The deadly Coronavirus names Chinese virus


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Almost, China’s products are poisonous, contaminated, including poor quality and short life. From the US President Richard Nixon made the first historic visit Beijing in 1972, China has exploited the trade to carry out the global hegemonic ambition. The innocent leaders, profit lover’s businesses and the dishonest academics created an opportunity for the largest communist country to develop faster. The critical mistake becomes the dire consequences after China succeeded the steal the technology, infiltrated the free market and W.T.O.


It is no doubt about the deadly virus created by China’s communist regime to terrorize the world by a biological weapon. The global hegemonic ambition of China’s Communist Party has carried out into two battlefields:


1- The global economic terror: China has exploited the free market, the innocent leaders, the profit lover’s businesses and the dishonest academics to terrorize the world by the soft army with Chinses businesses, Chinese companies owned by China’s government, plus the financial espionage agents activate into the western countries. The economic terror’s units silently have infiltrated into the counterparts, while the backdoor opening for trade ties, the free trade agreement, immigration. China succeeded in bluffing the Western by the innocent leaders like US President  Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Australia and many countries fell into the government trap of Beijing. China gained the best policies and facilities from the betrayal leaders and corrupt politicians.


The rogue country has framed the invention by socialism and Maoist, the national talent abandoned from the grassroots of education’s system, instead, the rule calls family background wins over the talent in education. The discrimination applies to deserve the priority for communist family and member plus the social purge, but China grew fast and becomes the world’s second-largest economic center. The stolen technology and the naïve leaders in Western that helped China develops the global hegemonic dream.


2- The global biological terror: China can not cop the US and Western into the arms race, the space race. The largest population has 1.4 billion can not apply the human wave’s tactic of Mao Tse Tung in the Korea War, the Vietnam War, and any military conflicts. China knows its military capacity can not win the war. Two decades ago, China’s Communist Party’s strategist, General Chi Haotian advocated using biological warfare to win the war. The crucial battle terrorizes the world through biological warfare has conspired a long time. China’s communist regime uses the Chinese people like the live stations of Coronavirus to spread worldwide. If the biological weapon didn’t leak at Wuhan, the dire consequences are immeasurable when the Coronavirus devastates the US and Europe by Chinese tourists, Chinese workers, Chinese students, Chinese residents in Western and China enjoys the victory as Sun Tzu quotes” wait at leisure while the enemy labors” after using the invisible cohort of Coronavirus to destroy the US and capitalist countries as Sun Tzu proposed in 36 stratagems” kill with a borrowed knife”. Despite the evil plan failed but China varies the biological weapon to kill the people by using Chinese tourists, Chinese workers and the countries fell into traps like Italy, Iran and the European states linking one belt and one road (Italian government accepted about half million Chinese in their homeland)(*).

Nevertheless, the World Health Organization appeared the actual tool of China, particularly, Dr. W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus misled the world, he helped China into the biological warfare terror, so South Korea, Japan became the victims of medical deception made by the W.H.O chief. The biological warfare terror is the genocide against humanity, China is the culprit and Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus is an accomplice.


The world complicated, transport seems to disable in China. The US, Western and the major countries promptly issued the travel ban, actually, Chinese tourists, Chinese workers, and the countries deeply involved the economy with China included, so the global aviation industry nearly paralyzed. The stock market plunged, Wall Street is nervous while the pandemic spreading, but China conceals the massive death toll and infected population in the mainland.


One again, the left media and Democrats in the US appeared the treason, they propagate the death toll and infected cases in the US, Europe but China reduces, the phony propaganda can not convince the public. The left media applies psychological warfare as in the Vietnam War to appall the people, it is the fear campaign of left media and China cheat the public in Western countries,  but the obsolete propaganda debunked. The US death toll is 112 as the report on March 19, 2020,  but 75 are the old people:


14 were in their 90s.

18 were in their 80s.

19 were in their 70s.

15 were in their 60s.

9 were in their 50s.


It is very hard to believe that China eliminated the Coronavirus, the death toll down and Chinese people return the normal life. The obsolete drama of Red Emperor Xi Jinping visited Wuhan on March 10, 2020, with the FACE MASK N 95 made in the US (not made in China, because Xi knew China’s face mask is not safe, but China gives the masks made in China to Italy). Mr. Shithole Xi Jinping walked on the street with his guards and the close comrades, nevertheless, he distanced some Wuhan’s residents while talking. However, China also secretly builds about 40 cremation sites at Wuhan and the container hospitals in Shanghai and somewhere else in the mainland. Do not trust what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did and when a communist is born, initially, a midwife sees the mouth.


President Donald Trump makes America great again and now he makes America safe while China uses the biological warfare terrorizes:” I always treated the Chinese Virus very seriously, and have done a very good job from the beginning, including my very early decision to close the “borders” from China – against the wishes of almost all. Many lives were saved. The Fake News new narrative is disgraceful & false!”.


China deeply received the potential damages on the death toll, the infected population has throughout the mainland. Certainly, China’s economy wiped out, the industry eradicated, China’s products lose the global consumption’s credit. On the other hand, the world fears and boycotts China’s products, it is the death vulnerability of China’s industry. The crude oil price drops that show China’s industry ruined.


Nowadays, global China-phobia will take a long time to erase, the Coronavirus sticks China, it is China virus that creates the worst situation of the ruthless regime. China is the culprit of biological terror, the International Court is the place to deserve for China. Donald Trump Jr Writes:” The Communist Party of China needs to pay for unleashing the plague on the world”. Therefore, Chinese people can remove the Ape super herd and get back the freedom for 1.4 billion people. The traitors in Western appear the real face from the biological warfare terror attacks by China


- The left media: the propaganda machine outside China, they often released the fake news and concealed the massive death toll and infected population in China, instead, the death toll and infected cases propagate into the media.


- The left parties: The Democratic Party in the US attack President Donald Trump while the commander in chief with the US people are fighting against the viral war, the global biological warfare terror comes from China. In Australia, while Coalition fights against the China virus, the Australian people have not seen Senator Penny Wong appears the public, therefore, when the government warned about the national security is threatening by China, Senator Penny Wong attacked the government.


- The profit lover’s businesses are the naïve traitors, they have stood alongside with China from the US President Richard Nixon visited Beijing in 1972./.


 Notes (*). Italy has the highest death toll outside China, on March 20, the death toll is 3, 405 and the infected cases are 41, 035. The cause comes from the crowded Chinese people who came home for Lunar New Year and returned to Italy. The live Coronavirus stations transmitted from Chinese people to Italian people. Italian people learn the bloody lesson, it made by the innocent leaders. Nevertheless, the one belt and one road of China and the trade that brings the deadly virus. China’s communist regime uses Italian people like the live Coronavirus stations to carry out global biological terror.


In the past ten years, the Chinese population grew fast, Italian officials reported 320, 794 Chinese citizens live in Italy, not including Chinese illegal migrants (it is about 45,000) and former Chinese people granted Italian citizenship. Chinese people gathered at Proto, Tuscany. The Rome Chinatown, Milan Chinatown, and Prato Chinatown expose the particular activities of Chinese people in Italy.


The Coronavirus pandemic or Chinese virus shatters Italy including Vatican is nervous. The major worships suspended, the nuns spray on the street, but God helps nothing. It is the critical mistake of the Italian government. There are at least 10 priests who died by Chinese virus in Italy, more than half of them were from the Diocese of Bergamo, a town located near Lombardy in Milan, the infected priests are more than 20.






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