The false poll releases after Robert Mueller report


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President Donald Trump achieved the major promises in the election, actually, the wall’s battle is over after President declared the national security and he got $USD 8.2 billion to complete the wall. Once again, Democrats and the left media failed the impeachment after the actual henchman Robert Mueller concluded the report, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller has to confirm NO COLLUSION AND OBSTRUCTION, certainly, Robert Mueller knew the cheat investigation long time ago, but he kept quiet and colluded with Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump by the legal skill plus the FBI expertise. The fabricated dossiers wrote by the British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele, the perpetrator is Hillary Clinton who paid $168,000 for Steele and the other $ 1.02 million of legal fee for a Democratic law firm Perkins Coie. The cunning conspiracy arranged well to transform from the fake dossiers to real and handed over to turncoat Republican Senator John McCain. Therefore, after the conclusive report of Robert Mueller, it despaired Democrats, almost the high profiles as the commander in thug Nancy Pelosi, Representative Adam Schiff turns” Adam Shit” when he has tried to accuse Russia meddled the US presidential election in 2016. The Democratic Congress and Senate are the lawmakers, they must understand the law, unfortunately, they seem not to know the basic lesson of the legal process, when a judge found not guilty, the case is clear.


The left media outcry and groan because they invested too much money and time on the propaganda carrying out the fake news, fabricated stories plus the false polls are the professional careers of the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media. After Attorney General William Barr passed over the report to Congress and it will be publicized on the website of Department of Justice, the left media pours the loss into the disgraced poll of the Inquister, an article written by Nathan Francis on April 20, 2019, has the headline:” Donald Trump’s approval sinks to year-long low after the release of the Mueller report”. The article snubs the public, the writer thinks the people are stupid or keeping quiet as in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba… there is the article released:


“Donald Trump may have declared something of a victory after the release of a redacted version of the Russia report, but voters do not appear to take the same view.

  The president’s approval rating fell to a low for 2019 after the report went public, sinking 3 percentage points according to a new Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll. The poll was conducted entirely after the release of the report, surveying voters on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and finding that Trump’s approval rating stands at 37 percent, falling from 40 percent in a similar poll conducted at the start of the week.

   As the Reuters report noted, that number matches the lowest mark Trump has reached all year. Trump’s overall approval has now fallen 6 percentage points in less than a month, as he stood at 43 percent in the poll before Attorney General William Barr announced in March that the Mueller report had been turned in. Barr drew controversy for reporting that Trump was cleared on charges of collusion with Russia while the final report itself painted a murkier picture, outlining several contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia but falling short of calling it criminal collusion.

And while Trump has said the report vindicates him, the poll finds American voters largely do not agree. The poll found that 50 percent of voters agreed that Trump or someone from his campaign knowingly worked with Russia to influence the election, and 58 percent agreed that Trump tried to stop the Russia investigation.

Voters were more split on the idea of impeaching Donald Trump, with 40 percent saying he should be impeached and 42 percent saying he should not. The split sentiment appears to be the same among Democratic leaders, with some calling for impeachment hearings and others saying it would not be worth it.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who would have the most power in starting impeachment proceedings, has been reticent to push forward and said she would only do so if there were a consensus among Democrats and Republicans that Trump should be impeached. The inconclusive nature of the report has led to a lack of push from Republicans on impeachment.

Some top Democrats have openly said that it is not worth trying to impeach Donald Trump. As Business Insider reported, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said it was “not worthwhile” to move forward on impeachment proceedings, noting that there is another election in 18 months and voters will get to decide.”


The pollsters and left media companies didn’t tell the public the details that based on the poll proved the initial trust as a house has to have the fundament, instead, they just released the numbers and concluded the bad poll for President Donald Trump. Everyone, including a primary school student can make a poll, it doesn’t need journalist Nathan Francis of Inquister, Reuter/Ipsos. People want to know how many persons joined the survey, actually, the poll is not exactly as the statistic, the people could change the mind and the poll may reach at least 1% population, even a petition must reach at least 100,000 signatures. The left media has the common formula is 3F=3 FRAUDS=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story. The pollsters are the journalists, reporters, moreover, the poll is a business, it belongs to the profit, privilege and political stance, so the poll is not impartial. Nevertheless everyone recognizes the cheat poll that couldn’t change the disaster of Democrats, and the poll can not impeach President Donald Trump, instead, the conclusive report of Robert Mueller is like the last nail seals the political coffin of the Donkey’s Head Party.


Since the Vietnam War, the people lost the credit on the left media, actually, the false polls in the US presidential election 2016 that confirmed the golden age of the left media is over. The false polls provided the hypnotic for Hillary Clinton during the election campaign overturned. She was sleeping in the wonderful dream and it turned the nightmare after November 8, 2016. The last hypnotic provided by the Newsweek printed 125,000 copies, the frontpage wrote” Madam President: Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House” was a farce. The biggest loss of Hillary Clinton explained” what happened”, she must learn the left media’s lesson and condemned the left media didn’t tell the truth, instead, the fake news, false polls paved the way to disaster.


The role of Robert Mueller ended after the report for nothing, but the taxpayers wasted $USD 35 million for the dirty political game of Democrats. The conclusion of Robert Mueller is also the failure of the legal terror’s mission after 22 months attacked commander in chief Donald Trump and the US government. Democrats must receive the big damages, not President Donald Trump, but recently, after the report of Robert Mueller released, the left media cheats the public by the garbage poll. The people have never trusted the left media, the social media is the genuine polls, not the left media companies./.







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