The Federal Court prepares to arrest Obama by treason


Posted on August 1, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Committee made the critical mistake to award a global warmaker was President Barrack Obama who just elected and didn’t have any peace’s record but he received the most valuable prize on the planet.


In the passage of time, the Nobel Peace Prize damaged the prestige after honored wrongly the winners as Henry Kissinger and Vietcong terrorist Lę Đức Thọ in 1973 by the Paris Peace Accords signed on January 27, 1973, it tied the allies and South Vietnam, so after the Paris Accords, Vietcong advanced in the battle, eventually, the communist thug claimed the predictable victory on April 30, 1975. The Nobel Peace Prize of Kissinger and terror mogul Lę Đức Thọ cost 90,000,000 Vietnamese people lost the freedom, moreover, there were 800,000 soldiers of South Vietnam and public servant imprisoned from few years up to 17 years in the hell of prison and 165,000 political prisoners killed by the worst treatment of Vietcong. In 2000, the Nobel Peace Prize honored left President of South Korea Kim Dae Jung who exchanged the Peace Prize with $USD 500 million of South Korea’s taxpayers to North Korea regime, but the missile launch and bomb test didn’t stop. In 2007, former Vice President Al Gore won the Noble Peace Prize with the hoax climate change and now Al Gore is a climate change’s billionaire.


After 8 years ruled the US, the people knew President Barrack Obama is the global warmakers, he ignited the gender war struggling between the minor homosexual couple with the major natural couple, the human history destroyed and the religious faith ruined. The racial war dug up between black and white, it divided the society, the black people confiscated the land and killed the white people in African countries as Zimbabwe, South Africa… Moreover, President Barrack Obama played the double-cross war game, he called to fight against the terrorist and he also provided a weapon, military training, and finance to ISIS after he withdrew the US troop from Iraq that created an opportunity for Islamic State founded. President Barrack Obama left $USD 19.84 trillion debt, he pauperized and brainwashed the US people in 8 years. Former President Barrack Obama meets the treason, his crimes are plenty, the US people are waiting for the justice.


President Barrack Obama left the worst consequence ever in the US, he destroyed the country from A to Z, actually, the legal system used as a tool of Democrats and it becomes the safety net to protect the wrongdoers, so the Obama’s judges often distort the justice, they issued the court orders to block the travel ban’s executive order and the border protection’s order of President Donald Trump. Once again, in July 2019, Obama’s federal court in San Francisco failed to block $USD 2.5 billion provided from the Defense Department to build the wall after the Supreme Court voted 5-4.


Recently, the 13 Federal Court of Writs and Warrant has cleared the path for Barrack Obama to be tried for treason with the unanimous three judges endorsed, so citizen Barrack Obama committed the serious crimes, he can be prosecuted as the law. The Federal Court has the attorney power to arrest Barrack Obama any time because he is not the US president. The Constitution consents the sitting president can not bring to a court, so the prosecution can bring former US President Barrack Obama to a court. A spokesman of Justice Department Art Tubolls said:” Obama can now be charged with treason on 7 counts, including offering foreign aid to the Musselman Brotherhood and sanctioning Islam in the White House. His high crimes and misdemeanors also include saluting with an object in hand, forced servitude of an officer when he made a Marine hold his umbrella, and the wearing of tan after Labor Day before Labor Day. The American people also want him to answer for Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Narnia, and Yemen, as well as the prayer curtains in the East Room. We won’t forget how much cash he gave Iran or how many uraniums they got in exchange for our secrets.”


   The legal cost on Barrack Obama’s case that estimates about $USD 30 million, therefore, spokesman of Justice Department Art Tubolls said:” expect very little, but that the endeavor is noble because lots of people really just don’t like the guy.”.


Despite the former President Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the other high profiles of Democrats have not indicted yet, but the public is the candid judge to recognize the treason and felons. The 13 Federal Court of Writs and Warrant opens the legal process to prosecute former President Barrack Obama and the other will be next. There is no one sits above the law, actually, the treason and criminals charged that is no immunity for the former Presidents and the high ranking officials../.








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