The death of China after the Coronavirus


Posted on April 13, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The history proved that communism or Maoist failed to develop the mainland after Mao Tse Tung and its communist party deceived Chinese people into the title of revolution, socialism and the communist paradise to rob the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949,  indeed China couldn’t grow without Western. Communism creates the bloodshed, the social war advocated by the communist party that labels” class struggle” to excite the people harm, accuse each other of survival, the impoverishment and obscurantism lagged the invention after the wealthy component and intellectuals eliminated from society and the illiterate peasant, the low educated officials replaced.  Therefore, the global hegemonic ambition urges China to plunge into the arms race, the space race with Western. China created from nothing to anything from the malicious methods and the cunning tactics. The vital growth’s conditions of China based on stolen technology and free-market which decided China’s products,  so the export sector employed more than 120 million workers in the peak of the industrial boom.


The communist paradise reflects the quote of Boris Yeltsin” Communism was just an idea, just pie in the sky”. Maoist has become the disaster of Chinese people after 70 years built the communist paradise, China’s communist regime has more than half of the population earns from $US 2 to $US 5 a day but Chinese society has a small group of the billionaire and millionaires come from the red noble class of China’s Communist Party. Despite China prides the second-largest economic center, indeed, China is like a giant with the foot of clay and a big mouth.


President Donald Trump cuts the vital developments of China by the adjust tariffs that curb China made and the US issued the policies to prevent the intellectual properties provide to China by stealing and other malicious methods. Eventually, China launches risky terror by biological warfare worldwide.


Almost, every country on the planet is the victim of a biological weapon of China. The death toll plus economic damages that fear and obsess China when more than 180 nations can file the lawsuit against China, possibly, the massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars, certainly, China can not escape the responsibility, it conducts China’s bankruptcy. Moreover, every victim country can confiscate the assets of China, including the companies owned by China’s government to pay for the damages. The victim countries of one belt and one road can apply their law (the lawmakers passed the bill) to eliminate the debt including the money that China poured into the” silk road” and revoke the assets taken by China as ports, airports. The Coronavirus or Chinese Virus hit back the culprit, the sword made in China that stabs Chinese. The Coronavirus also wiped out the domestic thugs, the profit lover’s businesses collaborated with China, the treasonous academics provided the technologies to China, the left politicians, and the left viral media failed to protect China and straying the biological terror.


The propaganda machine of China and the left viral media in Western couldn’t mislead the public as the Cold War. The untrue reports released by China about the death toll and infected cases in China reduced while the US and Europe have a high death toll and infection. The vapid reprise repeats on the left virus media’s companies” the US surpass China in the death toll” but the left media has never known the exact death toll in the infected population behind the bamboo curtain, the phony propaganda is obsolete when the people can search the other information sources, the social media, and Chinese people divulge the terrible scene in China, particularly in Wuhan.


China’s Communist Party can not brainwash the world including Taiwan and Hong Kong people. Moreover, Chinese people wake up after 70 years ruled the mainland by the bush law of Ape super herd. The global biological terror affects worldwide, almost, every nation is the victim of China, so China’s Communist regime faces the world’s abhorrence. It is the death of China after the biological warfare attack, the dire consequences are waiting for China, they sowed the wind and reap the whirlwind. The economy of China is like a useless car which is dealing the dead engine, the human pushing can not help a car running, so the stimulus of China’s communist regime is vain, it doesn’t like the stimulus of the US, Europe, Australia because the economy just slows down but the economic machine still runs and having a good condition.  After the suspension, the economy will run again, even faster for recovery. China’s communist regime loses the dirty war when the world identifies the real face of the heartless regime.


1- China’s economy in the mainland disabled: the massive population locked and the death toll plus the infected population devastated China’s industry, businesses, transport, tourism industry, and the other economic activities from the grassroots. Moreover, mountain debt aggravates China’s financial system. The dead body can not revive despite Ape Emperor Xi Jinping covers the disaster by propaganda and slogans and the left viral media in Western parrots.


2- The global boycott: the psychological economy is important in the market, the products made in China obsessed the global consumption and now the Chinese Virus adds more fear. The people are afraid the products made in China can insert the virus, particularly, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Czech Republic, and others accuse the medical supplies from China attached virus.


3- China-phobia globalizes, it is not racist as China’s communist regime and the domestic thugs in the Western claim. Therefore, people don’t know who brings the Coronavirus, it is better to do not access Chinese people to come from the mainland. China-phobia influences Chinese people to live overseas, moreover, China’s undercover activists and pro-Beijing appear with the aggressive behaviors, so China-phobia increases in the Western’s society, it affected Chinese restaurants, Chinese groceries, China-town. Nevertheless, Chinese politicians infiltrated the Western’s government can not hide the face to serve China’s interest for a long time.


4- The travel: the biological warfare attack debunked the tools of China, the prominent tool is the World Health Organization is led by the communists, Ape Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who drives the W.H.O to support China into the global biological terror. The medical misleading created more deaths, infection and global economic recession. W.H.O delayed the Coronavirus outbreak so the US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and the other countries accepted many Chinese tourists during the Coronavirus was spreading in Wuhan. The consequences of  COVID-19 are inevitable:


- The tourists fear to travel to China, its regime loses about 62 million tourists a year, China’s tourism industry loses about 4 trillion Yuan.


- The Western countries curb Chinese tourists, workers including Chinese students because the Western and other countries don’t know which Chinese traveler has Coronavirus. The false reports lied about China contains the Coronavirus that doubt the world.


5- The The foreign companies frighten the mainland: the global economic terror of China that causes the foreign companies to move out or repatriated the homeland. Now, the Chinese Virus wakes the foreign investors, so the US, Japan, and others withdraw from the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of cheat and the lair of pandemics. No one has enough courage to open a factory or invest in the land of deadly viruses.


Despite the world has not found yet the vaccine, but some medicine like Hydroxychloroquine can cure the virus. On the other hand, the Coronavirus is like flu, but the left virus media propagates the death toll and infection. Indeed, the Flu H1N1 in 2009 raised more death and infected population than Coronavirus pandemic, and the vaccine of pandemic H1N1 took at least 6 months released the first supplies while the Coronavirus just outbreak about 3 months.


However, there are many Coronavirus patients recovered, so the Coronavirus pandemic transmits to the economic pandemic and the left viral pandemic. China’s Communist Party uses the Coronavirus into multiple purposes, the Ape super herd aims to kill many hundreds of millions of Chinese people to prevent the standing up, to solve the massive jobless, the democratic movement in Hong Kong and the Ape Emperor Xi Jinping wants to destroy the economy of the US, Europe, and the democratic countries. Unfortunately, the malicious conspiracy hits back and China’s communist regime faces the death of the economy that conducts the last communist regime collapse. Ape Emperor Xi Jinping and its Ape super herd commit suicide after used Coronavirus to terrorize the world.


Chinese people in the mainland can change the worst situation, and remove China-phobia if they abolish the Ape super herd’s regime. The international community will welcome the democratic government in the mainland. On the other hand, if Chinese people can not remove the Ape regime, a day, China’s Communist Party will create another Coronavirus to kill many hundreds of millions of people to avoid the massive opponents standing up and keeping the ruthless regime stabilizes./.






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