The devaluation of China Yuan surpassed the alert level


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The economic battle occurs between the US plus allies with China communist is the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of cheat that worries the countries deeply involved the economy with China. The global economic terror comes from the largest communist country on the planet must learn the lesson” sow the wind, reap the whirlwind”. The global hegemonic ambition damaged the Chinese dream as a boomerang hits back the thrower and meets a saying:” sword made by China stabs Chinese”.


The economic war could ruin the military development to expand the Red Empire and the vestige of communism worldwide. After Soviet-Union collapsed, China gathered the communist countries in Asia are Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, and conspiring to restore the Cold War. Therefore, China communist does need the money to carry out the rapacious plan called one belt and one road and the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into Indochina Pacific plus the heavy espionage network has deployed on the world, actually, the spy network spending a lot of money in Western countries. However, China lost the offshore market, actually, the most important consumption is the US, moreover, the giant telecommunication company Huawei crippled after President Donald Trump granted the death certificate and the Huawei becomes the telecommunication’s ghost when the US and Western companies cut to supply the chip and the other equipment for Huawei. The 5G technology of Huawei has been boycotted that causes security risks, the cyber spy unit 61389 threatens the national security of counterpart.


The potential weapon in economic battle is the tariffs, China communist has never respected human life but the money is the death vulnerability. President Donald Trump uses the tariffs to strike over China’s tummy, certainly, the Ape super communist in Beijing flinches from the tariff’s weapon despite Chinese raises the brazen attitude and intimidation, it is the character of communist reflects on saying of anti-communist experts” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”.


Do not fear what the communist does

Let’s do what the communist fears


China has no tactic to confront the US in the economic battle, the retaliatory tariffs imposed on the US agricultural products that are vain while the US tariffs threaten China regime when the hundreds of millions of people lose the job that causes the export sector declined and the foreign companies moved out or repatriated the homeland to avoid the high productive cost. From September 1st, 2019, China products have to suffer the tariffs reaches up to a half-trillion US dollars while China communist faces the mountain debt is up to $USD 40 trillion and the debt will increase without control.


The economic war costs China must spend at least a half-century to pay the debt if the inhumane regime still remains in the mainland. Therefore the US is able to recover the economy and pay off the debt. The strong fundament of the US economy advances China in the economic battle. Certainly, the socialism causes the failure of communist countries, so China and Vietnam must steal the capitalist method” the free market is led by socialism” for survival.


The weakness of China’s economy couldn’t conceal because the world can see throughout the bamboo curtain by linking China with its counterparts deeply fell into the trade ties trap and debt trap of China. Australia dollar plunged as the consequence of the Currency Swap Agreement signed between the Reserve Bank of Australia and the People Bank of China in 2012 with $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan. The agreement occurred under the era of Australia Labor government ruled by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Finance Minister Penny Wong, so the Australia currency struggles under 70 cents of USD equals 1 Australia dollar.


After President Donald Trump announced the remaining tariffs of 300 billion will impose on September 1st, 2019, China economy and financial system shakes as a strong earthquake, obviously, China currency loses the valuation and now Yuan has surpassed over the alert level, the worst situation comes, China communist fears when 1 US dollar exchanges more than 7 Yuans. On Monday, August 4, 2019, it is a first time Yuan surpassed over 7.02 equals 1 USD. Australia received the consequence when China loses that Australia plunges, the ASX (Australian Security Exchange) wiped out $AUD 38 billion, dropped 128 points that is the biggest loss in this year. The Australia economists and incumbent government may overhaul the economic relation with China and finding a way to escape the damage as soon as possible.


From the economic war has started by the tariff weapon exchanges between the US and China, Yuan lost the valuation and it aggravates for every tariff imposed. Chinese people actually the poor people and peasant have been suffered the difficulty. The people in the mainland panic, they rush to buy gold or keeping the US dollar as personal security, so the gold’s price rises and China government limited the US dollar exchanges in the banking’s system. The economic battle decides the US is a winner, the victory could recognize on the US and China currency. Certainly, China does need the US dollar to buy oil and materials.


China currency devalued to the alert level causes inflation in the mainland, Chinese people suffer the goods increases the price, actually, the poor family occupied more than a half population in China. Nevertheless, the economic war created hundreds of millions of people lose their job without government support. China communist regime appalls the second Tiennamen Square will repeat any time, actually, the standing up of Hong Kong people adds more problem for the Ape super gang rules the government in Beijing.


China communist has been sieged by its people including Hong Kong and the Three Gorges Dam also threatening a hundred of millions of people because the dam can collapse any time. Moreover, China loses the offshore market and the world recognized the real face of the global thug.


China economy is uncertain and the currency follows the declination, despite, $USD 300 billion has not added 10% tariff yet, but Yuan lost the valuation. The disaster is waiting for China communist when the tariffs will apply on September 1st, 2019. China failed to apply the psychological warfare by hiring the left media and the profit lover’s academics into the propaganda that couldn’t save China economy and also the inhumane regime will collapse as the old lesson repeats from multiple thousand years of Chinese history./.







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