The forms of Mao’s red guard have appeared in Western


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The longest campaign occurred in China was the Culture Revolution. The crazy campaign activated by Chairman Mao Tse Tung who exploited the young people into the power struggle between the rivals in China communist party after Mao failed the major campaigns of the great leap forward, the hundred flowers, landlord reform. The Culture Revolution started in 1966 and ended in 1976 after Mao chairman returned to communist paradise to reunite with Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, and the other evil comrades. The communist paradise is waiting for the leftists including the left parties, left media, socialist.


The Red Guard obsessed Chinese people including the opponents as Deng Xiaoping, Xi Zhongxum (father of Xi Jinping) and many comrades targeted and jailed as counter-revolutionary crime, so after Mao died, the Red Guard disappeared but the sounds still remain in the longest horrible histories of Chinese people.


However, the Red Guard has appeared overseas by China students studying at the Western country and the espionage agents plus the pro-China communist’s resident have revived the Red Guard that carries out under multiple forms.


When Australia government ruled by the Labor Party, the Red Guard activates and silently promoted in Australia soil as China people being lived under Mao’s era. In 2008, Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd deserved facilities for China, so when the Olympic torch coming, there were tens of thousands of student and pro-Beijing’s residents dyed the red color in Canberra, the bloody flag color appeared alongside with the Red Guard in Australia warned the down Under about the influence of China communism and Maoist. Nevertheless, the Red Guard attacked the Vietnamese, Tibet community and Falun Gong members rallied for human rights and democracy in China. China embassy organized the commute (bus) for pro-Beijing’s residents in Australia. Certainly, China embassy considers Australia is like their vassal.


The form of Red Guard has applied in Australia by its citizen, they are the innocent people including the student of high school protest for the hoax climate change and recently, the Vegan’s guard rally nationwide. The perpetrators stand behind and excite the hoax climate change guard and Vegan’s guard are the Greens Party and Labor Party. The left parties and China communist are the siblings, so they apply the same tactic.


In the US, Mao’s Red Guard labeled Democratic support, the Liberals are a form of Red Guard, they often rallied against President Donald Trump after the election loss in 2016. The ANTIFA becomes the notorious Red Guard carries out the communism, they advocate anti-capitalist and support socialism. The target aims to the US patriot to be called far-right, indeed, the concerned citizen to protect the country are not right-wing, far-right. Democrats and domestic thugs are behind the Antifa. The Antifa exploits free speech to carry out the communism in the US, mostly they rally with violence as a terrorist.


The democratic movement occurs in Hong Kong that follows the Red Guard of Mao Tse Tung activates in Australia. The students of China communist clashed with Chinese people in Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide. Mostly, the pro-China protestors are the young Chinese students. Australian people have no surprise the inhumane regime has ruled the mainland from 1949 after Mao Tse Tung and China communist super gang robbed the authentic government led by President Chiang Kai Sek. The Australian people recognize China communist deeply sowed the red seeds in their homeland from many decades ago and now the red seeds threaten the national security, they are the domestic enemy.


Hong Kong’s incident reflects the democratic movement support in Australia, Chinese people rallies and China’s communist component appeared the faces of the domestic thug. The ASIO and Australian government recognized the enemy lived in Australia.


The Coalition Member of Representatives alarmed over Chinese communist has influenced at Australian universities by the rallies of China’s students with the red flag. Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan said:” incredibly seriously”. China communist has exploited the free trade and free trade agreement to sow the red seeds in Australia, actually, China students are the propaganda’s activists in universities. China students secretly organized the communist cells in universities and the Labor Party supported. Labor Party’s high profiles as former NSW Premier and former Foreign Minister Bob Carr became the head of Pro-China Research Institute at the University of Technology in Sydney (this organization is a cell of China communist deployed in Australia). Moreover, the students of Vietcong regime are the same kind of China communist’s student, actually, the negligent policy granted the scholarship for students come from Vietnam and after graduation, they stayed in Australia by the skilled migrant. Australian government got more communist entered the country. The communist students are the dangerous thugs, they carry out the propaganda, stealing technology and influencing the socialism, poison the Western students in universities.


Chinese communist snub Australian government, police and people, the authorities spotted fake Chinese Police Cars in Adelaide (South Australian) and Perth (Western Australia) during Hong Kong’s supporters rallied. The fake Chinese Police cars intimidate pro-Hong Kong’s democratic movement in Australia, it is the spiritual terrorization the residents, so the ASIO and government may investigate.


While the country and politicians alert about Chinese communist infiltrated and activating in Australia, Senator Penny Wong (or Penny Wrong), a senior lesbian politician of Australian Labor Party (Australian Leninist Party), she is a real boss of ALP, leader of ALP in Senate and holding the shadow of Foreign Affairs Minister protects her comrade China with the Red Guard appeared in the rallies to support the Ape super gang, she raises the voices as communist propaganda:” We in Australia do support freedom of speech and we also support a right of peaceful protest”. Therefore, her free speech is led by socialism, moreover, Senator Penny didn’t expose her free speech at Beijing about the Tiananmen Square massacre’s annual commemoration, certainly, China students in Australia pride the massive killing in 1989. The hypocritical attitude of Labor Senator Penny Wong couldn’t cheat Australian people, unfortunately, Labor Party has been controlled by China’s representative in parliament, so the people doubt Australian Labor Party piloted by China communist. Mostly, Labor’s high profiles are former Prime Minister Bob Hawke (he died), former Prime Minister Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, former opposition leader Bill Shorten, and the others are keen to be comrade with China communist and distance the US while the national security being threatened by China. The donkey voters of Australian Labor Party wake up, their party conducts the country to be China’s colony.


When the  virus Neisseria Mininggitidis infiltrated the brain, the life risk and endangered, the circumstance of Senator Penny Wong climbed higher and dived deeper in Australian Senate, she commands Labor Party, so an opposition leader Bill Shorten stepped down after the loss of election on May 18, 2019, Senator Penny Wong still leads Labor in Senate and she showed the absolute power by the support Anthony Albanese then all the Labor leadership’s contestants as Chris Bowen, Joel Fitzgibbon withdrew. The Australian people knew Senator Penny Wong is an Australian politician serving for China’s interest for a long time. The left media as ABC, Guardian, and the others recognized Senator Penny Wong is the real chief of Labor Party, so they often promoted Penny Wong for evert speech on their media company.


The people agree everyone can protest in the democratic country including Chinese student, therefore, if the people protest in the mainland as Tiananmen Square, then People’s Liberation Army and Police would kill./.






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