.


The ML pandemic spread worldwide, actually, the virus ML developed into the poor countries. Moreover, the illiterate and low educated people easily to be struck by the deadliest virus ML. It belongs to the region and local situation, the viral Marxism- Leninist changed the name but the character remained. In China, the viral communist called Maoist, its pandemic Maoist rebel spread to India, Philipinnes, Nepal, South America… Vietnam called viral Ho Chi Minh, North Korea is viral Kim Il Sung, Cuba is viral Fidel Castro…the ML virus has affected in Venezuela by the viral Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Madura.


The Marxism- Leninist pandemic is the most killer on the planet, since October 1917, the viral ML killed more than 100 million people and enslaved the other a billion people, nowadays, despite the freedom scientist discovered the anti- virus communist’s vaccine, therefore, the deadliest virus could change the form and still infects in China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela. The viral ML also has affected in the wealthy country, the left parties and the left media are the Marxism- Leninist Virus appears the syndromes:

- Telling a lie: viral ML conducts and characterizes the lie, cheat…mostly the communist countries, the left parties in a democratic country and the left media have the same syndrome.


- The aggressive attitude: the communist regime often exposed aggressive attitude, China proved the ML affected.


- Deception is the main character of viral ML.


- Cruelty: the communist killed and imprisoned the people by the title of revolution and the socialism.


- Demagogy: the communist always applies the demagogic propaganda to the people.


- The corruption is among the syndromes to ruin the society, it becomes the tradition of communist countries.


Nowadays, the freedom scientist discovered the anti- communist vaccine, actually, the political scientist Donald Trump acquires the effective vaccine brand Donald Trump, the vaccine nullifies the viral Marxism Leninist. In the US, some ML virus couldn’t activate much because the people have immunity’s wealth system and education is allergy against the viral ML. However, socialism’s viral Barrack Obama affected in 8 years, the consequence still remains by the debt and the social division. Democrats became the den of viral ML, therefore the deadliest viral ML has been struck by the vaccine’s brand Donald Trump, so a form of viral Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Occasion Cortez attempt to spread the ML virus covered under the label socialism that ruined.


The anti- communist vaccine eradicated the economy, it strongly affects in the mainland, so China has been suffered the anti- communist vaccine by a strong medicine name the Tariff. North Korea has been vaccinated the anti- communists stuff, it causes Kim Jong Un gave up the missile launch and the bomb test. Despite the second summit in Hanoi has no result but the viral Kim Jong Un being weak after the sanction’s injection hampered the aggression.


The anti- communists vaccine is the antibiotic, it efficiently treats the most deadliest pandemic on the planet. The ML’s virus is allergy with the wealthy country and the virus left media could be cured by the high technologic communication and the common medicine of the social media.


The viral left media has the code is 3 Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story and the viral left parties have the code is 3D=Demagogy+Deception+Destruction. Both kinds of communist virus spread into the democratic countries including the US. However, President Donald Trump treats the anti- communists by the strong vaccine and now the viral socialism has been shrinking as Kim Jong Un who stops the aggressive attitude after the first vaccination carried out June 12, 2018, at Singapore.


The anti- communists vaccine is applying worldwide, the communist or socialism’s virus is obsolete after the Vietnam War and the Cold War temporarily ceased when the freedom’s anti- communists vaccine injected in Soviet- Union and the Eastern Europe Communist Bloc. However, the viral ML still remains in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, and Cuba. The people in Venezuela inject the anti- communists vaccine that the viral Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Madura have been treated. The medical scientist succeeded to vaccinate the stuff to stop the virus of HN and the freedom scientist is underway to eliminate the viral Marxism- Leninist by the anti- communist vaccine after more than a century suffered the deadliest virus./.







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