The forms of terrorism have attacked world


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Nowadays, terrorism threatens everywhere on the planet, the extremists are the arrogant clerics, bigot preachers and the aggressive community leaders exploit Islam and the name of Allah to launch the terror. The psychological warfare has applied to the mosques, the offshore Muslim communities…the extremists are the common enemies of the people, the terrorists have not discriminated the Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iraq….actually  Indonesia, the Bali bombing occurred on October 12, 2002, in the crowded tourist’s era of Kuta, it killed 202 people including 88 Australian. The mastermind is bigot cleric Abu Bakir Bashir, spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiyah. Therefore, the Indonesian government has granted the early release from Jakarta’s prison on January 23, 2019, despite the Australian government and the Bali’s Victims with the family strongly react. During Bali bomb has grieved the Australian people, therefore, SBS radio (the left media funded by government), it is the Vietnamese language program of SBS radio’s system running by General Director lawyer Lưu Tường Quang, on the program December 22nd, 2004, SBS radio broadcast a news, they praised mastermind, Abu Bakir Bashir is” giáo chủ Hồi giáo cấp tiến” (the Islamic Progressive Cleric) (1)


However, the early terrorism occurred in the Vietnam War, Vietcong was the cruel terror’s organization after the Second World War. Comparing the extremists like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Houthi in Yemen, Boko Harem,  actually the Islamic State, Vietcong killed a lot of people more than any of the terror’s organizations above. During the period of the Vietnam War, South Vietnam’s people appalled Vietcong terrorized everywhere and any time, from the countryside to cities even Capital Saigon. Vietcong applied the terror methods were:


-Shelling the mortar and artillery into the civilian’s area, including the temples, churches, hospitals, and school. There was a circumstance of many victims of Vietcong, the serious crimes occurred at 2.55 pm, March 9, 1974, Vietcong used the mortars 82 mmm shelled into the Song Phú Primary School, Cai lậy District, 32 students killed and 55 injured. Despite the South Vietnamese people endangered but no one wanted to leave the country because South Vietnam applied the democratic government. Therefore, after Vietcong occupied South Vietnam, a million people fled somewhere else to find the freedom. After April 30, 1975, Vietcong has applied the terrorism into the occupied territory as the famous speech of Mr. Nguyễn Hộ, a central member of Vietnam Communist Party told with his comrade at Saigon’s town hall:” their houses, we occupy-Their wife, we take- their children, we enslave”. The terrorism of Vietcong has never changed from 1975 to nowadays. President Bill Clinton lifted the embargo in 1994 that helped the inhumane regime in Vietnam remains and continues to terrorize its people.


-Vietcong trapped everywhere, actually in the countryside, the well-known trap was the blind ditch with the sharp nails as a fishing hood, Vietcong called the” Humanity blind ditch”. The bombs arrayed everywhere, many civilians killed and injured. The guerrilla sniped and killed the innocent people, the called the sniping competition.


-Vietcong kidnapped the civilians and killed by the barbarous methods: beheaded by the machete, broke the people skull by the sledgehammer. The military museum at Bến Tre Province proudly displayed the SLEDGEHAMMER with the phrase: (the original words of a Vietcong’s academic wrote)” Hammer, with this, camrade Nguyen Van Thang, deputy chief of Mo Cay military distris, Ben Tre province, killed to death a total of 10 local tyrants”.


-The bombed in the residential areas and business: on June 25, 1965, at 8.15 pm, Vietcong terrorist named Lê Văn Rãy and Huỳnh Phi Long bombed at Mỹ Cảnh Restaurant, Bạch Đằng quay, 42 civilians including children and women, 18 American, 4 foreigners killed, 81 injured. The other terrorists were Nguyễn Văn Trổi fell the terror mission when he intended to kill Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1963, terrorist Trần Văn Đang arrested in 1964…both faced the death sentence, nowadays, the terrorists are the heroes of Vietcong, their names placed the streets. The foreign tourists could know the streets named the terrorists.


The world and International Court have never indicted and condemned Vietcong as the Islamic State and the other terror organizations. The left media promoted Vietcong in the war and concealed the crime against humanity. In the US, the prominent Vietcong’s supporters were Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Joe Biden,  Bill-Hillary Clinton, and the other high profiles, mostly the Donkey’s Head Party is the comrade of Vietcong. Nowadays, the terrorist and supporters face the anti-terrorist law, so the Vietcong’s supporters escaped the justice.


After September 11, 2001, the terror war has launched after the terrorists attacked the financial center at New York, Pentagon. The war fight against the terror spread worldwide, therefore, there are many forms of terror still not named yet.


1-The global economic terror: There was more than a haft-century, China has exploited the trade ties, free trade agreement, diplomacy and bluffed the innocent national leaders by the ugly economic pattern:” the free market is led by socialism”. The den of the thieves-the hub of counterfeit has attacked the world including the Western. Nowadays, President Donald Trump opens the war fighting against the global economic terror as President George.W.Bush launched the campaign after the terror occurred on September 11, 2001.


2-The left media terror: in the Cold War, actually, the Vietnam War, the left media terrorists attacked the people mind by the fake news, fabricated stories, concealed the truth, mixed up the true and false, created the false polls. The left media terror misled the public, the victims were the innocent people to be brainwashed, they became the human robot, the remote control held in hand of the left media terror bases as CNN, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post…the victims of left media terrorists lost the mind, they believed Vietcong was right in a just war, indeed, Vietcong was the super terror’s organization. After getting White House, President Donald Trump launches the campaign fighting against the left media terrorist, he granted the death certificate” fake news” for the left media terrorists and the left media terror bases.


3-The legal terror: the legal terrorist exposes the Special Counsel of the former FBI director Robert Mueller who conspires and colludes with Democrats into the legal terror mission. The US taxpayers spent at least $USD 30 million for the legal terrorist Robert Mueller, he used the people money to terrorize the national interest. The US government needs to eliminate the legal terrorist leader Robert Mueller and bring him to the justice plus the investigation on the money’s spending.


4-The medical terror: 27 DOCTORS or DOGTORS (2) at Harvard, Yale University used the medical assessment weapon to attack President Donald Trump, although, they have never diagnosed President Donald Trump. The left medical doctor terrorists practiced the medical career based on 25 Amendment, not medical assessment, so Rear Admiral, Doctor Ronny Jackson unmasked.


5-The lawmaker terror: a new terror’s form has appeared in the House of Representatives in the US, Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer are the lawmaker terrorists, they exploit the authority in parliament to terrorize the wall and blackmail nearly a million government workers. The lawmaker terrorists become the treason, they increase the aid up to $USD 12 billion while the wall costs $USD 5.7 billion to be cut. Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi’s personality lessens a disabled veteran Brain Kolfage who raises the fund to build the wall, Nancy just gave a dollar, actually, she accepted to build the wall, but she also plays the dirty political game. Congresswoman lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi acts as a leader of terrorist attacks the border protection. She storms the taxpayers and blackmails the government workers, her treasonous face appeared to the public. The lawmaker extremist Nancy Pelosi commits suicide Democrats, her arrogant, brazen and obstinate attitude creates the potential damages for Democrats, she derails Democrats into the terrorist party. After many times Nancy Pelosi rejected the deal with President Donald Trump to end the standoff, the concerned Democrats speak out, a Democratic group is led by Representative Elaine Luria of Virginia asks Nancy Pelosi offers to vote on Trump’s border wall. There are at least 8 Democratic Representatives vote against Pelosi Nancy, they recognize the lawmaker terror mission of Nancy Pelosi opposing against the national security and the social safety. The Democratic politicians elected and they also have the power to remove Nancy Pelosi out from the House Speaker. So the wall’s standoff is going to end, the Senate has prepared to vote the bill.


Nowadays, the terrorist appears everywhere on the streets, central cities, the legal system, parliament, medical field…./.



(1)SBS radio funded by the Australian government, but SBS radio Vietnamese language program is the left media as VOA and RFA (Radio Free Asia) funded by the US taxpayers. They often released the fake news and biased stories, so Vietnamese overseas knew those are the left media of Vietnamese language. On December 22nd, 2004, SBS Radio praised the mastermind of Bali bombing Abu Bakir Bashir, writer (Hoa Minh Truong) wrote a letter to Senator Helene Coonan, Minister for Communication, Minister passed the complaint to SBS radio’s staff. Unfortunately, they covered up and protected each other, I till keep a letter of Irena Veksler acting Station Manager of SBS Radio in Sydney, she replied my concern on July 14, 2005. The Australian government may eye on the ethnic media funded by the taxpayers as SBS radio.


(2)Dogtor: the writer’s word, it means an academic extorts the career for a personal favor and political purpose







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