The disease’s Socialism of China has the cured medicine


Posted on August 31, 2019 Hoa TruongPosted in Published Articles


The Ape super gang’s dream is bigger than their capacity when the economic grassroots totally went wrong. The socialism failed to thrive the economic growth and creating the communist paradise, instead, the economic pattern of Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung turned to hell. After Karl Marx’s theory applied the primary’s stage of communism, it is the socialism carried out in Russia, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba and recently in Venezuela… the communist countries knew the cause of poverty and disadvantage is socialism, so China stole capitalism’s method called” the free market is led by socialism”. Therefore, China has no shame to steal the enemy’s economic way, instead, they pride in economic growth. Nevertheless, the global hegemonic ambition urges China stole the technology responding to the arms race, the space race, and the global economic terror with the US and Europe. Unfortunately, the economy of China has no fundament, actually, China growth belongs to the offshore market and the other conditions, nevertheless, the technology is the key to help China’s economic development, unfortunately, the communism framed the invention. On the other hand, China’s economy is like a ship being navigated by the US, so China couldn’t control their own economy. It is the vulnerability of China as a saying quotes borrowing a pig head to cook soup. The cunning ruse of Ape super gang matched a stratagem of Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu proposed” create something from nothing” but China economic foundation is baseless, so anything created from the dishonesty that is nothing to exist when the fundament collapsed. Moreover, socialism’s management is rigid while the free market and stock market are flexible and those could change every day, so China’s economy unfits the democratic economy, actually, China often perplexes for every stock market shaking.


Since China joined the global market, the rogue regime bluffed the innocent leaders, the fresh profit’s lovers of Western investors, the prominent helpers were President Bill Clinton and the other Democratic Presidents as Barrack Obama that created an opportunity for China carrying the global hegemony and focusing to control the world. China has exploited the trade ties and diplomatic relations to deploy the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap into counterparts and gently colonizing. The economic and financial army has invaded the Western and the other continents from many decades ago.


The economic disease’s socialism of China spread into the healthy body of Western that causes the long term damages as cancer hides in a human body. Mostly, the patients didn’t know until the syndromes appear. President Donald Trump recognizes the economic disease’s socialism of China has affected the democratic countries including the US from many decades ago, he uses the medicine of tariffs to treat the economically deadly cancer with the effective tariffs pushing the den of thieves into the peril. Certainly, the strong medicine of tariffs could occur the side effects of the patient’s body, the brave suffering will help the economic disease’s socialism recovers and getting back the normal life. The economic disease’s socialism’s patients are:


1- The Western countries including the US have been struck by the economic disease’s socialism of China.


2- The poor countries easily struck the economic disease’s socialism of China by the debt trap, trade trap, government trap.


Nowadays, the world recognized the deadly cancer of economic disease’s socialism of China. Therefore, President Donald Trump has the effective medicine to cure, so the patients must find a way of staying out the cancerous cause as soon as possible. The side effects appear on syndromes:


- The stock market plunged when China downed. The world can measure the situation of each patient loses the stock market and can know the level of China damaged, certainly, China couldn’t conceal the potential damages, actually the mountain debt reached more than $USD 40 trillion that takes China must spend at least a half-century to repay if China economy is like the US. Unfortunately, China couldn’t control the debt, so the deficit escalates, it is the disaster.


- The currency devalued for every loss of Yuan, from August 2019, it is the first time China currency surpassed over the alert level is 7 Yuans exchanges one US dollar and the renminbi continues to fall. The devaluation currency of Yuan follows the dire consequences occurring in the mainland, the inflation causes Chinese people to suffer the high cost of living, actually, there is more than half population of Chinese are poverty, daily income earns from 2 to 5 USD.


The economic disease’s socialism of China has the medicine to treat, therefore, the serious patients are such as Australia has struck the illness. The past, the Aussie government made the critical mistake by the innocent politicians, actually, the Australian Labor Party created an opportunity for the economic disease’s socialism. On August 2019, Australia stock market lost $AUD 90 billion and $AUD 63 billion and recently, ASX lost $AUD 27 billion. The economic disease’s socialism threatens at least 550,000 jobs and the unemployment rate will hit higher, it is the consequence of three decades deeply contacted with the economic disease’s socialism of China. Europe faces the same situation, actually, President Donald Trump is going to give a strong medicine’s tariffs will impose $USD 300 billion on China products and goods, so the patients of economic disease’s socialism must prepare the side effects on the stock market and its economy. The business linking to China’s product tasted the economic disease’s socialism, actually, the profit lover’s companies must solve the stocks being stored and do not import China products. President Donald Trump authorizes the potential weapon of national emergency declaration to ban US companies to invest with China.


The effective tariffs expose on the left media, China should hire the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media maximally launching the psychological warfare by misleading the public about the damages of US and propagate the recession without a clue. The phony propaganda reflects the disaster of China during the economic battle decided the US is the winner.


The boom time of China’s economy attracted Western investment into the mainland with the cheap labor and the Western companies collaborated with China’s business because they believed China is a great dragon in Asia. Unfortunately, the Western countries and investors wrongly chose to drive a tiger snake, not a dragon, so the venomous snake appeared in the real form and the countries wrongly chose, they must pay the dire consequences./.







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