The dirty impeachment game of Democrats eradicated


Posted on October 3, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Concomitantly, Democratic Party has well prepared to mark of 70th Anniversary of The People Republic of China that founded by robbing the authentic government of Chinese People in 1949. The presidential impeachment responds to the willing of China while the tariff weapon of Commander in Chief and the Great Economic General Donald Trump has struck the dead vulnerability of China communist, the global economic terror center must pay the dire consequence after 70 years ruled the mainland and terrorized the world by the global economic tactic that has attacked the continental counterparts from many decades ago.


The impeachment becomes the funniest cheat in the USís legal history and Constitution. Therefore, the Donkeyís Head Party is shameless, they create more problems focusing to remove President Donald Trump from the office, so the new impeachment based on the conversation carried out between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky politicizes to impeach. Unfortunately, Ukraineís incident also destroyed the most hopefully presidential candidate is former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden received the awarded monetary fund $USD 1.5 billion from China communist government after Vice President Joe Biden made the huge profit for China during 8 years in power of Obamaís administration. Actually, Hunter Biden runs the laundering syndicate linking Ukraine-Latvia-Cyprus.


The Ukraine scandal hits back Democrats and some turncoat Republicans as former fallen presidential candidate Mitt Romney who backs Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump because the top adviser of Mitt Romney collaborated with Hunter Biden on the Board of Ukrainian Energy Company. Certainly, Utah Senator Mitt Romney also served as 70th Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 who relates with Hunter Biden, so Mitt Romney wants to remove President Donald Trump from the office to avoid the damages. Unfortunately, Ukraineís incident doesnít have enough reason to impeach President Donald Trump, instead, it is the fabricated story plus the left media propagates to mislead the public.


Democrats have attempted to impeach President Donald Trump by the processing in Congress, but the effort failed the Constitutional requirement. Moreover, Democrats must face the major Senators in Senate, the reaperís impeachment held in hand of Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Democrats exhausted the impeachmentís tactic so, after Ukraineís incident failed, they also develop the call between President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and labeled President Donald Trump coerced Scott Morrison to investigate about Robert Mueller. However, the Australian Prime Minister office promptly released the statement opposing the fake news published by The New York Times and all Australiaís left media misleading the public. One again, the impeachmentís cunning plan ruined.


Democrats crazily react as all kind of insect struck by the pesticide, the lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi reduces the aggressive voice after the noisy declaration announced, the House of Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (someone calls Adam Shit), the House of Judiciary Committee Jerrold Lewis Nadler raised the aggressive voices and exploit the Congressional power to issue the subpoenas to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Donald Trumpís attorney is Ruby Giunini for the Congressional testimony. Instead, they conceal the scandal of Joe Bidenís family as a cat hides the shit underground after defecating. Unfortunately, a cat can not dig a hole in the concrete to hide the shit, so, the trifling concealment couldnít hide the public while the multiple information sources and social media provide the truth. Ukraineís incident also damages Chairman of Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff after the new evidence released about Ukraineís government launching the investigation from July 2019. The Ukraine media reported Adam Schiff who sold the US military hardware in fundraising in Ukraine and the corruption probe.


The incident of Ukraine based on fake news and the fabricated story with the contribution of the left media. Once again, the Democratic Party commits suicide by its impeachment weapon. The whistleblower funded by George Soro as the Buzzfeed reported. Moreover, Democrats donít want to publicize the Whistleblower, they suppose the personal security, the lawyer of whistleblower and the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff lied:Ē serious concerns for our clientís personal safety, as well as for others connected to this matter.Ē. Certainly, it is just a reason, the people probe a whistleblower is a person linking Democrats. Why didnít Democrats issue a subpoena to the whistleblower? It is the disgraced conspiracy, so the US people recognize Democrats have played the dirty game in Congress, therefore, they couldnít hide the cunning conspiracy. President Donald Trump calls Adam Schiff to resign by the national embarrassment that activates from his far-left wing (the communist) in Democrats. After January 20, 2017, the first US Communist and Muslim President Barrack Obama who is no longer hold the power, therefore, Democratic Party is the hidden communist party still activates in Congress. Chairman of Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff is a communist, he holds the intelligence and deeply relates with Valerie Jarret (the hardcore communist in the US and also top adviser of Barrack Obama in 8 years). President Donald Trump warns Adam Schiff who leaked the national intelligence and deeply relates with James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper.


While the impeachment has trashed, Peter Navarro reported President Donald Trumpís two big wins for farmers and manufacturers. It is the worst news of China and the Democratic Party.


China faces a potential loss of economic battle and Hong Kong people standing up for democracy. The consecutive protests have occurred from June 2019 that sends a strong message to the Ape super gang in Beijing, the rallies become the worst incidents that happen on the 70th Anniversary of The People Republic of China while Democrats failed the malicious impeachmentís plan and the Democratic Party is waiting for the big loss in the election 2020. The outcome will worsen than the election 2016, actually, Democrats also appall to lose the Congress and Governors. Nevertheless, the left media appeared the fake news, the trust is negative. The fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls will not save Democrats and its comrade China. President Donald Trump makes America great again, he achieved the major promises in the election in 2016 that guarantees the US people trust, the landslide victory is waiting for a man who serves the country without salary and the patriotic heart./.







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