The family of Nancy Pelosi represents the dishonesty


Posted on September 22, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The presidential election is coming closer, Democrats plus the foreign enemies as China, Iran, and terrorist rush to eliminate President Donald Trump oust the second term and they do want President Donald Trump loses the election in 2020. The thug of mainstream maximally launches the psychological warfare on media with the basic formula is 3F= 3Frauds= False poll+ Fake news+ Fabricated story. In Australia, on August 27, 1019, that published an article” AUSSIE KEEN FOR TRUMP LOSS IN 2020: POLL”. The writer is Angelo Risso who shows the fake news’s professionals into the phony propaganda. The people question about the numerous survey is just 1820, actually, the poll released from the left media company that is bullshit and garbage. The bullshit article wrote: An overwhelming number of Australians would like to see US President Donald Trump voted out of the White House next year, according to polling. Almost, the left media often fabricated the false polls mislead the public as they did in the Vietnam War. Actually, the false polls repeated as the US election in 2016 and the federal election on May 19, 2019, in Australia. Therefore, the enemy of people, the foe of public debunked after the election outcomes, the false polls collapsed badly, therefore, the left media has no shame, they continue to mislead the pubic and snub the people.


After President Donald Trump getting the office, all cunning tactics exhausted. Moreover, the impeachment’s effort failed after the legal terrorist Robert Mueller surrendered the wicked hunt by the conclusive report” no collusion, no obstruction”. The maliciously political game of Democrats cost the taxpayers $USD 34 million after 22 months investigated on the fabricated dossiers, the perpetrator was Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Democrats plus the left media.


The Donkey Party has battled on the tax returns of President Donald Trump, therefore, the lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi failed because the tax returns belong to IRS (Internal Revenue Services), not a court. The US Constitution consents the sitting president can not show the tax returns and a lawyer can not bring the sitting president to a court. The illiterate lawyer Michael Avenatti and pornstar Stormy Daniel ruined the life and career by misunderstanding the Constitution. Certainly, commander in thug Nancy Pelosi and her comrades couldn’t exploit the robbers with the paper-knife to file the lawsuit by using the attorney power of judges (including Obama’s judges) to force President Donald Trump showing the tax returns. If any court follows Democrats, their legal knowledge should be placed at a cesspool or rubbish tip. Certainly, when a judge doesn’t know the Constitution as a medical doctor doesn’t know about the pathology, virus or a chef cook doesn’t know the spice.

However, the urgent situation pushes Democrats acting crazily. Recently, Nancy Pelosi’s nephew is California’s Governor Gavin Newsom totally disappoints after a federal judge has temporarily blocked a bill that would have kept the name of President Donald Trump off the ballot in the presidential election in 2020 because President Donald Trump doesn’t show the tax returns. Pelosi’s nephew conspires to use the” robbers with the paper-knife” to eliminate President Donald Trump in the election 2020. Therefore, the cunning conspiracy is funny as a kid game. Once again, Nancy Pelosi’s nephew and also holds California’s governor Gavin Newsom is the illiterate politician, actually, the US Governor doesn’t understand the Constitution, how could he run the state?


The US people recognized Nancy Pelosi comes from the family linking to Mafia, actually, Nancy Pelosi’s annual salary is $USD 174,000 but she became a billionaire working that job in the House of Representatives. How could Nancy Pelosi make billionaire? Where did the money come from?. The IRS needs to investigate Nancy Pelosi and the other high profiles of Democrats about the sources of money, including former President Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, and his family.


The incident of Nancy Pelosi’s nephew shows Democrats really panic because President Donald Trump easily to win the second term, actually, the Democratic politicians worry about 55 electorate colleagues in California will lose in the election 2020 including the loss of Senator and Representatives in the stronghold of Donkey Party. Moreover, the rigged election will not succeed as Barrack Obama did, actually, the dead people in cemeteries voted for Obama in 2008, 2012. Certainly, the major people got the job will abandon Democrats in 2020, the big loss is waiting for Democrats. The people can bring a monkey out of the jungle, but the people can not bring the monkey’s instinct out from the jungle. So the US people have never trusted Democrats, they have never given up the Marxism and cunning tactics as the common formula is Democrats=3D=Demagogy +Deception +Destructon.


The characters of communist, the left parties, actually Democrats have never changed the character, so Nancy Pelosi’s family represents the dishonesty and the true Democrats. After the Congressional election on November 2018, Nany Pelosi’s daughter is Alexandra Pelosi, director of HBO documentary film” Fall to Grace” threatened President Donald Trump when Nancy Pelosi becomes a major leader in Congress:” She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding”. The language doesn’t suit an educated person, actually, a filmmaker, but Alexandra Pelosi acted as a hitwoman of Mafia./.







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