The economic disorder has started in China’s mainland


Posted on August 24, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The psychological warfare of China is unsuccessful in the Western, once again, China should waste the money hiring the left media, profit lover’s academics (the economists) have misled the public by publishing the biased articles, fake news and fabricated stories about the damages of the US but the potential damages of China concealed as a cat hides its shit underground after defecated. The domestic thugs in Western should get pay from China, so they ignored the truth and sold the soul to the evil communist as the left media misled the public in the Vietnam War. The phony propaganda released the themes below:


1-The US economy damaged, actually the agricultural products, the left media propagates about the hardship of the US farmers, therefore, the garbage propaganda couldn’t convince the people. The most favor of Chinese people is soybean while Chinese soybean meets the poor quality, contamination, and hygiene concern, but the US’s soybean is high quality. China currently buys 80% of Brazil’s soybean, therefore, its quality doesn’t have the high protein as the requirement, so Brazil must import the US soybean and export to China. It is a trade comedy that China retaliated US agricultural products. Certainly, China must pay more when buys the soybean from Brazil.


2-The US recession will come as the warning of 370 economists including 8 Nobel Prize of economy’s winners, they wrongly anticipated the recession and the dangerous economy if Donald Trump elected. The economists are the shame after distorted the career and lied the public. They snub the people and thinking the public is stupid.


3- When the stock market downed, but they dodged the Index rebounded quickly after the loss. The US stock market leads the world, the flexible character of the US’s financial system proved the strong economy after many times lost and recovered. However, the financial system of socialism is rigid, certainly, China and the other communist countries couldn’t respond to the problem when the stock market plunged.


However, the cheat propaganda overturned while the US currency is stronger than the era of President Barrack Obama. The job in the US thrives, the unemployment rate is 3.6% hits the lowest record since 1969. The US industry restored and the manufactories increased, Dow Jones reached 26,000 comparing 17,000 under the era of Barrack Obama.


The high technological communication, the multiple information’s sources, and the social media unmasked the left media lied about the development of China. Instead, the rogue regime in Beijing faces the economic disaster, actually, the mountain debt reached $USD 40 trillion in 2017 that told the economy of China tumbled, certainly, the debt escalates for every tariff imposes and the stock market shaking. Moreover, Hong Kong’s crisis harmed the Hang Seng Index during China does need the money to repay the debt, purchasing oil and materials.


China communist completely failed to retaliate the US, the retaliatory tariffs imposed on the US agricultural products are useless but the US tariffs crippled China products, actually, the export sector is due to the massive jobless after the global market declined. The death certificate of President Donald Trump granted to the giant telecommunication company Huawei causes the finance dried and Huawei became the ghost telecommunication.


China communist appalls the domestic problem, the death vulnerability of China is the massive jobless that should threaten the regime and now the disaster has started after Beijing tipped the last weapon to confront with the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFFS Missile of commander in chief Donald Trump. China devalued its currency that is the desperate solution, China commits suicide after Yuan’s valuation surpassed over the dangerous level is 7 Yuan exchanges one USD.


The Yuan lost valuation couldn’t help China selling more products, therefore, the mainland deeply affected as a saying” the sword made by China stabbing Chinese”. Yuan lost the valuation that affected China’s stock market, the people live in the mainland including the wealthy families (mostly the communist family) rushing to exchange the USD and buying the gold while Yuan turns trash in the domestic market.


China communist panics after Yuan devalued, the dire consequences are inevitable by the inflation without control that affected more than a billion people, actually, half of the population is poor, daily income earns from $USD 2 to 5 but they have no government’s support. The economic war conducts China faces potential damages on the economy, China and the left media couldn’t hide the worst situation by pay rise, the monthly wages increased from July 1st, 2019 based by 80 Yuan ($USD 11) to 2,200 Yuan ($USD 311) after Shanghai increased 2,400 Yuan from April 1st, 2019. In Australia, the minimum wage just rose $AUD 10 a week, but the companies, business reacted, so the big pay rise in China that shows the economy is plunging into the abyss.


Mostly, the workers in China are government companies owned, government employees, the small business running by the private companies must spend more money on employees. China communist must borrow from the World Bank. It is a sign of inflation escalated that force government must respond by the increased wages. However, the goods and the other living conditions following wages increasing without control. Zimbabwe is a circumstance of inflation without control. Actually, when the economy downed that follows inflation and continues to rise, so Chinese people suffer more difficulty. China’s cancerous socialism has emerged and the mainland has started the economic disorder./.







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