The fallen legal terrorist Robert Mueller turns liar


Posted on March 26, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After the potential loss of the election in 2016, Democrats have conspired the big plan to remove President Donald Trump out from the office. The Special Counsel born by the Democratic undercover activist was Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who arrayed the former FBI director Robert Mueller to terrorize President Donald Trump by the fake dossiers. The investigation aimed to Russia intervened the US election in 2016 that based on the fabricated dossiers wrote by the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton hired then the turncoat Republican was Senator John McCain developed in Senate and Congress, it is the most cheat investigation in US history. The impeachment’s force arranged well:

1-The vanguard force was Special Counsel and the sharp arrow was Mr. Robert Mueller who could apply the legal skills of a senior lawyer and investigating experts of FBI boss to distort the investigation. His job is like the legal terrorist to attack President Donald Trump and abuse the White House from May 17, 2017, to March 22, 2019. The legal terrorist used the taxpayers to attack the US president and the national interest.


2-The support force was Democrats, the high profiles are Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Democratic gangs in Senate and Congress.


3-The propaganda machine was the left media as The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Newsweek, Vanityfair and the others. They couldn’t escape the prosecution when the fake news, fabricated stories still remained on the internet. The fake news about President Donald Trump forced to resign by the investigation of Robert Mueller, actually, every time Mr. Robert Mueller indicted a person, the left media promoted Mr. Robert Muller as the most powerful man in the US.


The people doubt the impeachment’s conspiracy should be supported by China’s espionage networks, the financial agents. Certainly, China does want to remove President Donald Trump because the war fighting the global economic terror against China that damaged the economy and also threatening the communist regime in the mainland.


After 22 months cheated the US legal system, lied the public and Congress, eventually, Mr. Robert Mueller must conclude the most tricky investigation in the US history. The taxpayers wasted more than $USD 34 million by the cunning conspiracy of Democrats colluded with the greedy profit Robert Mueller. The witch hunts have to be debunked after Robert Mueller handed the conclusive report to Attorney General William Barr and the report confirmed no evidence related Russia meddled the election. Democrats completely despair the report, their malicious plan to impeach President Donald Trump completely failed. The public knew the perpetrators are Democrats, so the damages are inevitable, actually, the presidential election will be held in 2020 and the futuristic Congressional elections.


The conclusive report vindicated President Donald Trump after 675 days being attacked by the legal terrorist Robert Mueller, Democrats and the left media propagated to mislead the public. Now President Donald Trump exonerated, he claims the big victory over the collapse the Democrats and the legal terrorist Robert Mueller. Therefore, the Donkey’s Head Party and Mr. Robert Mueller are the shameless despite the report cleared but they still deceive the public by the funny reason quotes there is no collusion between Donald Trump and Russia but no exoneration for Donald Trump. It is the garbage argument of the losers and the obstinate Democrats, actually, Mr. Robert Mueller is a senior lawyer, former FBI director and he also the head of Special Counsel. Nevertheless, the Democratic representatives and Senators are the lawmakers, they must understand the legal system and Constitution. Unfortunately, the high profiles of Democrats are illiterate, so they announced no collusion but no exoneration.


In democratic countries, the law protects everyone, including a suspect to be considered the exoneration while the police are investigating and the court has not found guilty yet. After the judge dismissed and cleared the case, it means the person exonerates. Therefore, Mr. Robert Mueller who investigated and found nothing related between President Donald Trump’s campaign with Russia, nevertheless, he confirmed President didn’t obstruct the justice, but Mr. Robert Muller doesn’t confess the exoneration for President Donald Trump. What does he do? The lawyer’s career allows a lawyer could stand alongside a plaintiff or a defendant, however, the lawyer must respect the court’s decision, actually, the judge confirmed no conviction that means no charge and exoneration. Mr. Robert Mueller carried out the prosecutor of Special Counsel, he must know the case is over, obviously, he has to confess the truth after 22 months investigated for nothing. Therefore, he doesn’t recognize the reality and respects the legal system. The basic lesson of law school was forgotten, he distorted the career by applying the bush law in the US. His law degree may store in the recycle bin or donate the wasted paper industry. On the other hand, Mr. Robert Mueller is the fallen legal terrorist, the terror’s mission missed out the target because Democrats provided the fake weapon made by Hillary Clinton and the cunning plan becomes the disaster of Democrats and Mr. Robert Mueller.


The people don’t believe the Democratic lawmakers and senior lawyer Robert Mueller after the conclusive report. They should be struck the mental health illness, so 27 Dogtors of Harvard and Yale need to treat their comrades above. It is possible, Robert Mueller, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff may seek the advice from Doctor Phil.


President Donald Trump and the US government can prosecute  Democrats, Robert Mueller abused, damaged the US president and White House in 22 months. The Supreme Court is the last destination to force the domestic thugs to return the truth for the victim and the US government. Nevertheless, the US government and President Donald Trump also can prosecute the media companies like The New York Times, The Washington Post and the others, they propagated to mislead the public in 22 months, it is the criminal and the treasonous charge. After the big victory of President Donald Trump and the US government, now the time comes and FBI can investigate Mr. Robert Mueller, Democratic high profiles as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez. They still lie the public and cheat the US government./.







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