The economic loss that crippled China global hegemony


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The war fights against the global economic terror escalating and it has no sign to end. The author of The Art of The Deal crashed down the cunning tactics of China communist, so the talking during fighting, taking one step back to prepare three steps forward, buying time that failed including using the allies to pressure President Donald Trump settling the so-called differences between China and the US and making a deal because the US’s allies as Australia has fallen into the trade trap, debt trap and government trap (corruption, political donation made by China’s espionage agents) while China communist has received the potential damages and the regime risks by the massive jobless. The left parties in Western are such as the Australian Labor Party defused the loss of China by misleading the public as Senator Penny Wong (Huawei’s supporter, real boss of ALP) lied” no one wins from a trade war”. Senator Penny Wong has served for China’s interest from Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (or Kevin Thug) won the federal election in 2007.


The US tariffs advance China’s retaliatory tariffs of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. The tariffs of China imposed on the US agricultural products hit Chinese people live in the mainland as a saying” sword made by China that stabs Chinese”. Its reason conducts China must exempt the tariffs on soybean, actually the pork while China faces the swine flu that killed more than one and a third of pig in the mainland.


The tariff weapon of the US wiped out the Chinese dream, actually, the global hegemonic strategy collapsed. The wonderful dream focuses to be the number one superpower turned the nightmare. The US elected President Donald Trump that destroyed the great plan of China. If comrade Hillary Clinton became the first US female president, China would have an executive in White House as President Bill Clinton who made China growth faster within 8 years. Moreover, President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore sold the US interest and also activated the hoax climate change curbing the Western’s industry while China freely released the dioxide. Nowadays, hoax climate change globalizes, actually, the hoax climate change’s Pope Al Gore became a billionaire. Moreover, the hoax climate change activates the GREEN GUARD as the Red Guard of Mao Tse Tung in Culture Revolution. The Green Guard of hoax climate change gathered the student rallied around the world.


The domestic thug is dangerous than the outside enemy, President Barrack Obama was the first Muslim and Communist-ruled the US in 8 years, he opened three battles to destroy the US and paving the way for China dominates the world. The deeply malicious conspiracy of President Barrack Obama and Democrats pushing the US besieged from the Middle East to Aisa while the US soil shattered by the destructive policies of Obama and his communist staffs (top adviser Valerie Jarett was the key to apply the socialism in the US). The hidden communist President Barrack Obama climbed higher and dived deeper into the White House, so the US destroyed as the virus Meningoccus infiltrates the human brain.


1-The US destruction: President Barrack Obama led the US to be the vassal of China, he made China stronger and the US plunged. The high unemployment rate (the worst record was 10%), the US dollar lost the valuation, the stock market downed, the factories shut down by the hoax climate change’s reason while China grew faster and controlled the US’s economy. Moreover, President Barrack Obama brainwashed the US people in 8 years, and Obama also was the culprit to create the gender war by exciting the conflict occurring between the minor homosexual couple and the major natural couple, the racial war by digging up the civil war. President Barrack Obama was the global war maker, therefore, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded Obama in 2009.


2-The Middle-East battle: President Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry created an opportunity for Islamic State founded after withdrew the US troop from Iraq as the will of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Moreover, President Barrack Obama used the taxpayers to provide the finance, weapon and helped ISIS in military training. The double cross-war game of President Barrack Obama caused the debt increased more than $USD 9 trillion. However, President Barrack Obama often raised verbal speech to fight the terrorist but he was the perpetrator of ISIS.


3-The Asia battle, President Barrack Obama flagged” comrade” China illegally built the artificial islands and militarized at Spratly archipelago. China aims to control the important transport entering Asia, the annual goods estimate $USD 5 trillion. President Barrack Obama helped China controls Asia and also sieges the US.


The US endangered by President Barrack Obama and Democrats, the global hegemonic strategy carried out and China maximally launched the psychological warfare to support candidate Hillary Clinton who continues to perform Chinese’s dream. During the presidential election campaign in 2016, the left media, profit lover’s academics, and the domestic thugs propagated plus the left parties as Australian Labor Party in Australia officially endorsed Hillary Clinton, the opposition leader Bill Shorten used the low-class language:” barking mad” for candidate Donald Trump, even Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop of Coalition supported Hillary Clinton (later, after she retired, she confirms her close friend is Wang Ye, China’s Foreign Minister, moreover Huawei paid the overseas trip and luxury accommodation for Julie Bishop). Despite, the incumbent Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull kept quiet but he vowed to stand with China, so his rivals as senior minister Christopher Pyne officially attack candidate Donald Trump. The left media tipped the propaganda with the fake news, fabricated stories, actually the false polls misled the public, but the false polls are a form of the rigged election to woo the undecided voters.

Certainly, China believed Hillary Clinton will win the election and the global hegemonic strategy continues, actually, China communist focuses the products made in China will dominate the global market in 2025 and the US will trace behind and” madam President” Hillary Clinton will help China colonizes the US.


Unfortunately, the deeply malicious conspiracy has fed from President Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democrats to be crashed. The essential condition is money to build the project called one belt and one road plus the piratical islands in disputed waters at Indochina Pacific and the huge espionage network worldwide are crippled. Instead, the mountain debt hits hard the Chinese dream with the debt reached $USD 40 trillion and it escalates for every economic shaking.


The unpredictable appearance of President Donald Trump totally ruined the global hegemonic ambition of the largest communist country on the planet and China henchman in Western. China loses the global market, stock market, currency Yuan devalued over the alert level. Therefore, the domestic battle threatens China regime when massive jobless conducts the regime collapsed. China couldn’t conceal the big loss and facing Hong Kong standoff from June 2019, actually, the left media failed to mislead the world by the fake news. The worst situation is recognized by President Donald Trump:” China is doing very badly, worst year in 27 – was supposed to start buying our agricultural product now – no signs that they are doing so. That is the problem with China, they just don’t come through. Our Economy has become MUCH larger than the Chinese Economy is last 3 years….”. Premier Li Keqiang conceded” it will be very difficult for China to grow at 6% this year (2019)”. The economic problem of China affected the countries deeply involved with China from many decades as Australia, actually, the most counterparts of China fell into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. Now, they must find a way to escape, if not, the national economy and financial system risk.


China faces the peril from the domestic and offshore battle, the panic exposes on a desperate solution, China will use its currency to hit back. Unfortunately, Yuan versus the US dollar is like an egg versus a stone. President Donald Trump makes America great again, the enemies fear and allies trust, certainly, the domestic thugs appall while the White House’s swamp is draining. President Donald Trump has won three battles that created by Barrack Obama and Democrats.


President Donald Trump cleans up the OBAMA MESS in the US with unemployment is 3.7% that hits the lowest record since 1969, the economic growth, the factories thrive, actually, the US has more than 153 million jobs, the Stock market as Dow Jones rises to 27,000 (under Obama’s era struggled under 17,000). The left media and profit lover’s academics failed to mislead the public about the US recession.


President Donald Trump wiped out the ISIS and now he ruins the global hegemonic strategy of China communist regime./.







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