The fallen impeachment hit back futuristic Democrats


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The presidential impeachment is not easy to carry out as eating a hamburger or visit a supermarket. Instead, the presidential impeachment’s process is complicated, even a criminal case must take time to investigate and legal argument processing between a suspect and prosecution. The US Constitution permits the presidential impeachment if the incumbent president and vice president are treason, certainly, the hard evidence must cite and the legal argument takes a long time. Obviously, the US Congress must reach at least 225 votes to impeach the president while Democrats have 218 members in the House of Representatives among 435 seats. Moreover, Republicans control the Senate, so the presidential impeachment is impossible.


Democrats knew the impeachment has never succeeded in a case of President Donald Trump. Therefore, they have attempted the impeachment’s conspiracy from President Donald Trump getting the office on January 20, 2017. Democrats recognize the peril waiting for them in the next presidential election will be held in 2020. Moreover, every achievement of President Donald Trump means Democrats losing more vote, actually, an opportunity of Democratic president in 2020 distances more gap, even Democrats will lose the Congress, nevertheless, the high profiles of Democrats appall the White House’s swamp is draining out, the wrongdoers always fear the justice.


China does want to impeach President Donald Trump because the Ape super gang has faced the potential loss in the economic battle. Actually, Beijing tries to prevent President Donald Trump will win the second term. Democrats and China are the comrades, they have the same target as Satan colludes with evil. Unfortunately, China and Democrats have lost the US people support from the grassroots because the US people agreed with the great achievements of President Donald Trump on the economy, international solutions, he makes America great again. The impeachment has failed from the Constitution to the people’s endorsement, but Democrats have not given up despite they knew the failure is inevitable. Every new incident of impeachment that brings Democrats facing more damages. Therefore, the Donkey’s Head Party has no choice as a drowned person must find any way for survival, but the new reason to impeach President Donald Trump that hits back futuristic Democrats.


The deception is the essential character of Democrats, Karl Marx’s pupil can tell the wrong to right, the good turns bad, the truth becomes falsity. The conversation occurred between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a normally diplomatic courtesy. President Donald Trump authorizes to carry out the foreign contact, but Democrats distort the power, they label the conversation between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that is treason. Because the incident relates a laundering money syndicate linking Ukrain-Latvia-Cyprus of Hunter Biden, he is a son of hopefully presidential candidate Joe Biden, so Democrats stray the criminal suspect’s case to impeach President Donald Trump. Certainly, the laundering money is a crime, any nation including the Interpol must investigate and charge. Moreover, former Vice President Joe Biden was an actual henchman of China, during 8 years serving in White House of Barrack Obama’s administration, Vice President Joe Biden was expected as the representative of China, he made a lot profit and interest for China, so Beijing awarded the privileges for Joe Biden’s family by providing $USD 1.5 billion to Hunter Biden, it is the treason and corruption. Therefore, Democrats always dodged, but they mislead the public by the impeachment President Donald Trump. Moreover, former Vice President Joe Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire its chief prosecutor because the investigation targeted on Joe Biden’s son company in Ukraine (hundreds of papes ha never released by Democrats).


Democrats develop the bilaterally presidential dialogue by phone to accuse President Donald Trump is treason. One again, Democrats make the world laughing, the high profiles of Democratic congress joining the impeachment’s campaign, actually, the lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi officially announced to impeach President Donald Trump despite Nancy Pelosi admitted that she doesn’t read the transcription and the Donkey’s herd as Adam Bennett Schiff holds the House Intelligence Committee, Congressman Jerrold Lewis Nadler who holds the House Judiciary Committee attacks President Donald Trump. The impeachment battle goes wild while President Donald Trump is confident and the public has no interest in the boring theme. Democrats humiliate the House of Representative to the House of Garbage by issuing an subponea to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to bring the document about Ukraine. Democrats exploit the subpoena as a shopping invoice. The disgraced clowns perform the worst show in the US Congress.


The nutty campaign launches from the US Democratic Congress to the left media, mostly, the left media labeled President Donald Trump is going to impeach, indeed, the impeachment is impossible. The propaganda campaign failed to convince the public believe President Donald Trump will be ousted from the office, certainly, the left media scorns the people and they also expose the illiteracy of Constitution.


The scandal of Hunter Biden follows the impeachment’s plan that spread worldwide, indeed, Democrats must reduce or conceal the laundering money of Hunter Biden’s scandal to avoid the damages. The stupidy’s impeachment hits back Democrats and the hopefully presidential candidate Joe Biden. The hopeless impeachment’s conspiracy completely failed, so after the mouthful announcement to impeach President Donald Trump, the legal lawmaker and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi turned down the voice, she just wants to make the inquiry before the impeachment. The impeachment’s tactic exhausted, on September 29, 2019, Democrats use 300 former national security officials to sign a letter to support the impeachment. It is a farce and funny, a letter, petition can not impeach the sitting president.


The scandal of Hunter Biden ruins Democrats’ hopeful presidential candidate and the fallen impeachment hit back the futuristic Democrats. On September 28, 2019, Democrats should recycle a dead political carcass Hillary Clinton who intends to join the presidential election in 2020. It means Democrats have no hope in the 2020 presidential election ./.







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