The fake news commits suicide to fire a reporter


Posted on December 3, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The left media got lost the people’s credit after many decades misled the public, poisoned the people’s minds and straying from the communication to propaganda, so the left media in Western is not different from the propaganda machine in China, Vietnam, North Korea. Actually, in the Vietnam War, the left media companies like CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post…in Australia had ABC, Channel Seven, and the others intoxicated the Western people, the misled information’s victims became the human-Robot, they protested plus the violence to support Vietcong terrorists. The innocent traitors opposed the national security and national interest, the unwilling thugs attacked the democracy, instead, they stood alongside with Vietcong and the Global Communist Bloc. In the Western or the democratic countries always condemn the fraud, even the fraud occurs between two persons, the lawsuit can apply for a fraudster. Therefore, fake news is public fraud, nevertheless, the fake news causes the social mayhem, harming the national security and national interest. On the other hand, fake news is a form of terror at a high level. The left media’s workers are the media terrorists and the left media’s companies are the bases of media’s terror to terrorize the people’s minds since the Cold War. The Muslim extremist created the bloodshed by the terror’s mission, therefore, the left media’s terrorists cause the long-term damages after the innocent people’s minds to be terrorized and the victims act as the misled information releasing from the left media. The Democratic and Western countries may make the law to punish the media’s terrorists, the dangerous enemy hides under the media’s shield and the free speech that distorted to free fake news to kill the truth.


Nowadays, the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media to be debunked from America, Australia, Europe, and the world. The people recognize the serious fault of the media’s fraud that formulates 3F= False poll + Fake news+ Fabricated story. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump granted the death certificate for fake news after the left media skewed the information in the presidential election 2016 and continuing to abuse the public by the fake news. In the US presidential election 2016, Newsweek elected Hillary Clinton before the election’s outcome” Madam President: Hillary Clinton’s Historic Journey to the White House”. Unfortunately, the US people voted President Donald Trump, so Hillary Clinton became the victim of left media. Actually, in the election’s campaign, the left media’s companies, journalists, reporters, the TV hosts, and pollsters gave Madam Hillary Clinton the strong stuff of anesthetic, so she was arrogant by an absolute belief as to be the US president in debates and campaign. The wonderful dream collapsed at night of November 8, 2016, she knew what happened, but Hillary Clinton avoided to confirm and slam the false polls plus the fake news and the fabricated stories were among the reasons of the failure. On the other hand, the left media made money in the election campaign by advertising and they also friendly stabbed in back comrades Hillary Clinton and the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten in Australia’s federal election held on May 18, 2019. Both exposed the arrogant attitude in the election campaign.


The fake news has lost the reader, the audience that follows the advertising reduced and the profit declined that is the vital fact to remain the media’s companies in the business. The left media also faces social media and the multiple sources provided the impartial news. The golden time of fake news is gone after the Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975, and the US election 2016.

The money can force left media returning the truth, the people decide the media as the fish lives on the water. Thanksgiving is the event of the US, therefore, Newsweek has made the serious fake news by a well-known reporter Jessica Kwong who published the fake news, she reported President Donald Trump spent the time to play golf by an article titled:” How is Trump spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, golfing and more”. The disgraced fake news is unmasked after its article just released. Indeed,  President Donald Trump attended the massive rally in Florida and he suddenly flew 8,000 kilometers to visit the US troop in Afghanistan. Despite the Newsweek has tried to protect Jessica Kwong, a Chinese background’s reporter, but it is not a mistake, indeed the fake news to down President Donald Trump, the smear campaign failed with the garbage impeachment ruined.


Eventually, Newsweek must fire reporter Jessica Kwong who was born at Los Angeles, California, the stronghold of Democrats. Journalist Jessica Kwong is a victim of the dirty game of prominent fake news names Newsweek, certainly, an editor-in-chief Nancy Cooper who has the final responsibility for its operations and policies and Newsweek’s publisher Dev Pragad advocate the harm President Donald Trump by the fake news. The lesson of Jessica Kwong warns the left journalist, reporters, columnists, TV hosts. They become the sacrificed objects if the fake news failed. The fallen reporter Jessica Kwong may file the lawsuit against an editor-in-chief Nancy Cooper and published Dev Pragad and requires the compensation. The White House can file the lawsuit against the fake news and force Newsweek apologizes for the media’s terror.


Once again, the fake news misleads the public, if the fake news occurs in the Cold War, the people believed President Donald Trump played golf. However, nowadays, the rapid communication sending the news to everyone, even the scene of President Donald Trump meets the US soldiers in Afghanistan. Therefore, reporter Jessica Kwong may have a job at China’s propaganda machine, China does need the fake news’s reporters, so she can develop her career into the communist paradise../.






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