The Democratic high profiles tie with China communist


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The most Democratic politician ignored the country and people, they could place the national interest for sale with the cahoots attempting between Democratic high profiles and foreigners. The prominent Clinton favored the family interest than national interest and people, the Clinton has stuck with the treason and corruption.


The presidential election 1992 and 1996, Bill Clinton and Al Gore illegally received the finance from China’s espionage agent John Huang and Charlie Trie, so in 8 years, president Bill Clinton served for China’s interest, he acted as an executor of China in White House. The presidential election’s debt repayment purchased the US interest, China succeeded the government trap, Beijing doesn’t need to spend a lot of money, but they could buy a national leader like Bill Clinton with a small amount then China could gain the good policies plus the privileges.


President Bill Clinton helped China growth faster, the Most Favored Nation’s policy and the hoax climate change globalized to curb the US and Western’s productivity but China freely released dioxide. Behind the Democratic high profiles are the treasonous crimes, Clinton’s family recorded the wrongdoing’s history, Bill Clinton’s younger half brother Roger Clinton Jr arrested by the drug trafficker during Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas and later, President Bill Clinton pardoned his brother. Hillary Clinton’s young brother is Tony Rodham deeply related with Huawei, the giant telecommunication company owned by the People’s Liberation Army, the den of a hacker. Huawei currently threatens national security and carrying out the stolen technological mission. Nowadays, President Donald Trump signed the national emergency order and also bans Huawei and more than 70 affiliates because of the national security threat. Therefore, Clinton’s family created an opportunity for China operating the cyberspy being activated a long time in the US.


Democratic politicians don’t care the country, Senator Dianne Feinstein (California) recruited China’s espionage agent served more than 20 years in her office, moreover, Senator Dianne was chairwoman of Senate Intelligence Committee, so the classifieds would leak to China. FBI warned the case of Dianne Feinstein at least two decades but she ignored.


Former Senator, a fallen presidential candidate, and former Vice President Joe Biden recorded a long relationship with China communist, Mr. Joe Biden represented China’s voice in Democrats and the US government, he helped its party to pass the permanent national trade relations with China. Mr. Joe Biden created trade trap for China colonize the US. The national interest sold to China by the domestic thug in Democrats when they held the most important position in government.


Former Vice President Joe Biden is the leftist, he is a sibling with communist, its reason Joe Biden strongly supported Vietcong terrorist in the Vietnam War with comrade John Kerry, Jane Fonda, Bill-Hillary Clinton, and the others. Nevertheless, when he served as Vice President of the first Muslim, communist President Barrack Obama in White House, Vice President Joe Biden contributed the trade ties with China. Moreover, there was more than a decade, Joe Biden’s son is Hunter Biden who has the investment in China with company Bohai Harvest RST owned by China’s government. China long term’s henchman Joe Biden to be rewarded by China, so his son got the facilities granted from Beijing.


(Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. operates as a private equity company. The Company runs cross border merging, cross border acquisitions, investment transactions, and other businesses. Bohai Harvest RST Shanghai Equity Investment Fund Management serves customers in the United States and China.). The Bohai Harvest RST backed by Bank of China and China Development Bank. Bohai Harvest has put money into the automotive company, mining industry, technology, venture.


The family’s business putting above the country so former Vice President Joe Biden said:” China is not a threat” while President Donald Trump launches the campaign to fight against the global economic terror and China threatens the national security, actually, Huawei and the telecommunication companies spread the cyberspy worldwide. The people have no surprise because Joe Biden’s son invested in China’s company. Hunter Biden dealt $USD 1.5 billion into his hedge fund from the China communist government that conducts former Vice President Joe Biden must serve for China. Certainly, China wants to topple President Donald Trump because the tariffs imposed damaged the mainland economy and the global market ruined. Moreover, the former Vice President Joe Biden is malicious, he silently involved in early staged of the hoax investigation on Russia meddled the US election in 2016 with Hillary Clinton, John McCain and the other high profiles of Democrats. His conspiracy suits China communist’s willing.


Former Vice President Joe Biden officially announced running the presidential election 2020, certainly behind Joe Biden is China communist. Among more than three dozen Democratic presidential candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden is the most hopeful candidates. After Hillary Clinton lost the election, former Vice President Joe Biden boasted that he could beat President Donald Trump.


China has been panicked after the tariffs imposed from the US, Red Emperor Xi Jinping does want Democrats wins the election in 2020. If former Vice President Joe Biden elected, China will escape the disaster and Beijing will have an executor in White House as Bill Clinton.


- Behind the Democratic high profiles are the crimes

- Behind the family’s Clinton is the hidden felon.

- Behind former Vice President Joe Biden is treason.








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