The fake Vietnamese refugees propagate China


Posted on April 6, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The US, Europe, and other democratic countries accepted the wrong Vietnamese refugees. After Vietcong breached Geneva Conference signed on July 20, 1954, and later, the Paris Peace Agreement signed on January 27, 1973. Vietcong invaded South Vietnam and claimed the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975. The barbarous treatments of Vietcong that caused a million Vietnamese people fled the country for freedom bid. Almost, the major Vietnamese people, including refugees knew China and the Soviet Union were the great masters of Vietnam’s Communist Party and genocide Hồ Chí Minh. Nevertheless, ancient Vietnamese people spent a thousand years fighting against the Chinese conqueror, the bloody lesson has never forgotten in Vietnamese history. The Vietnamese people are like Tibetan, Sinkiang Uighur people, the victims of Chinese dynasties and China’s Communist Party. Therefore, Vietnamese people respect Chinese people as Taiwanese and support the democratic movement of Hong Kong people.


However, inside the Vietnamese refugee line, the fake refugees infiltrated under the Humanitarian Program of the United Nations. The fake Vietnamese refugees are Vietcong’s espionage agents, the economic refugee (asylum seeker is not refugee). It is like a needle hid a long time inside a bag that must appear, the fake Vietnamese refugees can not hide the face after resettled in the democratic countries.


In the US, almost, Vietnamese media (newspapers and online, television) are the left media like Người Việt, Việt Báo, Cali Today, SBTN (television), even the Vietnamese politicians elected into multiple levels in the US and somewhere else, they betrayed Vietnamese voters and served for communism in the democratic countries. The prominent betrayal politicians like Madison Nguyen who became a councilor and Vice Mayor of San Jose, California (2005-2014)


The US may watch out the Vietnamese film company names UPRISING WAVES FILM established and registered in California in December 2017. The appeared on the internet from March 3, 2018. Initially, this film company has four founders are:


- Trí Tạ or Tạ Trí Đức was born in 1973, Mayor of Westminster, California (Little Saigon)


- Kiều Chinh, a Vietnamese-America actress, she appealed the money to help Vietcong to build many schools in Vietnam under Charity’s label.


- Alan Vo Ford, producer of Vietnamese film” Journey from the fall”, he works in Insurance broker and real estate broker specializing in commercial


- Mrs. Đoàn Quế Anh (Tạ Trí Đức’s espouse).


The Vietnamese’s film company projects the film features THE SILK ROAD, the monetary investment estimates $US 40 million. The people doubt about the sources of $US 40 million to make that film, certainly, major Vietnamese overseas have no support the finance. China threatens the world by global economic terror and from December 1st, 2019, China’s Communist Party attacks the world by a biological weapon, but the group of Vietnamese refugees plans the propaganda for China. The film titles The Silk Road is the essential plan of China into the global hegemonic ambition. The greedy project calls one belt one road to alert the world including the countries that fell into the trade trap, debt trap and government trap of China’s communist regime. Italy is the sample of one belt and one road and many countries wake up after the biological terror of China.


The SILK ROAD’s film propagates the invasion strategy of China’s Communist Party. The Vietnamese film industrial group reflects China’s interest despite, they live in democratic countries as a saying” eating democratic bread but adore evil communist”. The US wrongly identified the fake communist opponents like Điếu Cày (Nguyễn Văn Hải) and recently, Mother Mushroom ( Mẹ Nấm) names Nguyễn Ngọc Như Quỳnh who cheated the US, she and family resettled in the US, therefore, she slams President Donald Trump as the leftists, Democrats while the US president is fighting against the Coronavirus or Chinese Virus. The Vietnamese people signed the petition seeking to deport the fake Vietcong’s opponent Mẹ Mấm./.







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