The democracy deeply rooted in Hong Kong and people


Posted on September 13, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Hong Kong became a colony of British since Qiang dynasty, therefore from July 1st, 1997, Hong Kong’s territory wrongly handed over to China communist regime after a century ruled by the British. Moreover, after the Qiang dynasty ended in 1912, and the continuous government was the Republic of China, the first Chinese people’s government applied the democracy in the mainland until the Ape super gang robbed the authentic government in 1949.


Hong Kong people have lived in freedom and democracy while China communist-ruled the mainland by the inhumane regime. Certainly, China communist regime doesn’t represent the Chinese people, indeed, the communist government in the mainland is the Ape super gang. Nevertheless, China communist denied Chinese people’s background and Chinese history, instead, they labeled themselves as the Ape’s descendant, it is not compatriot relation between Chinese people and the Ape’s mind covered by human body. The Ape super gang regime has never respected Chinese people, instead, the human rights violation and the worst treatment have applied in the mainland. Actually, under the era of first Ape Emperor Mao Tse Tung who killed more than 65 million Chinese people and the ruthless regime continues to govern the country by the bush law. Despite the authentic government exiled to Taiwan after the mainland was occupied by Ape super gang in 1949, therefore, the Republic of China still exists into the international community and represents for Chinese people.


Hong Kong still remains a different pattern’s government from the mainland from 1997. In reality, Hong Kong was independent as a nation. The territory, population, independently financial system (Hang Seng Index), government, currency (Hong Kong dollar), flag and Hong Kong passport granted by Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport validates into 165 countries. Certainly, Hong Kong people don’t want to hold a Chinese passport issued by China communist regime, Chinese passport discriminates whoever opposes the inhumane regime. Hong Kong Passport helped the leader of democratic movement Joshua Wong traveled to Europe or somewhere else, China couldn’t hamper or ban.


After the extradition bill introduced by China henchman Carrie Lam in June 2019, Hong Kong people standing up by the consecutively massive protests, the high tide gathered up to two million people. Beijing failed to intimidate by the killing machine called the People’s Liberation Army, the culprit of the Tienanmen Square massacre in 1989.


Hong Kong’s situation is unrest, but the economy and stock market still remain, certainly, China communist regime appalls Hong Kong crashed that conducts China collapsed. The menace is vain, Hong Kong people knew the vulnerability of the Ape super gang. The democracy and freedom plus the world’s financial firms deeply rooted in Hong Kong from a century, although Hong Kong is complicated by the consecutive protests, therefore the world including British’s investors still interested. On September 11, 2019, the Hong Kong stock exchange (HKEX) makes $USD 57 billion (31.6 billion pounds) for LSE (London Stock Exchange). Moreover, Hong Kong Exchanges already stuck and based with London, the owner of the London Metal Exchange. Despite the bid has not proceeded yet, but possibly, it will transact in the future. Initially, the LSE agreed with Refinitiv (a global provider of financial markets data infrastructure). The Western investors study carefully the unrest in Hong Kong, they knew China frightens the financial weapon of Hong Kong people.


Hong Kong is among the global finance’s center, the Western investors deeply involved the business and monetary firms, so Hong Kong people have developed the financial weapon to fight for democracy and safety. China communist regime perplexes while the massive protests continue in Hong Kong certainly, the Ape super gang flinches the bloodshed solution because Hong Kong is not Tienanmen Square. Moreover, the Ape super gang has never cared about the people life, but the money forced China stops to repeat the bloodshed as they did in 1989./.







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