The election in UK reflects the British choice


Posted on December 13, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles




The United Kingdom holds the general election on December 12, 2019, after the crisis has perpetuated from the Brexit’s referendum decided the people’s opinion carried out on March 29, 2016. The outcome reflects the British want to leave the European Union with 51.9%. Therefore, the anti-Brexit’s loser plus the left party is UK Labor Party and the minor Muslim population has tried to keep Britain remaining in European Union while there are many members being sunk into the debt as Creek, Italy, Spain. Nevertheless, the illegal migrant’s wave shattered and divided the EU from the grassroots.


The Brexit’s losers are the same tactic of Democrats in the US, despite the referendum was clear the Brexit but the UK Labor Party plus the opponents and the turncoat Conservative Representatives have attempted to delay and even, trying to destroy the Brexit by the cunning tactics,  they also conspire to eliminate the referendum by using the” legal terrorist with the wooden hammer” to challenge at Supreme Court (female millionaire Gina Miller filed the lawsuit against the Brexit). Moreover, the anti-Brexit also applied the” people wave tactic” to rally and pressure the government staying the European Union.


After three years of Brexit’s outcome, the UK  House of Commons being complicated, the debates and argument have no solution while the deadline of Brexit will expire on January 31, 2020, the urgent situation rushes the Conservative Party to solve. Nevertheless, the Brexit caused Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, he supported the anti-Brexit and Prime Minister Theresa May is gone after the negotiations failed from the House of Commons and EU.


Prime Minister Boris Johson has a strong view to leave the European Union. Therefore, the UK politicians seem not to respect the people’s opinion, so the Brexit becomes the deadlock. Eventually, Prime Minister Boris Johnson must take the action to suspend the Parliament House from September 12, 2019, to October 14, 2019, after Prime Minister met the Queen. However, the Brexit is uncertain and the UK House of Commons Speaker John Bercow stepped down after 10 years in the job. The Brexit conducts the general election is the last solution of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


There are 46 million British chose 650 Representatives in the House of Commons and the winning party needs 326 seats to guarantee the absolute majority. Prime Minister Boris Johnson does want to win the majority, he will have the Brexit. During the election campaigning,  the fake news and the false pollsters have not released much the cheat polls as the US election in 2016 and the Australian federal election on May 18, 2019. The people have never trusted the polls, therefore, in the UK election, there is an article of Jacquelin Magnay published on the Australian with the headline:” UK ELECTION: LABOR WIN A MAJOR RISK AS JOHNSON TUMBLES POLLS”.


However, before a day of polling time, the prominent left media ABC published an article’s headline written by Lucia Stein:” HERE’S WHEN WE’LL KNOW UK ELECTION RESULTS AND WHAT HAPPENS WITH BREXIT IF BORIS JOHNSON WINS”. Journalist Lucia Stein intimidates the voters, actually the undecided voters:” it has been a crazy year in UK politics, and it has all led to this moment: a vote on whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson should stay on to carry the country through Brexit”. Certainly, the left journalist Lucia Stein can not change the people’s opinion, actually, fake news company ABC can not drive the British to vote for Uk Labor Party (the hidden communist party in the United Kingdom).


On December 13, 2019, the British reflect the Brexit, despite the outcome is not released yet, therefore, the Conservative Party expects to claim the landslide victory with 386 seats (adds more 50 seats) and UK Labor Party has 191 seats (Labor loses 71 seats). The heavy loss of the Labor Party occurs in North and Midland. The landslide victory of Boris Johnson and its Conservative Party in the United Kingdom that worries the Democratic Party in the US, the false and unlawful impeachment conducts Democrats face the heavy loss.


During the election’s result being released some media, therefore, ABC and the other fake news companies have not released yet the bad news for their comrade Jeremy Corbyn and UK Labor Party. Actually, the hardcore communist Jeremy Corbyn will step down and Labor Party must choose a new leader. Certainly, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union after Prime Minister Boris Johnson has the absolute major members to carry out the Brexit./.






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