The deadly virus comes from Communist Paradise


Posted on January 21, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The agricultural products of the communist paradise meet the unhygienic condition, even the people live in the communist paradise in China, Vietnam and the others have never trusted the farming products including the seafood, instead, the people fear the health risk while the medical field worsens and the corruption spread into the hospital system. Therefore, the people, actually the poor people have no choice, they must eat the poisoned food and contaminated stuff producing from the communist paradise. In China, there are up to 400 cancer villages, therefore, the high ranking communist cadres have a long life and good health because they afford the luxury living conditions and eating healthy food, actually, the capitalist food (counter-revolutionary food) imported that favor the communist’s noble class. The communists have never cared about people’s lives, but the party puts above humanity, so the people died but the communists live in the best life and continue to squeeze the people’s sweat.


Socialism based on human power into production as Ho Chi Minh defines the people is precious assets. The communist regime is keen to use the human power to develop the paradise, the slogan quotes” labor is glorious” inciting the people working as a slave, actually, the communist regimes exhausted the laborer including the human’s excrement to build the regime. In Vietnam and China, human excrement is the essential materials to contribute the agricultural products, human excrement becomes the common fertilizer in the farms. Moreover, in Vietnam, the communist government has promoted the excellent economy’s model called Uncle Ho’s Fish Pond. Mostly, the family has a little pond using the toilet and also feeding a kind of fish names VỒ (it does love the human excrement). The Basa fillet comes from Vồ fish and export to Western selling a cheap price. Moreover, Cổ Nhế village is a suburban Hanoi that has the excrement market to sell the fresh excrement (someone makes the fake excrement and the government arrested). The communist paradise in Vietnam, socialism applies successfully, so the burglars appear everywhere, the thieves can steal anything including the excrement, so the people have a saying:” socialism means the toilet must fence” (Xã Hội Chủ Nghĩa, cầu ỉa cũng rào). Even the communist paradise has fake excrement, so China is a famous country to make the counterfeits in the world.


The unhygienic food and the living condition in the communist paradise cause the deadly virus. The bird flu comes from virus H5N1 threatened the chicken, duck and the other bird in Vietnam, China and spread somewhere else from 2004 to 2014. In May 2003, SARS Coronavirus founded in Guangdong (China) and outbreaking worldwide. Before the Lunar New Year 2020, the SARS Coronavirus appeared and outbreaks at Wuhan (China), the deadly virus syndromes expose on the severe acute respiration that can kill a patient. The Coronavirus threatens the world, actually, the tourists travel from China or returning from China. The airports around the world alert by the medical units operating. There is someone struck by the virus in Japan, Thailand, South Korea, the United Kingdom…The World Health Organization (WHO) warns about new Chinese Coronavirus.


The unhygienic food and living condition in the communist paradise also a wonderful place for the deadly virus. Australian people obsess the frozen berries import from China, and now the new SARS appeared and outbreaks.


The communist paradise carries out the genocide, but the communist paradise is the wonderful place for the deadly virus. While Hong Kong and Taiwan people reject the model of the communist paradise of China, therefore, in the US, Senator Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff (far-left) and Democratic Party interest the ruthless Marxist Leninist and they want to impose the dangerous theory in the United States of America. On the other hand, communism and socialism are the most dangerous virus to kill more than 100 million people since the communism virus appeared in October 1917 in Russia. So the communism virus is dangerous than SARS Coronavirus or any kind of pandemic outbreak in human history./.






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