The death vulnerability of communist and terrorist


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Karl Marx pupil always condemns the democratic country is capitalist or counter-revolutionary regime and they proclaim themselves as the progressive component in society. Therefore, the communist couldn’t hide the monkey tail when Karl Marx labeled the progressive component came from the Ape in Historical Materialism and the communist pride they are the descendant of Ape (*). The Ape is not a human being, so the communist killed, robbed and enslaved the people without pity.


The capitalist respects human life, religious freedom (theism), and the idealism provides the materials like food and the social benefits to people while the atheism or communism advocates the finality enucleate medium. Therefore, the materialism followers (atheism) have not given the food, materials to the people, instead, they rob the asset and kill the people, they are keen to use the psychological warfare into the war or the bloodshed campaigns to purge the society, so do not listen to what communist talks, let’s watch what they did. The communist and capitalist are entirely different from the theory and action as the water and fire, wrong and right, God and evil, black and white and the heaven with the hell. Certainly, communist and capitalist couldn’t harmonize, both have the radical conflict to the end.


The communist has never respect human life and advocates the violence, actually, the communist often exposes the aggressive attitude. So the communist doesn’t care about the war, they ignore human life but does need the materials, money.


- In the Korea war, Mao Tse Tung devised the inhuman tactic called HUMAN WAVE to replace the lacking weapon, Mao pushed more than a million troops of the People’s Liberation Army killed.


- The Indochina War, Ho Chi Minh mandated the commanding to China communist’s delegation and untrained Four Stars General Võ Nguyên Giáp was like a puppet, eventually, Vietcong claimed the victory in Điện Biên Phủ battle with more than 10 thousand troops of the People’s Army of Vietnam killed. Once again, the human wave tactic barbecued more than 1,500,000 Vietcong troops in the Vietnam War. In the Vietnam War, Vietcong ignored the life of their troop, the” materialism” applied in the battlefields, so the machine gun 12.7 mm chained the leg of the gunners, Vietcong respected the weapon than human life. The communist has never minded the casualty or injury but the weapon must protect by any prices.


The capitalist or idealist always respect human life, so in the Vietnam War, the US, allies, and South Vietnam army always cared about the life of soldiers. Whatever, the army tried to bring the casualties out of the battle and the wounded soldiers to be treated properly, even, the allies and South Vietnam Army helped the Vietcong injured by the medical treatment. In the Western countries, Vietcong and communist (undercover activists, the espionage network) plus the left media (the communist hired) developed the casualties of the US soldiers and allies into the propaganda, so the Western people, actually the innocent components often protested with violence to pressure the governments to stop helping the South Vietnam fighting against Vietcong terrorist, protect the freedom and prevent the red wave spreading in the region. Therefore, the left media, leftists were as Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bill-Hillary Clinton, and the others completely concealed the potential damages of Vietcong in the battlefields as the Tet Offensive battle in 1968 (Vietcong lost a hundred thousand troops)


The democratic country, actually the US and Europe couldn’t win the communist into the military battle, because the communist can push the human life into the death without pity while the democratic countries have never wanted a casualty or injury.


The extremists hide inside Muslim is like a communist, the terrorist ignores human life by the suicide bombers, even the terrorist exploited the children into the terror missions. The terrorist and communist are the same characters.


However, the death vulnerability of communist and extremist is the economist, actually, the finance could ruin the thugs of people. After the terrorists attacked the US on September 11, 2001, the US has led the world into the war against the terrorist. Therefore, the terrorists have the money, weapon provided from multiple sources and the war perpetuates. Moreover, under the rule of the first communist and Muslim President Barrack Obama, he used the taxpayers to fight the terrorist and Obama also used the taxpayers provided the weapon and money to the Islamic State after President Barrack Obama carried out the willing of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden by withdrawing the US troop in Iraq that created an opportunity for ISIS founded. The double cross war game of President Barrack Obama left over the deep debt was nearly $USD 19 trillion and many lives of the US soldiers risked, actually, the four deaths at Benghazi marked the treasonous crime of President Barrack Obama, Secretary of States Hillary Clinton and the administration. But the Noble Peace Prize Committee awarded Obama in 2009 while he didn’t have any peace record and late, President Barrack Obama was the global warmaker. Therefore, after President Donald Trump getting the office, ISIS lost the finance and weapon and Islamic State to be pushed out from their bases and now, the ISIS nearly wiped out in the region.


China and the other communist regimes are the same situations, the military war couldn’t win, because the communist ignores human life. Therefore, the communist fears the money, it is the death vulnerability. After China joined the free market, the Western, including the US, they have applied the wrong tactic by the trade ties, a free trade agreement with China, Vietnam, and the other communist regimes enriched by the democratic countries and after the communist developed as China, the Western being endangered.


The Western including the US can develop the economic weapon to eliminate the red evil and also help Chinese, Vietnamese people return the freedom, democracy.


-  The foreign companies helped China and Vietnam survived. If the foreign companies didn’t operate in China, the situation is different and nowadays, the world avoids the threat from China communist.


- The democratic countries consider carefully the trade ties with China and the other communist regimes, it is the best way to eliminate the inhumane regimes.


- President Bill Clinton lifted the embargo to Vietcong in 1994 and annually, the Vietnamese overseas sent the money and brought the money to Vietnam carried out under the holiday. The money provided to Vietnam is up to $USD 20 billion per year, so the Vietcong regime still remains and continues to violate human rights.


President Donald Trump launches the campaign to strike the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. The global economic terror base stationed the headquarters in Beijing has been faced the potential damages. The massive jobless threatens the Ape regime when the foreign companies moved out from the mainland or repatriated the homeland to avoid the tariffs. China communist appalls the high unemployment rate that can cause the regime collapsed. The finance is the death vulnerability of China and the other communist regimes, actually, the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missle of President Donald Trump crippled China economy and Beijing lost the global market, the mountain debt is up to $USD 40 trillion, China must spend at least a half century to pay the deficit if China economy is like the US. Therefore, China economy has no fundament.


- Hong Kong people hold finance, so China couldn’t control this territory since the British returned to the mainland on July 1st, 1997. Moreover, Hong Kong people know the death vulnerability of China, so they often protested to oppose the rules of China’s bush law.


Do not fear what communist does.


Let’s do what communist fears


    The democratic countries want to trade with a country has the same system as Taiwan or Hong Kong…therefore, the bush law of China communist always deceives in the trade, moreover, China communist aims the control the world by the global hegemony. When China economy ruined by the global market lost that conducts the massive jobless in the mainland with multiple hundreds of millions of people have no income support from the government. China appalls the old collapsed lesson is going to repeat in a thousand years of Chinese history, so China communist obsesses the regime when the jobless plus corruption and the people abhore the regime./.


Notes (*) The writer imprisoned 6 years in prison after Saigon lost on April 30, 1975. During the period incarcerating in the hell of jail after the Vietnam War (Vietcong called the nice language” the re-education camp”), the Vietcong cadres (political preachers) taught the prisoners about people came from the Ape, whoever told differently, they would be punished and called” counter-revolutionists”.






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